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Because it’s friday A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

The day begins lazy between the sheets of clouds that have stuck to the sky. A weak sun tries to hide in shame because of the hangover that its rays project after a crazy night with a full moon.

Earth, a daytime lover, jealous and humiliated, closes her eyes to the light and cleans her emaciated face with a purifying rain, which at times borders on hysteria. He cries for his misfortune, he shudders with pain because of the betrayal, because of infidelity, because of deception.

The voices that warned him of the star king’s status as a gallant already resounded in the mountains. They have already told her about their adventures with Venus, with Saturn, with Uranus, but she, blinded by love, deluded herself into thinking that she was the only owner of that heat, the only one fertilized by its luminous and penetrating touch.

But she did not realize that she no longer looked like she used to, like that beautiful, spring-like, harmonious and full of life young woman who managed to make the Sun fall in love and wrest a promise of eternal love from him. Instead, she lost her original beauty, her natural charms, her purity of heart by surrendering her body to excesses, vices and debauchery.

Now she feels empty, lost, forgotten. But a cry of hope, a word of encouragement is blown by the wind to her ears and she feels comforted, consoled and outlines a smile. Raise your gaze, clear the clouds, and look straight at the Sun.

The streets are still wet and you can sense the freshness that still circulates through them, suddenly my head is freed from the sadness that reality spreads behind the window and returns its attention to the office. I feel you in the distance, looking through a glass and I imagine what stories you will create in your mind to understand why on a day like today the weather is so bad.

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