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Let’s say that for once, when we cross the street, we do not pretend to be strangers and that resentment and disappointment are not visible on our faces. That pride does not silence our consciences and that we stop pretending that we have turned the page.

Let’s say those words of reproach never came from our lips, nor did that slam of the door put an end to the fight. That I did not hang up your calls, nor did you break my photos, that I did not spend the afternoons lying on the bed, nor did your eyes cry.

Let’s say we stayed home that night, I didn’t dance with that girl and you didn’t allow yourself to be invited to a drink, I didn’t get jealous and you didn’t call her “bitch.” Let’s say that in our glasses there was only Coca Cola.

Let’s say that I was more attentive to you, that every day I reminded you how beautiful you were, that I noticed when you went to the hairdresser and accompanied you shopping with a smile.

Let’s say that you were more patient with me, that you let me play the music that I liked in the car, that you came to see me at the games and you didn’t care if I spent Saturday afternoons at the bar with my friends.

Let’s say I didn’t ask you to go out and we never gave each other that kiss, that I didn’t give you a gift, that you didn’t wink at me, nor did I hold your hand, that there were no smiles, no caresses, no complicity, or affection. Let’s say that in that park, that afternoon, we just walked.

And so, improving what brought us closer to each other and erasing what has moved us away later, I propose that we forget our history and let love grow from scratch, so that only good memories remain … let’s say we try again.

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