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We fled together from the distance that kept us far to come back together. We got up early to get on that cowardly-proof barge, so that in the middle of the sea, beyond where the lighthouses seduce, there would be no escape.

The waves, the ups and downs, the past ups and downs rock us. We are swayed by the certainties, illusions and doubts that have deceived us to this calm sea. Life rocks us, coming out to meet us, like that warm sun on the horizon that rises staining everything it caresses with light.

My nerves rock me, the haste and calm, the wait. I am rocked by the heartbeat that at times betrays me, which at times makes me doubt if I am still alive. Hope rocks me, that contained joy that sees beyond our eyes. And amidst a skein of thoughts, I notice you approaching from my back.

I divert your gaze so that you can’t read in my eyes that ‘already’, even if I haven’t asked you yet. That ‘now’, although we are so used to resisting, that we do not notice that our strength is sometimes lacking. That ‘already’ even if you still do not imagine it, even if you still do not expect it.

And sitting next to me, you pose with your eyes closed while the sun paints your freckles. In the distance the remains of a stone shipwreck begin to be seen and I know that we are already arriving.

To the desert island to which we escaped to play dreaming. To the place where what is ours is born.

Oh I’ll go get a ring. Let the choir bell sing like ooh
So what you wanna do. Lets just run girl »
Today my song is: ‘Marry you’ Bruno Mars

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