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Surely you have ever heard a bad joke, one of those that you think «bfff that sucks» but then something happens, that without knowing why, you start thinking about it and little by little you start laughing, at how absurd and silly it is. It is, it ends up amusing you.

This type of smoke also has its audience among the little ones, they are known for their simplicity, but at the same time, they have something special that is funny and addictive. Once you read one, you want to test yourself with the next one, will it be even worse? Our Kahaniyan site has more jokes for kids.

Bad jokes yes, but with grace

Every kind of humor has its audience. Bad jokes for kids are totally different from the rest of our collection of kid’s jokes, do you know why? because they have a perfect combination of silliness and grace. They are great!??

We have compiled the best ones, we have filtered and tested each and every one of them and we have also modeled them with kid’s images to round off the whole experience. What do you think?

You will not find bad jokes for kids like the ones we have in Mundo Elementary.

We all like bad jokes

Admit it, dumb jokes have their point huh? Although not just any nonsense, a self-respecting bad joke, has to go from less to more and leave an aftertaste, between laughter and “my mother, how bad”.

Therefore, here you will not find anything, we have prepared a collection of good bad jokes, which will make you laugh and you will want to share to surprise.

Guaranteed laughter for adults and kids

We are sure that the jokes that we have chosen, designed and laid out, you will get here and you will not need to go anywhere else. So learn some of them, share them at a festival or meeting, and infect others with your good humor.

So read them all or until you get the one you like the most. We are sure that you will get the best  bad jokes that are the kid’s favorites.

Enjoy it!

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