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Aladdin and the Magic Lamp – Alif Laila

There lived a tailor named Mustafa in the capital of China. He was a poor man and fed his family with great difficulty. His son’s name was Aladdin, who did not do any work, only spent time in sports. Ignoring the words of the parents, he used to leave the house early in the morning and used to play all day long with stray boys of his own kind. When he grew up, his father started making him sit in his shop to teach him his work, but neither with love nor by hitting, he could not be taught anything. He would run away from the shop, saving his father’s eye, and after spending the whole day playing sports, returned home in the evening and was killed. Mustafa would be very annoyed and worried about what he would do after I died. Due to this concern, he became ill and died a few months later.

Aladdin’s mother knew that Aladdin would not be able to run the shop, so she sold the shop and bought cotton and started the business of spinning yarn. Even this suffering of the old mother had no effect on Aladdin. When she asked him to do some work, he used to abuse and quarrel with her. He was accompanied by stray people that he did not even listen to any good man.

A few more days passed. Aladdin became fourteen years old, but he had no intelligence at all, he did not even think that it was his duty to take care of himself and his mother by earning some money. One day he was playing around in the market when a foreigner looked at him carefully for some time and then inquired about his boy whose boy was and where he lived.

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In fact, he was a magician from foreign Africa and had come to China for a specific purpose. Apart from magic, he also knew many other disciplines like Ramal etc. He found this boy suitable to assist him in the work for which he had come. One day after finding Aladdin alone, he said, son, are you not Mustafa Darji’s boy? He said, yes, but many years ago my father passed away. Hearing this, the stranger pulled her to his chest and fell in love with her and sighed and started crying. Aladdin was surprised at this and asked why are you crying.

The magician sighed and said, “Hi son, what can I say?” Your father was my elder brother. I have come to China after traveling for many years at home and abroad. My purpose of coming to this city was to meet my elder brother. I was very happy with this thought and I was sure that they too would be very happy to see me after such a long time. Hearing the news of his death from your mouth, I am so sad that it cannot be said. The purpose of my coming here got mixed in the soil and all the labor of the way was spent. Now I pray to God to give you a long life. I see in you all your father’s gestures and movements. Your face also matches with them, I am very satisfied to see you. Having said this, he took out some money from his pocket and gave it to him and said, Son, where does your mother live? You say my salute to them and say that I will definitely come to your house tomorrow when I get a break and then I will sit at the place where Bhai Saheb used to sit and in this way I will give satisfaction to the mind. Aladdin told him the address of his house.

After the magician left, Aladdin went to his mother and said, Amma, do I have any uncle? Mother denied this, then she said, just now a man was telling me that I am your uncle. When I told him about my father’s death, he hugged me and cried a lot and he also loved me and gave me money. He has saluted you and said that tomorrow if I get free time, I will come and sit at the place where my brother used to satisfy my heart. His mother said, your father had only one brother who died in his lifetime. I haven’t heard anything from your father about any other brother.

The other day Aladdin was playing with other boys in the market and found the same magician. He hugged her and gave two Asharfis and said, take food from them and cook food from your mother, I will come to your house in the evening and we will all have food together. You once again tell the exact address of your house so that I can reach there in the evening. Aladdin explained and explained the full address and the magician went away. Aladdin also immediately went to his house and gave two asharfis to his mother and told the whole situation. His mother brought good food items from the market and by asking neighbors to borrow good utensils for cooking and eating, was engaged in preparing food throughout the afternoon and third half.

When the food was ready, he said to Aladdin, It is evening now. Your uncle must be wandering in search of a house, you go to the market and bring him to your house. Aladdin had well told the magician the address of the house, yet he got up to pick it up. But upon reaching the door, he felt as if someone was opening the door. On opening the door, he saw that the same magician was standing with two bottles of wine and some fruits in his hands. He gave these things to Aladdin and went inside the house himself. He politely greeted Aladdin’s mother and asked her where my brother used to sit. He showed the place to the magician.

The magician went there and bowed his head, then kissed the place several times. After this he started crying and said, Hi, how lucky I am, brother. I came here after taking various kinds of trouble in traveling from such a far distance to see you. But your darshan was not in my fate, you have already gone on a great journey. Aladdin’s mother asked him to sit at the same place, then he said how can I sit in my brother’s place. Aladdin’s mother did not insist on this any more and said, sit wherever you want. He sat down in one place and started talking.

She said, Sister-in-law, you must be wondering who this is but I will tell you everything. I was born in this city but forty years ago I left this city. First I went to Hindustan. Then went to Persia and after this the country of Egypt. After living in these great countries for many years, I am going to the big countries of Africa. There I saw that very good people live there, so I went and settled there. Despite this, I did not forget my place of birth. I kept missing family and dear friends, especially my elder brother. I always had a desire to go and meet them, this time I entrusted my business to the cowherds and came here after a long journey, and then I got the bad news that they have become a foreigner. This hurt me so much that I cannot describe. How sad that I took the pains of such a long journey and everything went in vain. So, I was relieved to see Aladdin. This is a sign of my dear brother. That is why after seeing it for the first time, I understood that it cannot be anyone other than my nephew. He must have also told you how much I cried on hearing of the death of his father. Thank God that I have seen his son, as I have seen him in another form.

Hearing these things, Aladdin’s mother also got filled with heart and she wept bitterly in memory of her husband. Now the magician left these things and asked Aladdin, son, what do you do for a living, what profession have you taken up and what skill have you learned? Aladdin shook his head and shook his head. his mother said, It’s absolutely useless. His father tried a lot that he should learn something but he did not learn anything. He has wasted all his time in sports. You too must have found it by playing it. You explain to him that he should learn some kind of thing and spend time in learning some fun work. It is well known that his father has not left any property. It is also known that I spin the spinning wheel throughout the day and somehow do dry-dry juggling. Many times I annoyed and wanted to take him out of the house so that if he starts dying of hunger, he can do some work. But being her own born son, she cannot be cruel to him. Saying this the old lady started crying again. The magician said to Aladdin, Son, is your mother right? You have grown up now. You need to do some business. It is not necessary to do only one particular work, Start the profession in which you love. Open your mind and tell me, I will help you as much as I can.

Aladdin remained silent even after hearing this. The magician said again, son, if you want to do such work in which both money and prestige are obtained, then it is the work of Bajaj. If you want, I should open you a big shop of Bajaj, in which there are places and different types of clothes from the country and abroad and you can sit comfortably in it and earn money. I just want that you openly speak your mind to me so that I can help you according to your wish. Aladdin gestured that I like Bajaj’s work and want to do the same. He had seen that the cloth merchants lived with great opulence, dressed well and had a variety of delicious food. The magician said, If you like this job then that’s great. Tomorrow I will buy good clothes for you because in these clothes you will not be able to enter the merchant society. I will introduce you to a big merchant and rent a shop to you.

Aladdin’s mother, who until now did not believe that he was Aladdin’s uncle, was delighted to hear his words. He held Aladdin’s hand to him and said, ‘Now if you put it on the road, it will be felt. After saying this, he took out the food and served it and all three ate the food and later ate wine, fruits etc. Then the magician started saying that now the night is enough, I will go. I will come again tomorrow morning.

The next day he came again and took Aladdin to the shop where ready-made clothes were sold. He told Aladdin that take whichever pair of clothes you like, I will pay for it. Aladdin was overjoyed to think that his uncle was ready to do it for him. He liked a valuable pair. The magician got him to get it and matching shoes, patka, turban etc. were also given to him. Aladdin put on everything and looked at himself in the mirror and was very happy. Then the magician took him to the big market where the business of big merchants was. He said to Aladdin, if you want to be like these people, then come here often and see the ways of these people. Then he showed Aladdin the royal buildings and other places of interest.

After this he took Aladdin to the inn where he was staying. Many merchants were also staying there with whom the magician had befriended. The magician reunites Aladdin with them all. Everyone had a meal together and everyone kept talking for a long time. When evening came, Aladdin wanted to go back home. The magician said that it is not right for you to go alone, I will go with you. Saying this he brought her to his house. When Aladdin’s mother saw her son dressed in precious clothes, she was very pleased and started praising the magician very much and said that my son is worthless, yet you are so kind to him. The magician said, this is a good boy. It will be a good road. Tomorrow is Friday, markets will be closed. The day after tomorrow I will do the work of renting a shop for this and keeping the goods in it. Tomorrow all the traders will go for a walk. I will also go to it for a tour of the large gardens and beautiful places.

Saying this the magician went back to his inn. Aladdin was very happy that he would get to see the big gardens outside the city. Till now he had only seen the streets and markets around his house and had never visited the gardens or villages outside the city. From the next morning onwards, wearing clothes, he waited for the magician. When he did not come for a long time, Aladdin sat outside the door and waited for him. After a while the magician appeared. Aladdin came inside the house and told his mother that uncle has come and I am going with him.

He went ahead and met the magician on the way. The magician spoke lovingly to him and said that I will show you the big magnificent buildings and beautiful gardens today. Both of them went ahead and the magician showed him all the beautiful buildings and gardens. Aladdin was very happy to see them all.

By the way, they went a long way and they started feeling tired. But the magician had to take Aladdin forward for his work, so sitting near a water source, he took out a bundle containing many delicious fruits and kulchas. He gave half the kulche to Aladdin and said that you can eat whatever fruits you want. In the meantime, he kept on talking about various kinds of preaching, so that it is known that there is no other well-wisher of Aladdin than him. He started saying, son, look now you have grown up. Now it doesn’t suit you to play sports with the kids. You should associate with intelligent people and learn their ways. By following his path, you will get respect and prestige and you will become rich too. He did many similar things.

After having breakfast the magician again took Aladdin forward and they reached far away from the city. Aladdin had never come this far. He was tired too. He started asking how far to go. The magician said, there is such a beautiful garden at a short distance, beyond which there is nothing seen till now. When you see it, you yourself will run into it and go away. In the same way, he took her a long way, comforting him. He also used to tell amusing stories to entertain her. At last they reached a dense forest which was between two mountains.

This was where he wanted to bring the evil sorcerer Aladdin. It was here that his desire was to be fulfilled, for which he had come here from Africa after suffering a lot. On reaching here he said, This is the beautiful garden which I had mentioned but it is not easily visible. You have to figure it out. A fire has to be lit and fragrances have to be put in it. You collect dry wood here, I bring fire from somewhere. Aladdin gathered the wood and the magician brought fire from somewhere and lit them. When they started burning, he left some fragrant things in the fire and recited the mantra. After some time there was an earthquake and where they were standing, there was a stone of about a square yard, in the middle of which was a hard iron.

When Aladdin started running in fear, the magician grabbed him and hit him with a slap on his face, due to which blood started coming out of his teeth. Aladdin cried and said, What crime did I commit on which you killed me? Calling him the magician said, I am in your father’s place.

What happened if I killed you without even talking? I am doing all this for your own good so that you become a big man and you are running away from it. Now do as I tell you to do. This will only benefit you. Similarly, he asked for a lot of consolation, which convinced Aladdin. The magician again explained to him, you saw that my reciting the mantra caused an earthquake. Now you understand that under this stone a secret item has been kept for you, from which you will become extremely wealthy.

Aladdin said, how will that happen? The magician said, the thing is that apart from you, no other person can even touch that thing. You pick up this stone and go on the path you see. But first understand some important things from me. I am telling you all this because that rare thing is only for you. Aladdin agreed to obey the magician. Even if he didn’t, there was no way. The magician again hugged him lovingly and said, you are a very good boy. Look it’s an iron ring. Wearing it and pick up this rock, it will come up easily. Aladdin said, how will I lift it alone, you also put your hand. The magician said, if I could touch it, I would have lifted it myself, why would I ask you to lift it. This is all a matter of mantras, you will not be able to understand. If you take the name of God and raise it, it will arise immediately.

When Aladdin applied force by holding the string, the rock got up without any problem. Three-four cubits deep deep down which had gone down. The magician said to Aladdin, son, now listen carefully and remember what I say. When you come down from this ladder, you will find a big beautiful building going forward. It has three parallel hallways. There are many copper lamps placed there. They are full of asharfis and money. But you should not touch them because in future you will get a better thing than this. When you first enter the hall, tie your clothes tightly to your body. Similarly, in the second and third halls, enter the clothes tightly with the body. Beware, none of your parts or even your clothes should touch the walls of the hallway. It is important to keep this point in mind first of all.

If body or cloth touches the walls, you will be consumed there and your mother will go on weeping for you.

When you move through the third hall, you will find an orchard with various types of fruit trees. You don’t touch them. Going further you will find a platform which is reached by climbing fifty steps. There is a room on the platform, in which one will find a lamp burning. You pick it up and throw its oil and light and put it carefully inside the clothes. Your clothes will not be spoiled because it is magic oil which will dry up instantly. In return, take as many fruits as you can from the trees. After this, come back in the same way, avoiding the walls of the hallways. After saying this, the magician thought something and gave the iron ring which was taken back from him again and said, if you keep wearing it, you will not get into any kind of confusion. Now you feel free to jump into this pit and do as I have told you. By this both of us will become very rich. You will no longer need to do anything for the rest of your life.

Aladdin daringly jumped into the pit. Descending the stairs, he reached the front of the first hallway. There he tied his clothes tightly to his body and entered the hall, fearing that none of his clothes should touch the wall. He crossed the second and third halls in the same way with fear and then came into the garden and breathed a sigh of relief. Proceeding from the path of the garden, he went to the room on the high platform and saw a lamp burning in a stare. He threw her oil-light and tied her to the chest inside the clothes. Then he got down from there and started coming back through the garden and plucked the fruits of the trees there. From afar they are red, yellow, green, Fruits of the original colors were used, but to play in his pockets and wherever possible he filled these gems. He put as much fruit in his loose sleeves as possible and tied the sleeves tightly to the wrists so that the fruits would not fall. Now it has become such a condition that due to the gems kept inside, his clothes swell from all sides. Somehow, avoiding the walls of the hallway, taking care every step of the way, he climbed the stairs and reached the cistern. After going there, he gave his voice, uncle, I have come with a lamp, you take me out by raising your hand.

The magician said, son, I will take you out now, but first you give me a lamp. Aladdin said, I can come out and take out the lamp, I cannot take it out at this place. you take me out The magician said, no, give the lamp first, then I will take you out. Now this debate has started. Aladdin used to say that take it out, then I will give the lamp, the magician used to say that first give the lamp and then I will take it out. Actually Aladdin was not even able to tell his difficulty. He kept the lamp near his chest and filled the fruits around it. Anyway, his sleeves were puffed up with the weight of fruits and there was not enough space in the pit to take out the fruits (gems) and put out the lamp near the chest. He was getting suffocated due to less space in the pit and anyway he was in bad condition due to exhaustion.

Even the magician did not understand this thing and considering Aladdin’s words as his insistence, he became so angry that he shouted loudly, if you do not give me the lamp, then die here with the lamp. Having said this, he recited the mantra, due to which the rock rose on its own and came to the mouth of the pit, and the soil was spread evenly on it in such a way that no sign of the rock was visible from above. The magician did not find the lamp for which he had done all this, but he did fear that Aladdin would die in the pit and he would be caught for his death. The reason was that Aladdin’s mother used to cry and beat and many other people had also seen Aladdin going towards the deserted forest with her. He went straight to his tavern and picked up his belongings the same day and left for Africa.

It has already been said that this man was neither Mustafa’s brother nor Aladdin’s uncle. He was a native of Africa. He learned magic there for forty years. Apart from this, he also studied many sciences like astrology, Ramal etc., due to which he became aware of the secrets. On the strength of these knowledge, he came to know that there is such a magic lamp at one place in the country of China, under whose master many jinns become. That is why he had come to China after traveling such a long journey from Africa and reached the city of Aladdin while finding out with his mystical knowledge. From these learnings, he also came to know that no one can go near that lamp except a completely sincere child, At least the magician himself could not go at all. There was also one thing that the magician himself was fat and fresh and no matter how much clothes he wore, he would have touched the walls of the hallways and would have remained incinerated there. That’s why he beat Aladdin and spent so much money on him so that he might get the lamp from Aladdin. He also had the intention to take a lamp from Aladdin and kill him there with his magic power and go to Africa without saying of his sudden death.

When Aladdin did not give him the lamp, or he could not give it, the magician due to despair and anger also forgot that the magic ring given by him is still with Aladdin. The magician himself probably did not even need the rings so much, so he forgot the rings.

But Aladdin’s life was saved because of these rings. The magician then left after placing a stone on the pit with the power of mantra, Aladdin kept thinking that my uncle was standing outside. He kept on crying and pleading uncle to take me back, I will somehow take out the lamp from above the chest and give it to you, only after this will take me out of the pit. But now who listens to him? The magician had then gone miles ahead. Poor Aladdin cried for hours until thirst closed his throat.

Finally, he again got down from the ladder and sat outside the hallway. Here at least there was room for him to move his hands and feet. He was further disturbed to see that the hallway, the garden etc. gradually started disappearing as they were all magic games. Yes, he had the lamp and the collected gems like that. But what would he do with them now? He started wandering here and there in the dark and wept bitterly. At last he sat exhausted in one place. He wanted to sleep but he could not even sleep. A whole day passed like this, although Aladdin would have known what the difference between day and night was.

Now he understood that now I have to die of hunger and thirst here and my mother will not know about me and she will also die crying. He started rubbing his hands in utter despair. In this, the ring of his hand got rubbed with something and with this a great terrible genie appeared in front of him and said, what is the order for me? I am your slave. Aladdin could not speak out of fear, so the genie said again, Lord, do not be afraid. I am the servant of the man who is wearing this iron ring. I can do everything on his orders. Aladdin was already disappointed with life, leaving the fear and said, if you are strong like this, then take me out of here and put me in such a place from where I can go to my house. In a moment the genie took him out with all his belongings and disappeared.

Aladdin wondered what was happening. When he rubbed his eyes and looked around, he recognized that this was the same route by which he had come from his city. For a long time I was in this wonder how I got out of that darkness and who was that great man who called himself my slave. But what was the benefit of more thought? He was hungry and thirsty for two days and had also forgotten that he should lighten his burden by throwing away the gems. In the same way, the noose crawled slowly and started walking towards his house and reached there in two-three hours.

He was very happy when he reached home. But he could not say anything to the mother, due to hunger, thirst and weakness, he fell unconscious. Even his mother had not slept for two days worrying about him. Seeing her fainting, she ran and brought her to her senses in a short time by sprinkling water on her face and fanning her. Coming to his senses, he asked his mother to bring him some food, I have not eaten for two-three days. The food was ready and his mother also brought it and said, son, a little food. Eating too much in extreme hunger can lead to death. Aladdin ate a little and drank some water and said, I was saved by the mercy of God. The man whom you considered as your brother-in-law and in whose hand you had handed me, had made great enmity with me and in his understanding had killed me and left. By showing false affection to me, he wanted to get me some work done and then killed me.

After resting for a while, Aladdin told his mother in detail what had happened to him. Hearing this, his mother abused the magician a lot and thanked God that Aladdin returned home safely. Aladdin also gave him the gems that bear fruit. Even that poor thing did not know their value, so she put them aside. But he was surprised to see that they start giving light in the dark. Well, he did not consider it necessary to pay more attention to these things. She too had not slept for two nights after the separation of her son and was weeping. Now when the son came back, she lay in a corner of the house and fell into a deep sleep.

Aladdin also fell asleep and slept all night. When he woke up in the morning, he was in bad condition due to hunger. He asked mother to give me something to eat. She said, at this time there is nothing in the house. Yesterday I spun some yarn, I take it to the market. I will sell it and buy some food. Aladdin remembered something. He said, sell the yarn later. Now take that copper lamp that I have brought. Sell ​​it and get something. The old lady said, that’s good. But this lamp is getting dirty. If I clean it and shine it, then it will get more price.

After saying this the old lady sat down to clean the lamp. He began to clean it with water and sand. As soon as he rubbed the lamp hard, a great giant jinn came out tearing the earth and said in a thunderous voice, what do you command me? I am the slave of the person who has this lamp. And not only me, many other jinns are also subject to the person who has this lamp.

The old lady fainted in fear on seeing that terrible genie. Aladdin felt fear too, but since he had already seen the genie coming out when he rubbed the ring, he did not faint. He held his fallen mother with one hand and picked up the lamp in the other. Then he said to the genie, I am very hungry, I need food immediately. Hearing this, the genie disappeared, and two moments later a large golden plate appeared on his head. He placed the plate on the ground. There were twelve silver plates in it which contained delicious dishes. Apart from this, he also held two glass jars of wine and two silver glasses in both hands. Keeping it the same, he disappeared.

Aladdin splashed water on the mother’s face, due to which she came to her senses. Aladdin said, Amma, leave your fear and get up. Walk quickly and eat food otherwise it will get cold. When she got up, she was surprised to see a variety of delicious dishes. She wondered who sent such good food in such fine vessels. Is it not that the emperor took pity on our condition and sent these things to us. Aladdin said, don’t think now, come soon and eat. Then I will tell you the full story of this.

They both began to eat with pleasure. The old woman also began to think of what these utensils were made of, because she could not have imagined that the utensils of food could be of gold and silver. Even after eating enough food, there was a lot of food left, which both of them kept and kept eating for three days. After eating the food that day, Aladdin told that the same genie had brought this food, seeing that you had fainted in fear. Whoever holds that lamp in his hand, there is that jinn under him and in addition to him there are many other jinns.

His mother said, I do not believe in this. And even if it is so, give this lamp to someone or throw it away. I don’t want to see that terrible genie. You also take out these rings and throw them away. What do we have to do by calling the jinns? We are just as good as ourselves. Aladdin said, Wow, you talk a lot too. You are watching me alive because of the genie of the rings. The genie of the lamp has also satisfied our hunger by bringing delicious food. You should also think that that magician, who was my uncle, had come here from Africa for this lamp and sent me to bring this lamp to that secret place.

Seeing the mother still dissatisfied, Aladdin said, “If you do not want to see this or her genie, then I will pick it up and put it in a dark corner of the house and take advantage of it when the opportunity arises.” Don’t even mention it to anyone. If our neighbors come to know about this, they will become jealous of us and it is possible that someone may complain to the emperor for harming us. Now forget this lamp completely, I will keep it hidden from your sight. But I can’t take this magic ring off with my finger. I have told you that it is because of this ring that my life has been saved, otherwise I would have died of suffocation inside the pit. Do you know if there is any problem in future, then with the help of this I can get rid of it. Aladdin’s mother said, good brother, do whatever you want, but take care that your jinns do not come in front of me, otherwise I will die in fear.

After this the mother and son worked with the leftover food for two days. After this, the question of food arose again, so on the advice of his mother, Aladdin took a silver saucer and went to the market to sell it. He met a Jew who used to trade in gold and silver things. He was a Jewish genius. The saucer that Aladdin had was very large and had such fine carvings that it cost a lot. Aladdin did not even know its value. The Jew asked him, what will you take for it, then Aladdin said that give whatever you think is right, I do not know its price. The Jew saw that the boy was absolutely stupid, then he said, I can take it in an ashrafi. Although its price was many ashrafis, as Aladdin later found out, But Aladdin happily accepted it. The Jew now started repenting thinking that this boy is so stupid, then why not give him less than an Ashrafi. After thinking for some time, he ran after Aladdin to take his Ashrafi and make a cheaper deal from him, but Aladdin had gone so far that the Jew could not understand where he had gone.

After roasting the Asharfi of Aladdin, he took food with some money and after coming home gave the remaining amount to the mother to make arrangements for cooking by bringing food items like grains etc. It worked like this for several days, then when everything was finished, Aladdin took it to another raqabi Jew. The first Jew charged him less than an Ashrafi, but Aladdin hesitated. The Jew was afraid that Aladdin might ask someone else for his price. That’s why he said, it is not of an Ashrafi, yet I will not reduce the price which I have paid once. Saying this he gave him an Asharfi.

Aladdin’s work continued like this. When the goods bought from Ashrafi were exhausted, he would take a stirrup and then sell it to the same Jew. In the same way, all the silver stirrups gradually disappeared. Then he took the golden platter and went to the same Jew. That plate was worth hundreds of asharfis, but the cunning Jewish merchant gave ten asharfis in exchange for it. Aladdin was pleased with that.

One good effect of the magician’s two days was that instead of wasting time in the game, Aladdin went to the market and started talking to the merchants and learning how to buy and sell from them. Although they did not treat him as a poor child, he listened to them silently and started learning some things of business and transactional behavior. One or a half of the merchants even recognized him and sometimes even started talking with him at leisure.

Ten Asharfis of Thal were also spent by him, so Aladdin again rubbed the magic lamp lightly. The genie appeared in front and said humbly, Lord, what is the command for me? Me and many of my fellow jinns are always ready to serve the person who has this lamp. what do you want? Aladdin said, I am hungry. Bring me food as before. The genie disappeared on hearing this and within two moments appeared with the same delicious dishes as before, carrying wine jars and silver glasses, and having left everything on the ground, disappeared.

At this time Aladdin’s mother was out. When he returned home and saw a plate full of food items, it was understood that Aladdin had again taken the help of the genie of the lamp. But this time she didn’t say anything. Both ate the same food at that time and for two days after that. Then as before, Aladdin took a silver rakebi and went to the market to sell it to the Jew.

On the way there used to be an honest merchant’s shop. When Aladdin came out from there hiding the rakebi in his clothes, the sarraf called him and said, son, I have seen many times that you go to the Jewish merchant hiding something in clothes and then come back without that item. It seems that you are selling something to him. Perhaps you do not know that that Jew is a number one dishonest, there is no bigger thug in the market than him. By making a deal with him even once, people understand his cunning and you deal with him equally. He will surely keep on cheating you. If you sell anything, show me. I will give you the right price for that thing and if that thing is so valuable that I cannot buy it myself, I will go to the big traders in the market and sell it at the right price.

Hearing this, Aladdin took out the rakabi from his clothes and showed it to the Saraf. He examined it and said, This is a very valuable thing. Have you sold such stirrups to Jews? And if it is sold, what is the price he has paid? Aladdin said, I have sold twelve such stirrups to the Jew, and he has paid one Ashrafi for each stirrup. The Jew said, A great disaster has happened. These stirrups belong to the seventy-two ashrafis. I will give you seventy-two asharfis in return for this. You go somewhere else and ask. If anyone charges more than this, I will give you double it. But you do not tell this to the Jew or else he will quarrel with me. Aladdin thanked him and did not bargain elsewhere. For many years, the work of mother and son went smoothly with this money. If they wanted, they could have taken innumerable wealth from the jinn, but they did not feel the need for more than that.

During this time, Aladdin would often go to the bullion and jeweler’s market and see a variety of gems. Now he understood that the things he had kept in his house as stone fruits were not stones, but such gems, in comparison with which the gems kept in jewelers’ shops have no status. Still, he did not dare to deal with them, because immediately the question arose as to where did such huge gems come from. He didn’t even say anything to his mother about it. She either did not believe it or would have mentioned it to others.

One day Aladdin was walking in the market. He heard that it is being announced from the emperor’s side that tomorrow neither a trader should open his shop nor any person should be seen in the market or on the streets. Tomorrow, the princess will bathe in the big hammam of Badar Badaur city and then go to her palace. Aladdin was unconcerned by nature, he started wishing that somehow he should see the princess for whose screen so much is being arranged. He rented a house in front of the hammam for a day and the next day he went into it blindly, closed the doors and sat there looking at the hammam through the cracks in the doors. After sometime the princess came with her maids and outside the hammam she took off her mask from her face and also took off her heavy clothes and went to the hammam.

Till that time Aladdin had not seen any woman except his old and ugly mother and did not know what the beauty of women was like. Here the princess herself had come in front of him, more than that there was no other beauty in the whole country of China. Seeing her indescribable beauty, he fell down gushing. After some time he came to his senses and thought that there is no use in staying here because one of the princess’s maid had told him, it does not matter if you take off the mask at this time, but you will not come out of the hammam with open mouth. Aladdin chained the door from inside and came out of the backyard of the house, hiding from the small alleys and reaching his house.

When he went home, he lay with his face covered because he had fallen in love with the princess and could not bear the separation. He used to take cold breaths from time to time. Seeing his mother was surprised that till yesterday the boy was fine, what has happened to him today. He asked, son, are you unwell who is lying like this sighing? Aladdin did not answer. Mother did not inquire much at that time as she had to cook food also. She kept on cooking and Aladdin kept on sighing just like that. His mother prepared food and brought it to him and both of them started eating but Aladdin ate only two or four mouthfuls and pulled away from the food. His mother asked again, are you not well who are not eating food? Aladdin made some excuse and did not tell his grief to his mother.

Even during the evening meal, his condition remained the same, so his mother again asked the reason for his misery. He kept quiet again. Mother too was tired of asking and was getting annoyed and kept quiet that if she does not tell her suffering, then do not tell. Aladdin spent the night in agony in the memory of the princess. But now his estrangement had become beyond his tolerance. He got up and sat beside his mother who was spinning the spinning wheel. He said, Amma, You have been asking about my problem since yesterday and I have been hiding it. Now I tell you my troubles. I don’t have any disease and I don’t need to go to any Hakeem. Yesterday it was the day before yesterday that the princess went to the hammam. Yesterday, hiding in a place, I saw the unique beauty of the princess. As soon as I saw him, I felt such a state of mind which I cannot describe. I am upset because of that. This is my disease and the only cure for this disease can be that I pray to the emperor to get his daughter married to me.

Hearing this, his mother started laughing and said, Aladdin, you have lost your mind. Where in front of me said so, and don’t talk about such madness in front of anyone. Aladdin said, I know that’s what you will say. I want to tell you that I am not mad and I will definitely marry the princess. His mother said, boy, what nonsense are you talking about. Don’t you remember that you are the son of a modest tailor and that your father was a poor man among the king’s subjects? Don’t you even know that the kings marry either in the emperor or in the noble houses of ministers etc.? If they do not do this, there will be no prestige among their subjects and the administration of the state will also be ruined.

Aladdin said, Amma, everything you said is fine but I cannot live without marrying the princess. You will have to go to the royal palace and propose my marriage to the princess. If I am not married to the princess, I will not be able to survive. Anyway, half of him is dead in his separation and without him I also consider life. His mother was very scared to hear this. She started saying, looking son, we should only do the work which pleases us. And we should say only those things which feel good in our mouth. Where is Raja Bhoj? Where is Gangua Teli? Whose dreams are you dreaming of? If I was a daughter of a family of my status, I would have taken your marriage proposal without hesitation. But how can I have the courage to make such an offer in front of such a big king. My condition is that if your father used to get bad on me, then I used to tremble with fear and you are saying that I should talk to the emperor and that too on such a subject which no one in the world would be ready to accept.

Aladdin stuck to his insistence on this too and kept on weeping and then his mother said, well, I will go to the emperor. But if someone goes to the big people, especially the emperors, then he does not go empty handed, he goes with some gifts. To go to the emperor, there should also be an offering which is suitable for his reputation. What can I have that I can present to the king? Why are you insisting on such a thing which cannot be done? You remove the thought of the princess from your heart.

What are you doing? The love of the princess is so deeply ingrained in my heart that I will either embrace the princess or die. I beg you that if you have a little attachment to my life, then leave this hiccup and go to talk to the emperor. My mind says that you will definitely get success. And what you said that you do not have anything worth offering to the emperor, then I will also tell the remedy for that. The marvelous gems that I brought from the cave and which you still consider to be colored stones are priceless. Earlier I didn’t even know what they were, but after walking in the market for so many years I have seen that the gems brought by me are bigger and brighter than all the gems in the jewelers’ shops here. No one can give anything to the emperor more than these. You go inside and pick up those gems. I’ll rub them and shine and shape and According to the color, I will decorate them in a Chinese vessel so that they can be presented before the emperor. If you see, you will like them yourself.

So Aladdin’s mother picked up a lot of those gems from inside. When Aladdin rubbed them and then decorated them in a beautiful pot of sugar, they started giving such a glow in the sunlight that they could not be seen. Aladdin said to his mother, look at them now. You believe that no other gift can be given to the emperor than this. Now tell me what is the problem with you going to the emperor.

Although the gems were shining very brightly, the old lady kept quarreling because of not knowing their value. She said, what is in these useless stones? How can the emperor be pleased with this visit? Your wish will not be fulfilled and I will just come back. Whatever I say will happen. Then suppose that even if I proposed your marriage to the emperor, he would laugh at my words and get me thrown out of the court after thinking that he was a lunatic. It is also possible that he may get angry and get both me and you killed. Son, I say again that you leave this stupidity and get married to a girl from a family like you.

Aladdin remained adamant on this too, so his mother said, well, tell me, if the emperor asked me where do you live and what is your financial status, what would I answer? Shall I tell him that I am the widow of a poor tailor and live in a hut-like house? Aladdin said, don’t even worry about it. I have a magic lamp. The genie of the lamp is so powerful that whatever I ask of him, he will give it immediately. You have seen many times that if you have asked for anything, then that jinn has brought it immediately.

After listening to the jinn, the old lady also got confidence and her courage started binding and she started hoping that her wish would be fulfilled. She accepted that tomorrow she would go to the royal court and propose marriage. If she had not made this promise, what else would she have done, Aladdin had followed her badly and would not obey in any way. Aladdin, who had now become proficient in public dealings by roaming outside, also told his mother that this proposal should not fall in the ears of anyone except the emperor. Mother accepted this.

After deciding all this, both of them went to their respective beds. The old woman fell asleep, but Aladdin could not sleep in memory of his beloved. He was in agony all night. Waking up early in the morning, he woke his mother and said, ‘Durbar time is about to come. You soon wear new clothes and go to the court. The old lady tied the pot of gems with a silk handkerchief. After this she also tied him in another cloth and went to the court. She was shocked when she went there. The diwankhana was huge, Apart from ministers and councilors, there was also a crowd of people who had brought their grievances. The emperor used to listen patiently to everyone and gave appropriate decisions. After deciding all the cases, the emperor went to the palace. There in his special palace, he asked the minister to come and the rest slowly left the court. After some time the minister also came out with the orders of the state management and the rest of the court was also dismissed. Aladdin’s mother also returned home thinking that she would not meet the emperor.

When Aladdin saw him with a bag of clothes, he understood that he had not met the emperor. He got worried and started asking the mother about the whole situation. Mother said, no one stopped me. I saw the emperor well. I stood in front of him for a long time, but the emperor did not get enough time to ask me about me. Yes, I have definitely seen that the emperor does not get angry on anyone unnecessarily and after listening patiently to everyone, takes decisions with a cool mind. He listens attentively to the words of everyone, big and small, there really will be no one like Prajapalak King like him. Today he didn’t get time to talk to me. But I will go back tomorrow and hope to be able to talk to him. Aladdin is satisfied with the thought that the mother has lost her courage, she will sooner or later propose marriage.

The next day the old lady got ready again in the same way and reached the court. But his departure proved in vain. The door of the court was closed and the staff there told him that there would be a holiday in the court for two days. So she returned from the court and told Aladdin about the leave of the court. On the third day she went to the court again but that day too there was a huge crowd and she did not get a chance to talk to the emperor. After this she reached the court for several days but never got the opportunity to talk to the emperor. She would spend half a day there every day and then come back home.

One day the king said to the minister, I have been seeing for many days that this old lady comes here every day and stands silently. She also carries a bundle in her hand. Who is this and what does it want from me? In fact, the minister should have asked the old lady about her intention, but she did not do it lazily, so she said, Prithvipal, these women reach the court for a little thing. It must also have brought a similar dish that the butcher has spoiled the meat or the vegetable spoiled or given less in weight. The emperor was not satisfied with this answer. He said, “It was not known.” No one stands for these things day in and day out. If it comes tomorrow, it should be presented first. The minister accepted this order by bowing his head but did not follow it. On the arrival of the old lady the next day, the minister did not pursue her. The king himself told the minister that why don’t you bring this old lady to me,

The old lady, who had seen the court’s arrogance for so long, laid her head on the ground and, kissing the beautiful carpet lying in front of the throne, kept her head to the ground for a long time. He raised his head only when the emperor ordered to get up and speak. When she stood up, the king said, I have been seeing you coming here for many days. What do you want? The old lady once again kissed the earth and said, O Deenbandhu Prajapalak Justice Maharaj, if I am assured of my life, then I should put my intention before you. But whatever I want to say, I want to tell you in private. The emperor ordered that the court should be empty. So everyone went out, only the prime minister remained there because nothing was kept secret from him, plus a man was also necessary to protect the emperor.

The king said, now say, what do you say? Aladdin’s mother said, first you assure that you will not be angry with my words and will forgive me if you understand any crime of mine. The emperor assured that he should speak his mind fearlessly. The old lady explained in detail how Aladdin had secretly seen the princess and how she was dying because of her. He said, I have come with a proposal of marriage of the princess with him in order to save the life of my son.

The emperor did not show displeasure over this but did not even say anything. Then said, what do you bring in this bundle everyday? Aladdin’s mother opened the pot of gems and placed it near the feet of the emperor. The king’s eyes widened. He looked at each and every gem and praised it. He called the minister near and said, look at you too. Have you ever seen such big and shiny gems? The minister said, I have not seen. The king said that the marriage of the princess with the owner of such gems would be fine.

The minister was saddened by this. He believed that the princess would be married to his own son and later his son would get the vast kingdom of China. At this time, seeing the change of opinion of the king due to the gems, he was saddened and started saying, what are these gems in front of the princess? My son can bring better gems than these in three months.

The king knew that there could be no more valuable gift than the one given by Aladdin’s mother, but he accepted the minister’s request. But he said in a loud voice to Aladdin’s mother, We have accepted your son’s marriage proposal from the princess. But we will take some time to arrange proper dowry for our daughter. This dowry will be ready in about three months. So you come to me after three months. Then I will outline the wedding ceremony. Hearing this, Aladdin’s mother bowed several times and touched the ground and returned home happy. His happiness was due to many reasons – one was that his son’s wish was fulfilled, secondly that he was afraid of the wrath of the emperor and the harsh punishment that he would get, that fear was removed and he got the king’s happiness. Hui. Thirdly, he was relieved from the trouble of daily commuting to the court and standing for hours in the court.

Seeing his mother from afar, Aladdin understood that he had got success in his work. She was also happier than for days and returned soon from the court. When she reached home, Aladdin said, Amma, everything is fine? His mother took off the clothes of the court and said, son, now you are happy, I am going to tell you good news? Then he told the whole situation and said, I had not yet done anything by the emperor, before this the minister secretly said something to the emperor. I was afraid that now I will get the answer in denial, but the emperor has accepted the offer and asked me to come after three months. Aladdin was not blown away by hearing this and waited day by day for the end of the three-month period.

After two months, one day his mother came to know that there is no oil to light the lamp. When she went to the market to get oil, she saw that there is a lot of pomp and decoration in the market and there are rows of lamps everywhere. Everywhere high officials are walking around dressed in golden silver work clothes and wedding decorations are being carried towards the palace. He had taken the oil from the Kajas telly, asked him what was all this pomp. The telly replied, you seem to be a foreigner. In this city, everyone knows that the princess will be married to the minister’s son tonight. After a while the princess will come to take a bath in the hammam, for that all these royal staff are roaming around. The items necessary for marriage are also being sent towards the palace.

Hearing this, Aladdin’s mother immediately returned home and said to Aladdin, son, this is a big mess. All my hard work went in vain. I have gone back from what the emperor had given me.

After saying this, he told the whole situation heard in the market and said that today the princess will go to the hammam and then she will be married to the minister’s son. When Aladdin heard this, he was struck by lightning. For some time he looked like a madman with tears in his eyes, then when something happened, he started thinking that it would be a matter of drowning for me that the princess Badar Badaur should be married to someone else, but it is so late that now What can be done, as well as how can one allow his beloved to become the wife of another.

Suddenly he noticed the magic lamp and was happy. He did not want to work with the lamp in front of the mother, so he said to the mother, let the minister marry the son, but he will not be able to enjoy his wife. You cook, I’ll just go inside. His mother understood that he intended to use the lamp. Now he had no objection to it. Aladdin went to the inner room where he had kept the lamp. He closed the door from inside and rubbed the lamp. Immediately the genie came and said, I and many other jinns are under you. What is the command?

Aladdin said, till now I have not taken any work from you except asking for food. Now let me ask you for a big task. I had prayed to the king here that his daughter Badar Badaur should marry me. He had also accepted this but later he went back on his word. I had asked for three months’ time and today after two months, he is going to marry the minister’s son at night. I just got this news. What you have to do is that as soon as the new couple goes to the bed, bring both of you along with the bed to my house. The genie said that this is a minor work, if there is any work other than this, then tell me. Aladdin said that there is only so much work to do. Hearing this, the genie disappeared.

After this Aladdin went to his mother and kept talking to her with laughter and kept saying that there can be no one other than me in bad shape. When the food was ready, he ate his stomach full of food and kept talking to his mother about many things here and there. After this his mother went to sleep in her room and Aladdin also lay on his bed. At this time he was not in any pain, yet he could not sleep due to the excitement. He was waiting for when the genie would bring them both here. By the way, he used to doubt sometimes whether the genie would do this work for him or not.

On the other hand, in the royal palace, when all the rituals of the marriage of the minister’s son and Badar Badaur were completed and the night had passed, the minister’s son was taken to the honeymoon room where he lay down on the bed. The princess’s maids dressed her in night clothes and sent her to the room and closed the door. As soon as he sat on the princess’s bed, the genie took the beds of both of them to Aladdin’s house. Now Aladdin asked the genie to take off all the clothes except the minister-son’s pajamas and lock him in the cramped and smelly toilet of the house. He did that too. The poor minister’s son’s stink and cold made him in bad condition. Aladdin didn’t talk much to the princess. He just said, Your father had promised me to marry you. They have gone back on their word. I have done all this only because the son of the minister cannot touch your part. She was just as stunned to see this wonderful business, Hearing Aladdin’s words, she secretly lurked on the bed. Then Aladdin took off his turban and top and fell asleep on the princess’s bed with his back to her and the drawn sword in the middle. This was a symbol of the fact that although he considered the princess as his own, he did not want to commit the crime of premarital sex. He was very satisfied that he was able to save the purity of his beloved and he slept soundly throughout the night. On the other hand, the minister-son kept rotting in the bathroom all night and shivering in the winter, and the princess too was frightened to see the naked sword between herself and her bed-mate and slept very little. He was very satisfied when he could and he slept soundly the whole night. On the other hand, the minister-son kept rotting in the bathroom all night and shivering in the winter, and the princess too was frightened to see the naked sword between herself and her bed-mate and slept very little. He was very satisfied when he could and he slept soundly the whole night. On the other hand, the minister-son kept rotting in the bathroom all night and shivering in the winter, and the princess too was frightened to see the naked sword between herself and her bed-mate and slept very little.

In the morning the genie came uninvited and said to Aladdin, “Master, what order do I have now?” Aladdin removed the sword from the middle and got down from the bed and said, Now put the minister-son on the bed and take both of them to their room on the bed. The jinn brought the minister-son out of the toilet and put him in his clothes, then threw him on the princess’s bed. This time the genie did not keep himself a secret but remained in his natural terrifying shape. Seeing the dire form of both the princess Badar Badaur and the minister-son, both of them were stunned. It would not have been surprising if they both died of fear. But luckily both of them were only half dead.

It was the custom of that country that on the morning after the honeymoon, the girl’s father would come and ask her with a gesture whether the night passed naturally or not. The emperor also came in the morning to take care of this condition.

Hearing his voice, the minister-son jumped out of the bed and left through the other door because he wanted to hide his plight. The emperor went into the room and asked the daughter with a smile, did the night pass comfortably? When he went ahead and kissed her forehead lovingly, he saw that the princess was feeling immense sorrow. The emperor was astonished and could not understand that the princess was not saying anything out of shame or that the night had become very weak or that she was really sad because of which she kept silent. From there he went to his wife and told her the strange condition of the princess and said that he does not understand anything. Begum said, Government, don’t worry. Many girls are such that they suffer a lot in the first contact and some girls remain in bad condition for two-three days. I myself will go and ask him about his condition and I will tell you after coming.

After this Malika went to the palace of the princess and hugged her and asked her condition. The princess remained silent on this too and the sadness on her face did not diminish at all. When Malika asked many times with great love, she took a cold breath and said, Mother, If you feel arrogant in what I will say, then I apologize in advance for that. The reality is that strange events happened that night that no one would believe. But those events made me lose my senses and my heart is still trembling by remembering those things. At night, when my maids had locked me in this room and I sat on the bed, at the same time someone led both of us to my bed in a modest room. There the minister-son was taken by that secret person somewhere and kept it somewhere else for the whole night. Here a young man comforted me a lot and slept on the same bed with his back to me and kept a drawn sword between me and himself. In the morning the minister-son was laid with me by a terrible genie and brought both of us back to the Maya bed. When father came to my room in the morning, I was so engrossed in fear and grief that he could not speak anything. if they know my sorrow

When Badar Badaur narrated the whole incident of last night, his mother could not believe him at all. He said, “You told me that’s okay, but don’t do these crazy things to anyone else.” What is the use of this that people think you are crazy.

The princess said, I am not mad, I am in my full senses. If you don’t believe me then what should I do? If you want, ask my husband, minister-son. He will also say what I am saying. Malika said, “It’s good. I’ll ask your husband. If she supported your point, then I will understand your point as true. For this time you forget these things. Look, the sounds of singing and playing are coming from all over the city, which is being done in the celebration of your marriage. Why do you want to disturb this rage-color with your useless talk? On this the princess fell silent.

Malika went and told the emperor everything that Badar Badaur had said. He also said, I think this is only a nightmare. Still, it is better to ask her husband as she says. The king called the minister-son and asked, have you also seen what the princess has seen in the night? He said, I do not know what he has seen. The reality was that even after the great pain of the night, he thought that now that trouble would not happen again and he did not want to break the marriage because it would have given him the then prestige and a big kingdom in the future. When she was told what Badar Badaur said, she said, The princess must have been confused. No such thing happened. She will be fine by tomorrow morning.

On the other hand, Aladdin again rubbed the lamp and called the genie and asked him about the condition of the palace. He told that the minister-son refuses to listen to what happened last night. Aladdin said, if both of them lie on the bed even today, then before his enjoyment and luxury, bring him here like yesterday. The genie did the same and as soon as Badar Badaur and the minister-son were lying on the bed, he brought the bed with them both to Aladdin’s house. Aladdin, like last night, locked the minister-son in the toilet and himself slept on the princess’s bed with his back to her, keeping the drawn sword in the middle. The princess continued to tremble that night also at the sight of these strange things, and the minister-son was tormented throughout the night by the foul smell of sewage and faeces in the cramped and smelly bathroom. In the morning again, the genie made her put the minister-son on the princess’s bed and brought both of them back to the Maya bed in the palace.

The next morning the emperor again approached the princess and found her more worried and sad than the previous day. The emperor was getting knocked for the whole day, he said in bewilderment, daughter, tell me what is the matter. The princess remained silent. Even after asking a lot of the emperor, she did not say anything, then the emperor lost his patience. He pulled the sword from the scabbard and roared and said, Tell me the truth or else I’ll just tear you into pieces. Badaur started crying in panic and said, Father, forgive me if I have committed any crime. If you insist, I will tell you about the last two nights, but you will not believe it. That’s why I was silent till now. Saying this he told the whole condition to the emperor with his own mouth. Then she started saying, if you do not believe, then ask the minister-son. The king said, daughter, I do not want to hurt you in any way. I married you for your happiness, Not to be sad. Well, now you stop worrying. Now you will not feel like this.

After this the emperor came to his palace and he called the minister there. He asked the minister, did you talk to your son and inquired about his condition? He said I didn’t ask. The king narrated to him the whole story of Badar Badaur and said, although I believe in the words of my daughter, I still want confirmation from your son. You go and ask this thing to your son. The minister went to his house and called his son and said, The princess has said these things to the emperor, what do you say about this?

The minister-son had lied the previous day due to the fear of breaking the marriage, but when he experienced the same on the second day, his courage was broken. That said, yesterday I denied that but the fact is that the princess is right. For two nights, a terrible creature lifts both of us along with the bed and reaches somewhere. Then he takes off my clothes except my pajamas and locks me in a cramped toilet where the smell of the clogged faeces keeps my mind bursting throughout the night and I keep shivering with cold and can’t even move my hands and feet. I don’t know what happens to my wife all night long. In the morning, the same creature takes me out and dresses me, and after laying on the bed, brings both of us back to the palace along with the bed. I refrained from such marriage. If this condition continues for two or three days, I will die.

The minister saw that in two days his son had become not only insanity but also lean. He also came to the conclusion that it should be kept separate from the princess or else he would actually die in four-six days. After that he went to the emperor and said, Sarkar, the princess is absolutely right. My son lied yesterday for fear of breaking the marriage but today he has told the truth. He is locked in a cramped dirty toilet for two nights. Now my view is that husband and wife should not be allowed to sleep together and the marriage ceremonies in the state should be stopped.

The emperor also liked this and the marriage ceremonies were stopped. The minister’s son was also stopped from coming to the palace and meeting his wife. There was a lot of discussion about this thing among the townspeople. People speculated as to why the marriage ceremonies were called off and why the minister’s son was thrown out of the palace. The reason was known only to the bride and groom, their parents and Aladdin. Aladdin no longer felt the need to call the genie by lighting the lamp and waited for his three-month period to pass. He appeared as if he did not know anything about the marriage of Badar Badaur’s minister-son.

After a period of three months, Aladdin again sent his mother to the emperor. The old lady then went to the court wearing the clothes of the court and stood in front of the emperor’s throne. Seeing her, the king understood that she had come to remind him of the promise. The minister also noticed this and tried to keep the emperor entangled in some other matter. The king stopped her and said, “Spot the old lady who is standing in front.” The minister got him called by the chobdar. The old lady kissed the ground as before. The king said, say, what do you want to say? That said, the government had told me three months ago that the princess would marry my son, Aladdin, after three months. Today I have come to remind you of the same word of yours.

Understanding that the emperor had gone before that the old lady had come to say the same thing, yet since he did not know anything about Aladdin, he was hesitant to approve the marriage. His trouble was that he had promised marriage after being impressed by the gift of priceless gems.

Now he did not accept the discount that would have put on his reputation by turning away from him. He told his difficulty secretly to the minister. He said quietly, no problem. You send to Aladdin saying that the princess’s Mehr will be very big, if you have the ability to give that, then I am ready to marry, otherwise do not even talk about marriage in front of me, and you ask for the Mehr so ​​heavy that he cannot give . The emperor liked this advice. He said to Aladdin’s mother, Goddess, I do not turn from what I have promised you. I would have fulfilled it, but the princess has put an absurd condition. She says I will marry the same man who will give me a lot of favor. You tell your son that the princess will be married to him only if he sends forty golden vessels on the heads of forty slave slaves filled with the same gems as you had presented. There should also be a beautiful fair complexion in front of every slave slave. All slaves should be dressed in precious zardosi. Also, beautiful paintings should be done in Meena’s work on the covers of the golden vessels in which the gems are sent. You tell this condition to your son and ask what it says. Whatever answer he gives, come tomorrow and tell. Come straight to me, I’ll wait for you.

Aladdin’s mother kisses the throne and returns home. All the way, she kept annoyed at her son’s stupidity. She kept thinking that those colored stones were brought by Aladdin from the cave where he was sent by the magician. Now where will such stones and those also be found filled in fifty golden vessels, that cave has been closed. Then where will the eighty slaves dressed in expensive clothes come from? This boy made me run unnecessarily and broke my legs.

Coming home, he said to Aladdin, son, I used to tell you to forget the princess. Same thing happened. Badshah is ready for the princess and hasn’t forgotten his promise. But he has asked for such a big favor that you will not be able to give even doom. Then he explained in detail the demand of the emperor. Aladdin said, Amma, don’t worry about anything. In fact, the princess is unique. There is so little mercy for that. Look, I’ll try to make arrangements for this favor. Saying this he started talking here and there.

The next morning he said to his mother, Amma, I am very hungry. You bring some food from the market, it will take time to make it at home. She went to the poor market. Here Aladdin rubbed the lamp. The genie appeared and said, What is the order? Aladdin said, Brother, now the emperor has agreed to marry the princess with me, but he has asked for a very precious Mehr. He says that forty Negro slaves should fill forty golden vessels, whose caps have beautiful images made of enamel, like I had brought from the magic garden. Along with the Negro slaves, there should also be forty beautiful slaves of fair complexion and all the slaves should be dressed in Zardozi. Now if you present these things, then I will send this Meher along with my mother to the emperor.

The genie said, I will bring all this now. Saying this he disappeared and within moments reappeared with Meher. Aladdin’s house was filled with forty Negroes and forty Gaur Varna slaves. All the slaves wore such valuable clothes of Zardozi which even the rich do not get. On the heads of the negroes were golden vessels with caps of enamel work. Everyone opened the golden vessels and showed them. All of them were filled with huge diamonds, pearls, sapphires, red, topaz etc. Aladdin’s house was lit up with jewels, gold vessels and zari dresses. The genie asked if there is any other work? Aladdin said, there is no work yet. But if need be, I will call again.

When Aladdin’s mother came to the market, she was shocked to see this stuff. Aladdin said to her, Amma, you should have breakfast early and leave the worry of my food and drink and take this favor and go to the king’s court. Lest the king’s mind be reversed again. Now the emperor will see this mehr, he will be so overwhelmed that he will not be able to deny it. So you hurry to go.

The old lady ate and drank frequently and put on the courtly dress. Meanwhile, Aladdin arranged the slaves and told how to enter the court and show the golden vessels one by one to the king by opening the lid. He put one white slave each in front of each Nebshi slave and made a visible group of them. Sending his mother after them, he anxiously waited for the result in his house.

When this convoy moved, the townspeople gathered on both sides of the road and stood to watch the spectacle. Each slave’s dress would cost one lakh rupees each, and the eyes of the beholder were dazzled by the radiance emanating from their clothes and gold vessels. When the group of slaves reached before the royal court, the harkars informed the emperor about it. He ordered that they should be present in the court. They all stood in front of the throne in a semi-circular form, following the rules. Then those slaves respectfully removed the cover and presented the gems. Aladdin’s mother went ahead and kissed the throne and said, “My son has said that although this gift is not in your honour, I hope to accept it and take me into slavery.” The king told the minister, The man who can give such a favor is undoubtedly worthy of being my son-in-law. The minister wanted to change his opinion and explained high and low, but the emperor did not listen to him.

The emperor accepted Aladdin’s gift and said to his mother, bring your son here. I want to see him I will definitely fulfill what I have promised. Hearing this, Aladdin’s mother came running to her house. On the other hand, the emperor also got up from the court and came to his palace.

He ordered the slaves and servants to bring all the vessels full of gems to the princess’s palace. He himself also went to the princess’s palace to see those gems thoroughly. When eighty decorated slaves came and stood in the courtyard of the princess’s palace and the princess looked at them under the guise of a chicken, she was astonished to see their splendor. Even though she was the princess of such a vast kingdom, she had never seen such flamboyance and such priceless gems.

Aladdin’s mother went home and said to the son, thank you God. Your destiny has opened. The emperor liked your gift and said that the princess will be married to you. Other courtiers also agreed. The king has called you to give his daughter’s hand in your hand. Aladdin jumped with joy on hearing this. He said to the mother, Amma, you will have to wait for a while. I’m ready and go now. Saying this he went to the inner room. He rubbed the lamp and the genie appeared asking for orders. Aladdin said, one thing I want to bathe in the hammam, After this you bring me clothes like kings. The genie grabbed his hand and blew it away and took him to a hammam made of marble. Aladdin took off his clothes and bathed with stools in hot water and applied various fragrances to his body. His body became fair and soft and every joint of the body became tight and his face started shining like the moon. When he came to the place where he had taken off his clothes, he found a heavy dream pair kept for himself.

There also came the genie who helped Aladdin to get dressed. Then the genie said, what is the command now? Aladdin said, “Bring me such a fine horse that no horse can match it in the royal stables.” His furnishings should also be worth lakhs of rupees. Apart from this, there should be twelve slaves to follow my right and left and twenty soldiers to follow my ride. Six maidservants dressed in fine clothes should serve my mother and two maidservants carrying two heavy and most valuable pairs of clothes, one for my mother and the other for my future wife. Apart from this, let me have ten talents of Asharfis, which I should spend on the way.

The genie disappeared after receiving this order and in two moments brought all these things back. Aladdin gave four talents of ashrafis to his mother so that they could be used for reward- Ikram in the royal palace and six talents to six of the twelve slaves accompanying him that he could spend a handful of ashrafis for the mystics and the poor till the emperor’s palace. Let’s go Putting six maidservants in front of your mother and said, these six are for your service. Apart from these, these two maidens have taken valuable clothes, one pair of which you want to give to Badar Badaur and keep the other for yourself. Then he told the genie that at this time you go, when you need it again, I will call you. Hearing this, the genie disappeared.

After this, Aladdin sent a slave to the royal court to tell the emperor that Aladdin wanted to come. He went back and said, The emperor and all the chieftains are waiting for you. Aladdin had never sat on a horse, but sat gracefully on that fine horse and came out of the market with his dog. The crowd gathered and Aladdin’s slaves started looting the Asharfis. People had always seen Aladdin in tears. Seeing him in this splendour, no one could recognize him and people started talking among themselves that this wonderful man who is plundering the asharfis with so many open hands, Who is there. He was discussed in the whole city and knowledgeable people told that shortly before this he had sent such a valuable gift to the emperor which no one can even imagine. He also told that the marriage of the princess is certain with this man. Hearing this, people were very happy and started saying that it was really impossible for the princess to find a more suitable groom than this.

When Aladdin reached the outer gate of the palace, he wanted to get off the horse. But the ministers, chieftains and the Amir-Umrah who had gathered to welcome him there, did not allow him to descend and took him through the courtyard on horseback. When he reached the door, these men got him off the horse and made two rows of Aladdin in between them and took him before the emperor as the guest of honor. Seeing the appearance and clothes of Aladdin, the emperor was very happy to find a suitable son-in-law. Aladdin wanted to fall at the feet of the emperor, but the emperor stopped him from doing so and made him sit on the throne with him.

The king said, from which country have you come? Aladdin said, I am from your people, I am a resident of here, but I cannot live without the princess, that is why I have come in your service. The king hugged him and said, I am not unjust. I stand by what I have promised. Don’t talk about dying and living in front of me, you are very dear to me I found you just as I had heard your praise. Saying this, the king signaled, then all kinds of instruments started ringing from all around. Then the emperor took Aladdin’s hand and took him inside the palace and the two had a meal together. The emperor talked to him on various subjects and saw that he answers everything wisely and decently. The king was very happy about this. After retiring from the meal, he called the Qazi and asked him to prepare for the marriage ceremony. He brought Aladdin to the meeting room where the nobles and nobles spoke to Aladdin and praised his wisdom. After marriage, the emperor told Aladdin that today you should stay in this palace so that the honeymoon is here. Aladdin said, I am not out of your order, but I want to build a new palace for my wife and meet her there. The king said, it is good. But your palace should be near my palace. There is a big field in front of my palace. Wherever you want, build your palace in it. Saying this, he hugged her and sent her away. Aladdin also came on his return plundering asharfis on both sides and the people praised his charity and splendor more and more.

After coming home, Aladdin went to the inner room. There he rubbed the lamp again and called the genie. The jinn said to him as usual, Lord, give orders. Aladdin said to the genie, Brother, you are worthy of praise. You have done whatever I told you. Now I ask you to do a great thing. Build for me a very magnificent palace in the big field on that side of the emperor’s palace. You yourself should build a palace of whatever stone you think is appropriate. In it there should be a big barn, whose roof is vaulted and made only of gold and silver. In the twenty-four doors around it, leaving only one door, the rest should be studded with innumerable gems. The palace should also have a big Diwankhana and a very beautiful flower garden. His cook-house should be such in which food for thousands of men can be prepared. In his treasury innumerable gems, Have asharfis and money. There should be abundance of clothes suitable for every season in his storehouse. He must have hundreds of Aseel horses in his stall and also Sais for them. Many slaves and servants are also needed. Apart from this, bring whatever I am forgetting at this time and make the palace complete in all respects. It was evening when Aladdin asked the genie to do all this. The genie said, when you wake up tomorrow morning, you will find the palace ready. Saying this the genie disappeared and Aladdin went to the bedroom of his house.

Aladdin fell asleep late at night because he was troubled by the separation of the princess. After some time in the morning, when his eyes opened, the genie came to him and said that go and see, the palace is ready as you had said. When Aladdin went and saw his health became happy. Aladdin noticed that the palace is very spacious and each of its rooms is furnished in such a way that it is not possible to find anywhere else. Everywhere there is decoration worth lakhs of rupees and the whole palace is full of slaves and slaves. Everyone was busy doing their work.

Hundreds of chests were kept in the treasury full of asharfis, money and gems. Aladdin was very pleased to see all this and praised the genie very much.

Then the genie took him to the herd. Horses of good races from all over the countries were tied there. There was a smart scion for each one and the jadau genes were in the reins. Many horse guards were also appointed over the Saisons. After showing all this, the genie took him to the storehouse. Every essential thing of life was filled there. Similarly, many dungeons and many upper chambers were also shown to him by the jinn. Then he showed the special barahdari for which Aladdin had asked. Seeing all this splendor, Aladdin was very happy. Then he said to the genie, it is all very well but there is one thing left which I forgot to tell you to present. I want that a velvet carpet of wide width should be laid from my palace to the entrance of the palace so that my wife may walk on it on the way. The genie immediately got the velvet carpet also laid.

When the servants of the palace opened the gates in the morning, they saw that a huge building was built in the front of the palace. He was very surprised to see this. What was even more surprising was that from the entrance of that palace to the gate of the palace, a wide velvet carpet was spread. He said this to everyone in the palace. When the minister came to the court, he too was surprised to see all this. At the time of the court, he bowed his head to the emperor and said, Sarkar, a big huge palace is visible in the field in front of the palace. He was not present till yesterday. It seems to me that the work of magic.

Badshah said angrily to the minister, you are absolutely wrong. There is no magic thing here. After marriage yesterday, when I asked her to spend the night in the palace, she asked me for permission to build a palace for myself in the field and welcome the princess there. You are jealous of him, that’s why you talk about magic etc. The real thing is that Aladdin has immense wealth. If he got the palace ready in one night by employing lakhs of people, then what is the matter of wonder. Since the time of the court had begun, no further discussion could take place between the emperor and the minister on this subject.

Aladdin bid farewell to the genie and returned to his old house. His mother was wearing clothes to go to the palace. Aladdin said, Amma, you should go to the palace at the time when the emperor will finish his court and go to Antarpur. You go to the palace with these two maidservants and give the jinn the clothes that the jinn has given us to carry, both the pairs and the jewelery you give to the princess. Hearing this, she finished wearing clothes and wearing a burqa went to the palace. Here Aladdin, like the previous day, came to his new palace, plundering the Asharfis.

When his mother reached the palace, the Chobdars informed the emperor about her arrival. He ordered him to go instead of the eagles to welcome him. The bells started playing outside the palace as well. This is to inform that the princess is going to her in-laws’ house today. All the citizens started celebrating. The arrangements for the lamp owners of the night were started. Merchants left the transactions and started decorating their shops and homes. Precious carpets were laid at every door and in the meeting. People came in large numbers and gathered on the way to the princess’s departure. Everyone was surprised to see the new palace built by Aladdin and the carpet laid on the road from the palace to that palace.

The chief of the palace’s khwajasaras took Aladdin respectfully inside the palace. The princess also got up and respectfully received her mother-in-law. Aladdin’s mother gave the clothes she had brought with her to wear to the princess. The maids and maidservants wore those robes to the princess. When she had put on the clothes that had come from her in-laws’ house, the emperor also came to see her. For the first time he saw the open face of Aladdin’s mother (because now both of them had become kinship) and started saying, I thought you were a bad old woman. Now I see that you look not only intelligent but also beautiful and young.

Festivities and feasts continued throughout the day. In the evening the bride left for her in-laws’ house. The emperor and the princess cried in embrace. Then the princess went to the husband’s house. Aladdin’s mother followed him with a hundred maidens. When this procession came to the main gate of the palace, from there a hundred chieftains in one side and the same number of Khwajasra in the other were in front of the prince. In the midst of all this, the princess of beauty started walking on the velvet carpet at the speed of a swan. Seeing the arrival of the princess from Aladdin’s palace, the Dominions and Moracines sang songs to welcome her. When she reached the gate of the palace, Aladdin came to welcome her. His mother told who the princess was because there were hundreds of beautiful maids dressed in fine clothes. The princess also saw Aladdin for the first time because she could not raise her head out of shame at the time of marriage. He was very happy to see Aladdin healthy and handsome. Aladdin politely asked him Said, I am very fortunate that I have found a luxurious princess like you, Bhuvanmohini Komalangi, although I have no status. God may not have created anyone prettier than you.

The princess also showed the same decency and said, O my sirtaj, although I, being a girl, I am bound by my father’s wishes in marriage and I would have happily accepted whomever he would make my husband. But now looking at you I appreciate my fortune that my father has found a good groom for me. Aladdin was pleased to hear this gracious reply. Then he respectfully kissed his wife’s hand and said, but you must have been too tired to walk this far. Let us go and sit in the barahdari and have some refreshments.

The barahdari had such exquisite decorations that the eyes were dazzled. In the light of hundreds of candles, all the ceilings and walls, curtains etc. were lit up. Hundreds of gold and silver plates were placed on the silk dastarkhwans, in which there were various delicious dishes. Goods worth lakhs of rupees were kept in that barahdari alone. The princess started saying, I used to think that there would be no place more magnificent than my father’s palace, but in front of this palace, it is nothing.

When Aladdin, the princess and Aladdin’s mother sat down to eat, the singers started singing melodious songs on beautiful instruments. The princess again started saying that I have never heard such a beautiful singing in my life. Little did the poor man know that these singers were the fairies themselves, whom the genie of the lamp had brought. No one knew the difference between the lamp of Aladdin and his mother except the princess or anyone.

Then the maidservants lifted the utensils and a group of dancers came. He performed various types of dances and plays. When it was midnight, the princess and Aladdin also danced because it was a custom in China that the bride and groom also danced on the first night of the wedding. Then Aladdin and the princess went to their bedroom. All night Aladdin slept soundly. The next morning the maidservants brought new clothes for him to wear. These clothes were similar to those of the first day, although they were slightly different in color from them. The work of gold and silver zardosi was the same on them as well. After this a horse was brought to ride him, which was different from the previous day’s horse but was of the same type in speed.

Aladdin rode on a horse and reached the palace as fast as lightning. There was also a group of slaves with him. Like the previous day, the emperor met him with respect and made him sit on the throne with him. After staying in the court for some time, where he consulted Aladdin in many cases, he finished the court and came to the palace and took Aladdin by his hand and brought with him.

After sitting in his rest room he ordered that the food be served. Aladdin requested, do not feed this slave here today, but favor him by taking dry food in his house. The emperor accepted this invitation. He brought Aladdin on the right, the minister on the left and the courtiers behind. Everyone saw each and every part of Aladdin’s new palace. They were all very surprised to see each and every room. At last Aladdin took everyone to Barahdari. The emperor sat there and told the minister that in my opinion there will be no such magnificent palace in the world. The minister said, Prithvipalak, there was no sign of this palace till the day before, it has been visible only yesterday morning. It was I who informed you about its preparation first of all. The king said, this is true. You told me about this and I have not forgotten it. But I did not think that such a beautiful palace would have been built by Aladdin. Where we understand the marble walls and ceilings a lot, there gold and silver bricks have been used here. Where we decorate the doors with iron and brass, there are jewels in these doors. The chic here is unique.

Out of curiosity, the emperor began to look closely at the doors of the barahdari. Then he was surprised and said to the minister, In the twenty-three doors of this barahdari, precious gems are embedded from top to bottom, but one door remained very simple. Maybe Aladdin didn’t get the time to get the gems in it. It is also possible that the gems near it have run out and this door has been missed. Well, it doesn’t matter. Later, he will get the gems installed on this door at leisure.

At that time Aladdin was away for some work. On his arrival, the emperor asked how a door was left without gems. Aladdin said, there was no reason for it to be simple, somehow it remained simple. If you are pleased now, then jewels will be embedded in it too.

The king said, if you wish, it will be so. I’ll get it gemstoned. Saying this he called all the jewelers of the city. Here Aladdin took the emperor to the dining room where the princess also met her father. She was looking very happy. At the same time, valuable dastarkhwans were laid on the ground and various types of food were served in gemstones gold vessels. In one place, Aladdin with the prince and emperor, and in another place the ministers and courtiers sat down to have food. After the meal, the king praised the dishes and said that although my cook’s kitchen is very good, but I also did not eat such delicious dishes.

After some time the minister told the king that all the jewelers whom you had called have come. The emperor called them and said, “Look very well at the design and decoration of the jewels of these twenty-three doors.” You guys have to make the twenty-fourth door like this too. Those people took good care and said, we can set gems but we do not have such valuable gems. The king said, don’t worry about it. Take as many gems as you want from the royal treasury. The minister also asked to show his loyalty, I will give all the gems from me. But the door should be made exactly as there are other doors.

The emperor went to his palace. He and the minister handed over all the gems, including those presented by Aladdin’s mother, to jewelers. He got his artisans installed on the empty door of Barahdari and got gems on the pattern of other doors. After a month’s work, it was seen that all the gems given by the emperor and the minister were exhausted, but the door was still not filled completely. Those people started getting worried that what would they say after going to the emperor. At that time, Aladdin said to them, you have tried your best. Now uproot these studded gems and bring them back to the emperor and the minister. Don’t worry about the door, it will be stuck.

When those people took away the gems, Aladdin again rubbed the lamp in private and said when the genie came, now you make this door like another door. The genie disappeared. Aladdin also went somewhere. After two moments he came and saw that the plain door has also become like other doors. He sent the slaves and called all the jewelers back and showing the door said, while returning the gems, also say that Aladdin has also got the plain door ornamented. All the jewelers were very surprised at this but they went away silently.

He went and returned the gems to the king and the minister and also wanted to give the message given by Aladdin, but without listening to them, the emperor again took the minister to Aladdin’s palace and went to Baradari without giving him an opportunity to welcome him. . He started saying to Aladdin, son, I have come here only to ask why you stopped the lock of that door and returned the gems of me and the minister. He said, I myself got the door installed, you see.

When the emperor went and saw it, he could not recognize which was the door, which has been newly inlaid. He was very happy to see this. He started saying, son, there can be no man like you. You always do things that are beyond human capacity. You really do wonders in everything. Aladdin bowed his head humbly and said, all this is due to your importance and your grace to me who are praising this, otherwise I am not worthy of anything. After this the emperor went to his palace. There he asked the minister to praise Aladdin’s palace. The minister said that I think all this magic. The king laughed and said, You are still jealous of Aladdin because instead of your son, you have made him son-in-law. That pain has not gone from your heart, that’s why you can’t hear Aladdin’s praise. The minister kept quiet thinking that the king was a fool and wanted to live in deceit. The emperor would stand on the roof of his palace and look at Aladdin’s palace and praise him in his heart.

Aladdin was also fond and good at heart. He used to ride in the market once a week, sometimes went to the Masjid to offer Namaz with everyone, sometimes went to the houses of ministers and other nobles and chieftains to meet them and also used to feast on them at his home. He had entrusted the task to the slaves that when his ride came out, he should spend asharfis on both sides for the fakirs and the poor. Because of this, when he rode out, there would be a crowd on the way and people would admire his elegance and generosity. He would also help in this way to the beggars and the poor who were unable to get help by going to his house. Apart from this, he also went for hunting once every week. Sometimes he used to come back after playing hunting near the city and sometimes he would go so far in the forest that he would come after two or four days.

Because of his charity, he did not allow anyone to remain poor in the city. Due to this generosity, the general public started loving him very much. Even those who swore on his head would be immediately believed. At the same time, he also kept the emperor happy. He also wanted to impress her with his might. He soon got the opportunity. The emperor intended to attack one of his old enemies and take his kingdom.

So he gathered a large army. Aladdin said, what is the need of so much army. If you allow me, I will take only a small army and finish the war. The emperor gave permission and Aladdin defeated the enemy on the strength of a small army with fighting skills. The emperor was very happy to hear the news of this victory, his power increased greatly. Aladdin was also known far and wide. Aladdin lived like this respectfully for many years.

The magician who had locked Aladdin in the fortified cave believed that Aladdin must have died there. Still, one day, sitting and sitting, he thought to see what was his condition.

Sitting in his hallway, he took out Ramal’s books and instruments from the box and pondered for several hours how Aladdin was doing. He was astonished to see that even after repeatedly throwing rugs, it was found that Aladdin had become very wealthy and that he was married to a princess of China. Knowing this, flames of jealousy started rising in his heart. His face turned red and blood started dripping from his eyes. He kept thinking that look at the irony of fate that I did all the hard work and he is enjoying the fruits of that stray tailor’s son.

He pondered over this for several days and finally came to the conclusion that there is no use in repenting lying at home, should visit China once again. Somehow, Aladdin must take the magic lamp from which he has become rich enough to marry the princess. He also thought that if possible, Aladdin should also be killed. The strange thing was that after giving Aladdin the magic ring, he had forgotten about it. Even Aladdin did not remember him. Both were overwhelmed by the lamp.

The magician sat on a horse and left for China. He took no breath other than sleeping in the taverns and in a few months went to China and reached the city of Aladdin, which was the capital. He rented a room in a tavern and wandered around the city to find out about Aladdin. One day many people were talking about Aladdin’s strange palace. He asked, who is this Aladdin? People said, you are a foreigner, that’s why you don’t know him. He is very rich, the son-in-law of the emperor and his palace is more magnificent than the royal palace. If we tell you, you will not believe it, if you see his palace with your own eyes, you will believe.

I am really a foreigner. I am from Africa. I just came here yesterday. Please tell me where is Aladdin’s strange palace so that I can also see it. People told him the address of Aladdin’s palace. The magician went and saw the palace well from all sides. He was sure that Aladdin had built this palace on the strength of that lamp because the genie of the lamp can talk about everything. After coming back to the inn, he closed his room, then opened Ramal’s books and sat down and began to think where is that lamp at this time. He came to know that the lamp is not with any man but is kept in a room of the same palace. At the same time, he also came to know that Aladdin is not in the palace at this time and will not come to the palace for several days. He was very happy to know all this because in Aladdin’s absence he could easily grab the lamp by cunning and once the lamp was in his hand, what should he worry about Aladdin or anyone else?

Closing his books etc., he went to the owner of the inn and after praising the strange palace of Aladdin said that I was very happy to see the palace, now I want to see its owner too. The innkeeper said, What is this difficult? He rides every week and goes out into the city. But now he will not come for five days because he has gone to a distant forest to play hunting. That much information was enough for the magician. He thought for a while and then went to a ware shop where metal objects were made. He said with a laugh that I want twelve beautiful and big copper lamps. Thatre said, it cannot happen today but tomorrow you will get the lamps. The magician said, “No problem. Give it tomorrow But keep in mind that you should rub them thoroughly so that they start shining. I’ll give whatever price you ask for. Thathere agreed to make the lamp.

The next day, the magician took twelve beautiful sparkling new lamps from the hood and put them in a beautiful basket and headed towards Aladdin’s palace. When he reached near, he started shouting in a loud voice, replace old lamps with new ones, replace old ones with new ones. The boys playing in the streets gathered there and started making noises thinking crazy and jokingly calling him by strange names. People of higher age also started laughing on hearing his strange laugh and started saying that this man has gone mad who is doing business in reverse.

The magician neither cared for the laughing of older people nor did he take bad things about the boys. He kept making the same sound. Replace old lamps with new ones. At that time Badar Badaur was sitting in her furnished barahdari. He heard the magician’s voice but could not understand what he was saying because the boys were making a lot of noise. So he said to a maidservant, who had accompanied him from his father’s palace, to go out and see the noise. When the maid came back laughing after a while, the princess said, why is she brushing her teeth? Why don’t you tell me what’s the matter? The maid controlled her laughter and said, Mistress, a strange madman. Got new lamps. He does not sell them, but says that by giving old lamps, take new ones.

The princess started laughing. The maid said, I have seen a dirty lamp kept inside. He does not like being in such a magnificent palace. If you ask, I’ll change it. It was the same magic lamp. He had to be dirty because the slightest rubbing would bring a genie. Aladdin should have always kept that lamp with him, but the opposite intellect at the time of destruction. Then after so many days of rest, he became careless towards protecting the lamp. He had not told anything about him to Badshah and Badar Badaur because the magic of magic might have considered him a deceiver. His mother was dead by this time and at this time no man except Aladdin and the magician knew the secret of that lamp.

The princess liked the talk of the maid. He said to one of the slaves, “Take the lamp that this maid is telling you and get a new one in exchange for it.” The slave who took the lamp went to the magician and said, Take this old lamp and give it a new one. On seeing this the magician understood that this is his desired lamp. He took the lamp from the hand of the slave and placed a basket in front of him to sort out whatever lamp he wanted. The servant took the best lamp out of it and gave it to the mistress. After this the boys started making noise again.

The magician went ahead but now he had stopped making sound. Now the boys also did not enjoy teasing him, so they also scattered here and there and engaged in their games. When the magician crossed the ground between the two palaces and entered the narrow and deserted streets, he started walking fast. In a completely deserted place he threw the basket and all the new lamps in the garbage and took out the magic lamp. He didn’t even go to the inn because he had brought Ramal’s stuff with him and after getting the magic lamp, what was he to worry about the things kept in the inn and the horse. He remained in the same deserted place till midnight, then he rubbed the lamp. When the genie appeared and asked for orders, the magician said, “Take me and the entire palace of Aladdin and take them to my abode in Africa.” The genie immediately obeyed his orders and accompanied the magician to Aladdin’s palace along with all the people inside it, to Africa.

It has already been told about the emperor that he used to climb on the roof of his palace every day to see Aladdin’s palace. On the second day he went to see that palace as usual, then he saw only a clear field. He rubbed his eyes. He wondered why the sun was shining clearly, there were no clouds, no fog, yet Aladdin’s palace was not visible. He looked around with tears in his eyes but he could not see the palace. The emperor was so disturbed that he kept looking at the ground where the palace stood till last evening.

He was wondering what happened and how it happened. The palace so big and gleaming with gems and gold and silver disappeared from sight like never before. Not the slightest trace of it is visible. If he had sunk into the ground, then his kangaroos would have been seen coming out of the ground, and if he had fallen for any reason, then he would have seen a pile of rubble. But even after believing that there was no palace, he did not say anything to any servant or servant, because the matter was so unbelievable that he considered it to be an illusion of his vision. After looking there again and again, he went to the rest room in despair.

After going there he called the minister. He came and said, Prithvinath, why have you called here today at this time? Is there anything special? The king said, what will be the wonderful thing from this that has happened today? Have you even looked at the field? The minister said, you had called a special meeting of big chieftains today, I have been involved in its management since morning. I haven’t seen anything. The king said, just climb on the roof of the palace and see if Aladdin’s palace is visible or not.

When the minister went upstairs and looked as per the order, he also saw nothing except the Chatial Maidan. He also looked around with tears in his eyes and when he was convinced that the palace was invisible, he came downstairs and came near the emperor. The emperor asked whether you saw Aladdin’s palace or not. The minister folded his hands and said, Swami, this servant had already requested that all this is nothing but magic. You didn’t pay attention to me.

The emperor said in anger, “This is not the time to prove your words as true or false.” Tell me where is that scoundrel and cunning Aladdin. I will put him to death. The minister said, “Government, he has taken leave from AAP three-four days ago and has gone hunting for a week.” I’m just going to find out where he is now. The emperor roared and said, “Send thirty selected brave military officers who can also put up a blockade on all sides.” Don’t let that crook hide somewhere.

After receiving royal orders, these thirty officers went to the side where Aladdin had gone hunting and the soldiers were also sent here and there to guard. Aladdin was returning from hunting. After going ten and twelve miles from the city, these officers saw him and saluted him and said, “The king’s command is that we bring you before him.” Aladdin saw that the officers had surrounded him. Aladdin understood that it was a form of arrest. He started walking with them. When the city was about a mile away, the officers came in front of him with chains and told him to put them on. He said, what is my crime for which I am being arrested? We don’t know that, he said. We have only been asked to present you in chains before the emperor.

What does Aladdin say? The soldiers tied his neck and hands and feet with such chains that he could not even move. After some time he was also taken off the horse and a rider took hold of his chain. When the people in the city saw this, they were convinced that it was about to die because only the death penalty is carried in this way. People got furious with this. Aladdin was loved by all and everyone was grateful to him. So whoever got the weapon and ran with it.

When the soldiers saw that they were coming to rescue Aladdin, they loaded him on a horse and skilfully saved him from the public and brought him to the fort and the gatekeeper, seeing the danger, closed the gate of the fort. Aladdin was presented before the emperor in the same condition. The king was going blind in anger. He had already called the executioner. Seeing Aladdin, he cried out and said, there is no need to argue with this. Now its head should be blown off.

The executioner untied Aladdin’s chains and made him sit and blindfolded him. Then he waved the sword two or three times in the air. Executioners do this because the real hand is straight. In this, the minister folded his hands and said, Government, don’t be in a hurry to kill Aladdin. There will be a big mistake. People will revolt as soon as it is killed and your life will be ruined. The emperor growled and said, who has the courage to rebel? Do not do non-sense. The minister said, look there on the wall of the fort. There are lakhs of armed people gathered outside. The emperor saw that hundreds of men had climbed the wall of the fort and were only about to jump inside. Now the king was really scared. He said to the executioner, Throw away the sword. As per the order, the executioner threw the sword away.

The emperor ordered a great chieftain to announce aloud that the emperor had forgiven Aladdin and released him. After the announcement of the Sardar, according to the rules, the clergymen announced this clemency in the whole city. On the announcement of the Sardar, the civilians who had climbed the walls of the fort with arms for the rebellion also jumped out. This news immediately spread all over the city and everyone was very happy about it.

Here Aladdin said to the king, Government, you have done me a great favor by giving my life, but now it should also be kindly told that what crime I had committed, for which this punishment was going to be given. At first the king only looked at him with disgust, but when he asked the same question again, he said, “Dude, you ask me such crimes as if you do not know.” Come with me to the roof of the palace. I will not tell you your crime but will show you. Saying this the emperor took him to the roof of the palace and started asking him, tell me, where is the palace you built?

Aladdin also started tearing his eyes in surprise but he could not even see the traces of the palace. He was so stunned that Jadwat stood still for a long time. The king again asked, why are you silent now? Tell me what happened to the palace. Aladdin said, the palace is really missing but it is not my fault, I have lost such a big palace. The king said, your palace should go to hell. I am worried about where my daughter has gone. I am mad at his sorrow. If you want wellness, then find my daughter otherwise now when I punish you, I will make such arrangements that even your supporters cannot do anything. Aladdin said, it is not needed. I also feel no less sorry for the loss of my wife. You give me forty days’ time. During this period, if I could not trace the princess, I myself would cut off my head and put it on your feet. The emperor accepted this.

The king said, you have leave for forty days, you can search wherever you want. But don’t think that you will be able to escape from me. Wherever you live in the world, I will ask you to get caught. Hearing this, Aladdin left the palace. He was going on weeping over his misfortune. The Sardar and the Amir-Umra were also saddened by his misery and started hiding their faces from him, what would they say for his consolation. Aladdin had taken a period of forty days but he himself could not even understand where to find the palace and Badar Badaur. For three days he wandered in the city. Every acquaintance would ask, brother, if you know, then tell me where can I find my lost palace. People took pity on him and said among themselves, Poor man has gone mad. What a good man, but who has got rid of the misfortune? They would kindly give him something to eat and drink. What could you do more than this?

After three days he was completely disappointed. Where till yesterday it was the condition that people used to loot Asharfis and got great respect in the court by their wisdom and might, where is it the condition that people would pity him considering him as mad and give him some pieces as alms. At last he left the city in a semi-deranged state and went into the forest. After going a long distance he found a river. He thought that my wife has stopped meeting me, now life is meaningless. And how long is life? At the end of the period, the emperor will have him killed. He thought that he should die by drowning in the river.

Then he realized that suicide was forbidden for a Muslim. He thought that I would take a bath in the river and then offer Namaz and pray to God continuously for the success of my purpose. Thinking this, he landed in the river but his foot slipped and he did not know how to swim, so he started drowning. Then his hand hit a small rock and he held it tightly.

This drowning was also fortunate for him. He had forgotten the rings, but after rubbing on the stone of the rings, the genie of the rings came and said, Lord, what is the order? Aladdin said, first save me from drowning, then I will talk to you about something. The genie picked him up and made him sit on the shore. After some time Aladdin was alert and he asked, can you tell me where my palace has disappeared and how is my wife, the princess? The genie said, I can tell. The magician who locked you in the pit from where I took you out the first time, the same magician has blown up your castle with your wife. He hails from Africa and has taken the palace to his hometown there. He had got a magic lamp in his hand.

Aladdin said, Can you bring back the palace with the princess and put it in its old place? The jinn said, this is not my work, it is the work of the jinn of the lamp. We cannot interfere in each other’s affairs. Aladdin said with some thought, Well, can you take me to the place where that palace is? The genie said, I can definitely do this. So Aladdin asked the genie to do the same, and the genie took him in a few moments to the city in Africa where the magician lived and where he had brought the palace from China. The genie disappeared after taking Aladdin down in front of his palace.

Although by then the night had passed and it had become dark, yet Aladdin recognized his palace. He sat down under a tree and began to thank God in his heart, who had brought him closer to his wife after three or four days of trouble. He got such satisfaction that he slept on the ground under the tree. In the morning, when his eyes were opened by the birds’ tweet, he went closer to his palace and sat down and started watching the palace carefully.

After some time Aladdin started walking in front of the window which was in Badar Badaur’s living room. He hoped that the princess would wake up to see him. The princess was busy all night trying to avoid the magician’s work, so she slept for a long time. On the other hand, Aladdin started thinking how the magician brought this palace here. He concluded that I had forgotten to keep the lamp in the palace, from there the magician must have grabbed it somehow because no one else can bring it to the palace except the jinn of the lamp. He kept thinking that how the magician got the lamp in spite of so much guard in the palace but he could not understand at all how it was possible. He thought that this secret would be revealed only after meeting the princess, but the problem was how to meet her.

The magician did not know why he did not reside in the palace. He lived in the house he had built nearby. During the day he was usually engaged in his witchcraft works outside, only from evening to midnight he would harass the princess by making love requests to her. Even at this time he was not in the palace. When the princess’s eyes opened, the maids started running in her room to decorate her. A maid saw through the window that Aladdin was walking outside the palace. He went away and said badar, then he told one of his trusted maidservants to go out and see, if that man is Aladdin, then bring him here through the thief’s door. The maid went out and intelligently brought Aladdin.

When husband and wife met after so many days, at first they cried a lot by clinging to each other. Then they described to each other the calamities that fell upon them. Then Aladdin said to the princess, remember one thing well and tell. An old lamp was kept in the room inside the palace. whether he is there yet or not. His wife said, “Whatever trouble we faced was because of my foolishness in relation to the same lamp.” Saying this, he told the whole situation about the capture of the said lamp by the magician by deceit of taking the old lamps in exchange for the new ones. Aladdin said, you are feeling guilty unnecessarily. It was my fault that I became careless towards such a thing. I didn’t even tell you about the lamp, so if you thought it was an old and useless lamp, then how to blame you. The princess said, I curse myself over and over again for my stupidity. When suddenly I came to this new place including the palace, at first I could not understand what had happened. Then the same day the magician came to me and said that you are now in Africa. Give up hope of meeting your husband and father. I asked how I got here. Laughing and flaunting his cleverness, he told that the lamp which you had given me in exchange for a new lamp considering it as old, is all his miracle.

Aladdin said, Well, it happened. Now first of all tell me where is that lamp at this time. And also tell me that the magician has not corrupted you yet? Badar said, the wicked always keeps the lamp close to his chest inside his clothes. The answer to your second point is that till now my sanctity has been saved by the mercy of God, I cannot say further. He comes to me every night at night and tries to woo me in different ways but I don’t even look at him. He probably didn’t rape because he hopes that in a few days I will forget the pain of separation from father and husband and will lovingly be his numerology. I have decided that I will not speak to her myself and if she rapes, I will commit suicide.

Aladdin said, he has been a customer of my life from the beginning and will still try to kill him if given a chance. Apart from this, he also wants to have animalistic sex with you, later he will kill you. I am glad to hear that he could not corrupt you. I’ll go out at this time, I’ll be back by noon. I will come through the same thief door. I will come wearing other clothes. That’s why you put there such a smart and reliable maidservant who recognizes my face. You also give me some money because I have to find a solution for the salvation of both of us and also have to run today’s work.

Badr Bador gave him a bag of Asharfis because Aladdin had come out of the palace of China as a fakir, although he was dressed as usual. The same trusted maid of the princess brought Aladdin out of the palace through the thief’s door. Aladdin started moving forward. On a deserted road he met a poor farmer. He stopped the farmer and said, I need your clothes for a special reason. You give me your clothes and wear my clothes in return for that. For this I will also give you some money. What was the objection of the farmer, he was getting new clothes instead of old clothes. He agreed. Aladdin changed clothes from him and gave him an Asharfi and said that if someone asks who has given you clothes, then do not tell.

Then he went to a grocer and asked for a rare item. Pansari said, I have it, but you cannot buy it, it is very precious. But Aladdin gave him an Asharfi, so he immediately gave the thing, which was actually a very terrible poison. Then Aladdin went to a Nanbai’s shop and had food and entered the palace again through the thief door. He did all this smartly because he did not want to give the slightest doubt of his presence.

Now he said to his wife, you have to pretend to get out of here. Understand this very well because there is no other form of redemption other than this. You give up your cloak and sit in the night with your full makeup on till the magician comes. When he comes, welcome him with a smile. On her asking, tell her that I thought how long I would continue to mourn the loss of my father and husband. Now I have accepted you in the place of husband and want to spend time happily with you and drink wine while sitting with you.

When the princess was shocked at this, Aladdin stopped her and said, you should ask for old wine from him, which he himself will go out to get. In the meantime, fill a cup with alcohol and mix the medicine of this pudding in it. Keep it separate from other cups. When the drinking starts, a maidservant will give the cup in your hand at your behest. You say that we have a ritual here that lovers drink by changing the cup from each other’s hands. Thus you got this medicine, give the cup to him and he will drink it whole with joy. He will faint as soon as he drinks it. Meanwhile, I will go out of the thief door and sit outside under a tree in the field. When the magician faints, send the maid and call me from outside. Can you do that much?

The princess accepted this. Aladdin then went to another room and as the day progressed, the thief came out of the door and sat under a tree. Here the princess started getting her decorations done intelligently. After coming to Africa, he did not even change clothes. He wore a garland of precious pearls around his neck and bracelets made of gemstones in his hands. He put on new clothes in which fine perfume had been applied. He tied a belt around his waist and told the maidservants that I have not seen the magician well yet, if he comes, indicate that he is so that he does not know from my behavior that I have not seen him.

On the arrival of the magician, the maid signaled that the lamp-changer had come to a deceit. The princess got up to welcome him smiling and took him by the hand and made him sit beside her. Although he wanted to sit at a distance for honor because she was a princess anyway. The magician was happy with this but could not understand how this change happened in the behavior of the princess. So he sat silently.

The princess said with a charming smile, “You are wondering how he has changed his face today.” The thing is that till now I used to get engrossed in separation from my father and separation from my husband. Today I thought that my poor husband must have gone to heaven at some point, my father must have got him killed in anger after my disappearance. Now the husband is no more alive and there is no hope or desire to meet the father because he is my husband’s killer. I have thought how long I should live in remembrance of him. That is why I have accepted you instead of my husband. Today I will have dinner with you. But it is not time for the meal, till then let us drink and drink something. I haven’t had a good drink in a long time. Is there good wine in your city?

The magician did not get puffed up on hearing this and said, you will not get liquor in the city worth it, but I have kept old wines in my cellar. I am taking one of them. The princess said, why are you leaving? Why don’t you send a man and ask for it? The magician said, I have to go myself. Neither man will be able to go to the basement nor will he be able to open its lock. The princess said, go well but come early. I don’t feel well without you After the magician left, the princess mixed the medicine in a cup of wine and handed it over to a maidservant.

In no time the magician arrived with the best wine and both of them started drinking. The princess would pick up the delicious gajak with wine with her hand and put it in front of the magician. She said to the magician, if you want, I can also sing you a song, but there are no good players here to accompany me. That’s why we’ll just talk. The magician went mad with joy on hearing such lovely words. The princess filled a drink and drank it in the name of the magician. After this he praised the wine very much and said, it is better than you praised this wine. Then he filled the magician with a cup from his hand. He drank it and said, “This wine is mine, but it has never given me as much pleasure as it is giving at this time.” In the same way, they kept on drinking slowly and talking sweetly.

Then the princess signaled to the maid and she gave the pre-prepared cup to the princess, saving the eyes of the African. He filled another modest cup of wine and gave it to the magician. The princess said, there is also a ritual in our China that when two lovers drink alcohol, then take a cup from each other’s hands. Having said this, he gave his cup, in which poison was mixed in the name of medicine, to the magician and with great pomp and tantrum, took in his hand the modest cup of wine in his hand. The intoxication caused by his gesture on the magician was more than that of alcohol. He said, O Jagat Mohani, your China country is superior in every way to our Africa in civilization and culture, learning, beauty etc. You taught me this very beautiful method. In the future, I will always maintain and spread it among the people here.

The princess put the cup with her mouth just to see, but the intoxicated sorcerer drank the whole cup of poisoned liquor in one go. As soon as he put down the cup, he fell on his back. When the princess saw that he had not lived till Hildul, she gently told her trusted maid that now the thieves should bring Aladdin through the door. When Aladdin came in, he saw that the same evil magician who had earlier put him to death by becoming his uncle and at this time had also killed his wife by blowing her to death, died due to the effects of poison. Is kept. The princess also understood that it was not medicine in the cup, it was poison. He said to Aladdin, You have done very well by killing this wicked with your intelligence. Aladdin said, well now you go to another room, it is not right to stay here with the dead for long.

When the princess along with her maidservants went to another room, Aladdin began to undress the magician so that the lamp could be found. As it was known from the talk of the princess, the magician used to wrap the same lamp in several folds of cloth and tie it to his chest. Aladdin took out the lamp and put the magician’s corpse in his clothes. After this he picked up the lamp and rubbed it lightly. Immediately the genie stood up and politely said what is the command for me. Aladdin said, immediately take this palace and establish it in the capital of China in the same place where it was before. The genie nodded in approval and disappeared. With this, the palace rose in the air and in two moments was established in its old place in front of the palace of China.

The work of the genie was so smooth that no one even knew what happened. The palace shook gently only while getting up and placed. Now the princess came to that room and Aladdin told her that we are now back in China. The princess was very happy, but Aladdin said, celebrate again. At this time we are both in so much anxiety and labor that we need rest. We are hungry too. Now eat food and drink this magician’s liquor and sleep. He did the same.

The emperor of China was very worried about his daughter, and although he knew that Aladdin’s palace had disappeared, he climbed on the roof of his palace every morning to look at her and wept at the memory of the daughter. On that day also he went to the top floor of his palace as usual and when he looked in that direction, he saw Aladdin’s palace standing in its place. He stared tearfully for a while, then when he was convinced, he got down quickly and asked for a horse and started walking there with two or four servants. When Aladdin saw him, he ran out of the palace to respectfully grab his arm and get him off the horse. But the king said, I will talk to you only when I see my daughter. Aladdin said, you go inside. But the emperor stood there.

Aladdin went and told his wife to immediately go out and bring your father in, he is not coming because of my saying. She came running out and took the king inside. The emperor was very pleased and asked where did you live for so long and what had happened to you. Badr Badour told that a magician from Africa, with his magic, had blown up the whole palace including me and the slaves and brought them to his city. He said, I was freed from the captivity of that magician by the might and wisdom of Aladdin. My biggest fear was that you might have got my husband killed in anger. Thank God that you didn’t get him killed.

When the emperor was unable to understand anything, he was told about the magic of the lamp and the capture of that lamp by deceit by the magician. Aladdin also showed the magician’s corpse by opening another room. Now the king believed and started saying in repentance, son, I have done a great injustice to you. It was God’s mercy that your life was saved. My daughter’s grief had blinded me. Now you forgive all my words considering the old man’s stupidity.

Aladdin said, I have no complaint against you about that. Whatever happened happened because of this magician and even if I lost my life, it would have been because of him. If you ever get free time, I will also tell the earlier story in detail about what evil it did to me in my childhood.

The king said, I will definitely hear that story later. First of all, remove the body of this miscreant from the palace. People should not even know about this, otherwise the princess may also be defamed.

Aladdin ordered two trusted men to take the body of the African magician through the door and throw it into the dense forest where it could be devoured by birds and animals. Then the emperor came to his palace and ordered that there should be raga-colors and festivals everywhere in the city to commemorate the safe return of Badar Badaur. The townspeople warmly welcomed the announcement, especially because they were overjoyed at Aladdin’s safe arrival and re-establishment.

Aladdin escaped being killed twice because of the magician, but the third time also troubled him. The African magician had a younger brother who was as skilled in magic as him. He lived in a distant land. Both the brothers used to know about each other’s well-being through Ramal once in a year. Therefore, after a few months, when the younger brother spread Ramal’s map and wanted to know the condition of the elder brother, he came to know that a man from the capital of China had poisoned him and killed him. The man was very poor earlier, but now he is very rich and the son-in-law of the emperor.

Knowing this he cried a lot. Then he thought that he should not keep crying like a coward, it is necessary to take revenge for this murder from his brother’s killer. He took his magic goods and money and sat on a horse and reached the capital of China in a few months. He rented a house the same day and the next morning he went out to visit the city.

While roaming around, he reached a place where the carefree and lowly people of the city gathered and spent the whole day in conversation. He also started listening to them silently. He didn’t get to hear anything meaningful for a long time. They were also eating and drinking and were also gossiping. Within no time they started talking about Fatima Bibi and each one of them started praising Fatima Bibi’s nature and conduct. Hearing this conversation, the magician hoped that this was likely to fulfill what I meant.

He listened for some time but since he was a foreigner, he could not understand the information given by them. He took one person from that group aside and asked him who is this Fatima Bibi and what is special in her. He said, you seem to be a foreigner, otherwise every person in this city not only knows Fatima Bibi but is also a devotee of her. That old lady leads a very pious and virtuous life. All his life he has done nothing except worshiping God. There is such a miraculous power in him that no matter how much pain is in someone’s head, even if he touches it with his hand, then the pain goes away. The magician asked where she lived. The man gave the address of Fatima Bibi’s house to the magician.

The magician reached his house by asking his street, but at that time he did not go inside. Looking from outside, he recognized the house completely. Around midnight he got up from his house and reached Fatima Bibi’s house. He opened the closed door with the tools he had brought with him. Inside I saw that the old lady was sleeping in her courtyard in the moonlight on the cot on an old bed. He took a drawn sword in one hand and woke him up with the other and said, If you make even the slightest sound, I will kill you now. If you want the safety of your life, then do as I tell you.

Fatima Bibi got hooked. The magician said, “I don’t mean anything to you, I just want the clothes you wear outside.” That poor man went inside and gave his clothes hanging on the peg. The magician wore them. Then he started telling Fatima Bibi that whatever marks are on your face, make it on my face and make the color of my face and hands and feet like yours. When she started looking at the magician’s face, the magician said, don’t be afraid. Be patient that I will not kill you. I want to disguise you with a special need and that’s it. The poor lady took him inside. By lighting a lamp, he took out one or two types of paste and oil and made the face and hands and feet of that crook like his own. Then his beard and mustache shaved face also made wrinkles like his face. He also gave her the turban of his head and also his Sumirni and Lakutia. Then he also gave his burqa to him and said, I go out of the house wearing a burqa, if you go out then you must wear it. Now I have done what you told me. Take a look in the mirror, there is no difference between you and mine.

The magician looked at his face in the mirror and found it exactly like Fatima. Although he had promised that he would not kill her, yet he strangled the old woman to death. He was not killed with the sword because the clothes of Fatima Bibi that he was wearing would be splattered with blood and his disguise would not be hidden. Then he picked up the dead body of Fatima Bibi and threw it in a pit built inside the house. He spent the night sleeping on Fatima Bibi’s cot and left the house the next morning. He knew that this day was not for Fatima Bibi to come out, but if anyone would ask him in this regard, he had thought of a good excuse for this too. He got out and headed towards Aladdin’s palace, which he had already seen. On the way people started gathering around him. Some would reverently kiss his ankle, some would ask him for blessings, some would pray to him to remove the headache.

The magician was proficient in deceit. He was murmuring a bit. Like someone reciting a holy mantra. He wanted the crowd to become more and more, so he used to delay even where he could settle quickly. Thus when he reached in front of Aladdin’s palace, a large crowd gathered and started making a big noise. There was also a lot of shuffling because everyone wanted to go to him and take blessings from him and wanted to be an act by touching his clothes.

In those days Aladdin went on a hunt. When Badar Badaur heard that there was a lot of noise outside the palace, he ordered a maidservant to go outside and see what kind of noise was being made. After sometime the maid went and told Badar Badaur that the holy spirit, old lady Fatima Bibi was in the ground outside the palace. Badar Badaur had already heard about Fatima Bibi, now she herself came in front of the palace, so Badar Badaur also called her.[RK1]Deemed it necessary He ordered the chief of the bodyguards to bring Fatima Bibi to the palace. When the Sardar reached there, seeing him the crowd dispersed.

When the magician saw the chief of the bodyguards, he was happy that he would get to go to the palace. The Sardar saluted her and said, Goddess, the princess has a great desire to see you. Please enter the palace with me. The magician said, I will definitely go. Shehzadi is a very good woman. Saying this the magician went to the palace. Badar Badaur welcomed him in Barhadari.

The magician who became Fatima blessed her with many blessings and discoursed on the immateriality of the world and the importance of devotion to God. At the behest of the princess, he bowed his head and sat down as if in a modest posture.

After sometime the princess said, Mother, I want you to stay with me so that I can get enlightenment from you and improve the hereafter. The magician said, daughter, how can this happen? There is always a crowd of slaves and servants in your palace and there is a lot of noise. Here there will be a big obstacle in my bhagavat bhajan. The princess said, if you do not want to live inside the palace, then many houses under the palace are also built separately from the palace, you can choose any of them and live in it.

The magician just got his wish. He knew that by staying inside the palace, he could execute his wicked plan well. He said, daughter, I am a woman who renounced the world. I do not think it appropriate to stay here amidst the splendor of the palace. But seeing like you want to find the path of God with a sincere heart, it becomes my duty to help you. I will live in any outdoor house. Hearing this, the princess stood up and said, first this work should be done. Walk with me and choose yourself one of the vacant houses to live in. The magician went with him and saw many houses and liked one for himself. The princess sent a servant and ordered Fatima’s light household items, and the magician stood in the palace as Fatima.

The princess told him to have dinner with me. The magician was afraid that during the meal, the princess might recognize my disguise. He laughed and said, what do I have to do with your stuff? I eat a few pieces of roti with dry fruits once a day. You send it to me. The princess said, that’s right. I’ll send you the food you deserve. But you come to me after the meal. Saying this the princess went away and she sent bread and nuts to the magician. The magician said to the servant who brought the food, when the princess has finished eating, tell me.

After the princess had eaten, the servant came and told her that the princess has finished the meal and is waiting for you. The magician got up and went to Barhadari where the princess was sitting. The princess got up and welcomed him and then things started happening here and there. The princess said, if you do not want to stay inside the palace, then it is not right, but look at the palace. Saying this she started showing different parts of the palace to the magician. The magician also considered this as his good fortune because in order to carry out his plan he needed to know the complete map of the palace and after the completion of the plan he would have been able to escape from the palace.

After showing the whole palace, the princess again brought it to Barahdari and said, Look at each and every thing here. There will be no other place in the world like this splendid twelvedari. The magician looked around at Barahdari and admired everything. Finally he sat down for a conversation with the princess in Barahdari itself. After a while he said, daughter, this barahdari is unique. But if anyone else wants to spend money, he can get such a boundary wall built. If one thing comes in it, then its beauty also becomes complete and it remains unique forever.

The princess asked what was needed. The magician said, in the middle of this, a huge egg of a bird named Rukh should be hung from the ceiling. The egg of Rukh is the same. Because of something like that, this barahdari will be unique forever. The princess said, how is the rukh bird and where will its egg be found. The magician said, do not drag me into these worldly things. The one who can make this barahdari can also bring an egg of Rukh. Now do some other things. The princess did not ask anything about this, but this thing remained in her mind.

When Aladdin returned from hunting in a couple of days, he saw that the princess was not as happy as ever. He asked the reason for this sadness. At first the princess remained silent on this matter, but Aladdin fell behind. He said, I can’t see your sadness. Tell for God’s sake what is the reason for this. I promise that whatever happens to me, I will definitely do it for your happiness. The princess said, our barahdari is unique in the world at this time. But there is a shortcoming in it, if it is filled then it will be unique in the world forever. If a bird’s egg is hung from the ceiling in the middle of this, then it will never be able to compete.

Aladdin said, Good point. But you go to another room for a while. When the princess left, Aladdin took it out of his clothes and rubbed the magic lamp. Immediately the genie stood up. Aladdin said, bring an egg of a bird named Rukh and hang it from the ceiling in the middle of this barahdari.

But instead of obeying, the jinn roared so loudly that the whole palace shook. Aladdin was also very nervous. The jinn roared and said, “Wicked ungrateful, I and the other jinns of the lamp always obeyed you and gave you everything you did not deserve.” Instead of accepting it as a favor, you fucking are telling us to bring your real master and make decorations for your barahdari? Hearing this, Aladdin started trembling.

The genie said again, on this point, we should have blown this palace and its inhabitants into pieces in the air. But your death is not written yet. That’s why you or your wife have not made this stupid demand out of your own will, but because of someone’s mischief. We leave you but will not come at your command now. Yes, before I leave let me alert you to a great danger. Your wife has made this demand under the guise of a magician. This magician is the younger brother of the magician whom you killed with poison. He has come to avenge his brother’s death as he came to know about his brother’s murder from Ramal. He has gone to Fatima Bibi’s house and killed her and is disguised as her and is living in a house outside your palace.

He has seduced the princess so that I should kill both of you in anger. You be smart with him or else he will not be without his brother’s revenge. Saying this the genie disappeared.

Aladdin knew about Fatima. After thinking for a while, he made his plan. He went to the princess’s room. Before the princess asked him something about Rukh’s egg, he lay down holding his head and started saying hi-hi. On asking the princess, he told that suddenly there is a very severe pain in the head which has made me miserable. The princess said, it is a matter of luck that Bibi Fatima is here, she will take away your pain with a pinch. Saying this he asked a servant to call Bibi Fatima, the master’s head is hurting.

The magician saw that even the genie did not kill Aladdin, so he himself prepared to kill him. Aladdin said, Mother, I am fortunate that you are here, otherwise I would have died of a headache. By your grace, my pain can go away in a moment. Have mercy on my condition and remove my pain through your blessings and mantras. This pain has made me feel bad. Saying this, Aladdin bowed his head and placed it in front of him.

The magician placed one hand on Aladdin’s head and with the other began to remove the dagger hidden in his clothes. Aladdin was smart. He quickly twisted his hand and snatched the dagger and put it in his chest. He died in agony for a minute.

When the princess looked from afar, she started crying and said, my dear, why did you commit this heinous sin? Such a holy spirit killed the old lady! But Aladdin said to him, “Take away the slaves and maidservants and you come to me.” After everyone had left, the princess came near, then Aladdin removed the magician’s mask and said, Look well. I have not killed Fatima Bibi, but the worm of this hell. When the princess saw the dead face, she actually appeared to be a man.

Aladdin said, This evil one was the younger brother of the magician who kidnapped you. It was the magician himself and came here to avenge his brother’s death. He went to poor Fatima’s house and got her to change his form and then came here and tried to get you both killed by seducing you. The real owner of the jinn of the lamp is Rukh’s egg. On my demand, the genie was very upset and started saying that if you had made this demand on your behalf, you would have destroyed you, your wife and your palace now. But you have made this demand by being deceived, that’s why I leave it, but now I will not come on your call. After saying this, he narrated the whole story of that magician to me.

Hearing this, the princess thanked God. What was lacking, which would have been called the genie again. Both of them also got the body of this magician thrown in the forest by the trusted servants. After that both husband and wife started living in peace and happiness. After a few more years, the emperor of China died after a mild illness due to very old age. Apart from Badar Badaur, he had no other children, so after his death, the same queen became the queen and Aladdin got all the state administration in his hands. For a long time, both of them enjoyed the state happiness.

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