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Long has been the road traveled to get here … and what you still have. If you look back and walk in your footsteps, if you start the mental movie of your life and play it at full speed, if you stop at those moments that have been recorded with fire and remember them again …

Then you can still see that child of about three years clearly, crying and running around the room with his mouth full of that itchy toothpaste, because he felt so old that he wanted to imitate everything that others did, including brushing teeth.

And surely Pau, Elisa, Lorena and all the others will appear somewhere, playing ‘Lucky Rabbit’ and you will see that boy running after the girls to give them a kiss, or writing ‘love’ letters on aromatic papers interchangeable.

And soon after, that same child will change houses and will have to go to a new school and make new friends. And he will start playing handball, winning races and learning to swim. And he will make a playback of Ricky Martin’s first hit with his friends Carlos, Carlos and Antonio. You will be punished for throwing water balloons from your bedroom window, and in the meantime you will take your first steps in love.

But since you don’t own your life, another farewell will soon come: a new school and new friends. That child will have grown up, he will be one of the tallest in his class, also one of the fastest. Then he will go to the Farm-school, to water parks and he will spend the afternoons playing in the street with Toni, Marcos, Marcos and Socri. That will be when you fall in love for the first time, and for the second time. And they will begin trips to Germany, Vienna, Italy, always surrounded by great friends …

And as he grows and passes courses, he will approach the end of that stage and the beginning of a new one. The responsibilities will grow and so will the demands of the studies. And he will pass the bachelor and the selective and will enter the university.

There he will find good friends, they will baptize him with the nickname “Cuban” because of his movement of the hips and the rural house will arrive and the beginnings on radio and television. They will continue the trips by Europe and the projects to jump the ‘puddle’, where it will begin to open the doors of its future.

And throughout this adventure the unconditional ones will always be with him: Carlos, Lorena, Mariángeles, Pedro, Ángel, Jose, Fernando, Teresa, Marta, David, Iris, Albán, Dorián, Noelia, Gregory … and the godparents and godmothers, father, mother and siblings, uncles, cousins, grandparents and great-uncles, even a great-grandmother. And all those who at some point passed and left and those who have come to stay …

Perhaps you can no longer say that you are a child, although many times you would like to continue being so. And after the fleeting journey through all the moments that have made you what you are today, open your eyes and look around you at all the people who are with you and who accompany you at this moment in your life.

Now, make a wish and blow hard …

‘Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday mister president, happy birthday to you’

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