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Adaptation of the short story by Charles Perrault

Many years ago, in a distant country, there was a beautiful girl with green eyes and blonde hair. In addition to being beautiful, she was a tender young woman who treated everyone with kindness and always had a smile on her face.

 He lived with his stepmother, a despotic and bossy woman who had two daughters as conceited as they were insufferable. Ugly and ungainly, they despised the sweet little girl because they couldn’t bear that she was more beautiful than them.

They treated her like a servant. While the ladies slept in comfortable four-poster beds, she slept in a humble attic. He also did not eat the same delicacies and had to make do with leftovers. As if that were not enough, she had to do the hardest work in the house: washing the dishes, doing the laundry, scrubbing the floors and cleaning the fireplace. The poor thing was always dirty and covered in ashes, so everyone called her Cinderella.

One day, a letter from the palace arrived at the house. It was said that Alberto, the king’s son, was going to celebrate that night a gala party to which all the marriageable women of the kingdom were invited. The prince was looking for a wife and hoped to meet her at a ball.

Cinderella’s stepsisters went wild with joy! They rushed to their rooms to pick out their pompous dresses and the most outrageous jewelry they had so they could impress him. The two pined for the handsome heir and began to argue heatedly about which of them would be the lucky one.

– It is clear that he will choose me! I am slimmer and smarter. Also… Look how good this dress suits me! – Said the older one, revealing her buck teeth as she tightened her corset straps so hard that she could hardly breathe.

– Do not even dream about it! You are not as nice as me! Also, I know for a fact that the prince likes women with big eyes and penetrating gaze – answered the youngest of the sisters while she painted her eyes, bulging like those of a toad.

Cinderella looked at them half hidden and dreamed of going to that wonderful ball. Like a bloodhound, the stepmother appeared from the shadows and made it clear that it was only for distinguished ladies.

– Don’t you dare show up there, Cinderella! You can’t show up at the palace in those rags. You dedicate yourself to sweeping and mopping, which is what you’re good for.

Poor Cinderella went up to the little room where she slept and wept bitterly. Through the window she watched the three dolled-up women leave to head to the big party, while she was left alone with a broken heart.

– How unhappy I am! Why do they treat me so badly? – He repeated without consolation.

Suddenly the room lit up. Through the tears he saw a middle-aged woman with a good-natured face who began to speak to him in a velvety voice.

– Dear… Why are you crying? You don’t deserve to be sad.

– I am very unhappy! My stepmother has not allowed me to go to the palace ball. I don’t know why they behave so badly with me. But, who are you?

– I am your fairy godmother and I come to help you, my girl. If there’s anyone who has to attend that dance, it’s you. Now trust me. Come with me to the garden.

They left the house and the fairy godmother picked up a pumpkin that had been lying on the grass. He touched it with his wand and it magically transformed into a luxurious carriage with golden wheels, drawn by two slim white horses. Then he flicked his wand at a mouse scurrying between his feet, turning it into a skinny and helpful coachman.

– What do you think, Cinderella?… You already have someone to take you to the ball!

– Oh, how wonderful, godmother! – exclaimed the young woman- But with these rags I can’t present myself in such an elegant place.

Cinderella was about to cry again seeing how torn her slippers were and the rags she had for a dress.

– Oh, don’t worry, honey! I have it all planned.

With another magical touch, she transformed her disastrous clothes into a gorgeous ball gown. Her worn slippers became delicate and beautiful glass slippers. Her hair was gathered in a cute bow adorned with a diamond headband that exposed her long neck. She was radiant! Cinderella was amazed and began to spin around happily.

– Oh, what a beautiful dress! And the necklace, the shoes and the earrings…! Tell me this is not a dream!

– Of course not, my girl. Today will be your big night. Go to the dance and have a great time, but remember that you have to return before the clock chimes twelve, because at that time the spell will be broken and everything will return to the way it was before. And now hurry up, it’s getting late!

– Thank you, thank you very much, fairy godmother! Thanks!

Cinderella promised to be back before midnight and left for the palace. When she entered the room where the guests were, they all parted to let her pass, for they had never seen such a beautiful and refined lady. The prince went to kiss her hand and was immediately captivated. From that moment on, he had no eyes for any other woman.

Her stepmother and her sisters did not recognize her, as they were used to seeing her always in rags and covered in ashes. Cinderella danced and danced with the handsome prince all night. She was so enraptured that she was taken by surprise by the sound of the tower clock striking twelve for the first time.

– I have to go! – He whispered to the prince as he ran towards the carriage that was waiting for him at the door.

– Wait!… I would like to see you again! Albert yelled.

But Cinderella had already walked away when the last bell rang. In his escape, he lost one of the glass slippers and the prince carefully picked it up. Then he returned to the room, ended the dance and spent the whole night sighing with love.

The next day, he woke up determined to find the mysterious girl he had fallen in love with, but he didn’t even know her name. He called a servant and gave him a very clear order:

– I want you to travel the kingdom and look for the woman who lost this shoe yesterday. She will be the future princess, I will marry her!

The man obeyed without question and went from house to house looking for the owner of the delicate glass slipper. Many young women who wanted the prince tried to make their foot fit him, but there was no way. It didn’t work for any of them!

 At last, he showed up at Cinderella’s home. The two sisters came down clucking like chickens and invited him in. They obviously tried their best to put on the shoe, but their huge, fat feet didn’t even come close. As the servant was leaving, Cinderella appeared in the hall.

– May I try it on, sir?

The sisters, seeing her, let out a laugh that seemed more like braying.

– What impudence! – shouted the older stepsister.

– So that? If you didn’t go to the dance! – Said the little girl between giggles.

But the footman was ordered to prove it to all, absolutely all, the women of the kingdom. He knelt in front of Cinderella and with a smile, he saw how the girl’s slender foot slid inside him smoothly and fit like a glove.

The face of the mother and daughters was a poem! They were stunned and with such a goofy expression on their faces that they seemed about to faint. They could not believe that Cinderella was the beautiful woman who had fallen in love with the crown prince.

– Madam – said the servant looking at Cinderella with joy – Prince Albert is waiting for you. Come with me, if you’d be so kind.

Humbly, as always, Cinderella put on a simple wool coat and set out for the palace to join her lover. He was waiting for her on the steps and ran to hug her. Shortly after they celebrated the most beautiful wedding in memory and they were very happy all their lives. Cinderella became a princess much loved and respected by her people.

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