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Chidiya Aur Bandar | Panchatantra Stories in English

Bird and Monkey Panchatantra Story

There was a sparrow’s nest on a tree in a forest. One day it was freezing cold. Shivering from the cold, three or four monkeys took shelter under the same tree. A monkey said, “If the fire gets to heat from somewhere, then the cold can go away.”

Another monkey suggested, “Look how many dry leaves have fallen here. We collect them and pile them up and then think of ways to smolder them.”

The monkeys made a pile of dry leaves and then sat in a circle and started thinking how to light the pile. Then a monkey’s eyes fell on a firefly flying in the distant air and it jumped. Running there he started shouting “Look, sparks are flying in the air. Holding it and placing it under the pile and blowing it, the fire will smolder.”

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“Yes, yes!” Saying this the rest of the monkeys also started running there. The sparrow sitting in its nest on the tree was watching all this. He did not keep quiet. She said, “Monkey brothers, this is not a spark, it is a firefly.”

A monkey roared at the sight of the sparrow angrily. “Foolish bird, keep quiet in the nest. She has gone to teach us.”

Meanwhile, a monkey jumped up and succeeded in capturing the firefly by making a bowl between his palms. The firefly was placed at the bottom of the pile and all the monkeys started blowing into the heap from all sides.

The sparrow advised “Brothers! You guys are making a mistake. Fire will not smolder with firefly. Make a fire by colliding two stones and creating a spark from it.

The monkeys stared at the sparrow. When the fire did not light, the sparrow again said, “Brothers! You follow my advice, try rubbing at least two dry woods together.

All the monkeys were annoyed for not being able to light the fire. A monkey came forward filled with anger and grabbed the sparrow and hit it hard on the trunk of the tree. The sparrow fluttered down and died.

Lesson: 1. Advice should not be given to anyone without asking, especially not to a foolish person at all.

2. There is no use in teaching or advising fools. On the contrary, only the one who teaches has to repent.

Chidiya Aur Bandar | Panchatantra Stories in English

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