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Cougar gets a lesson a short stories for kids

It is said that many, many years ago, a cougar lived in Mexico, black as coal and strong like no other. Aware that his presence caused fear to the other animals in his environment, he enjoyed scaring them when he saw the opportunity.

If caught off guard, it would suddenly start roaring causing a great start. Another of their favorite hobbies was climbing trees and jumping quietly so close to them that they ran off in terror. The puma had a lot of fun with these practical jokes, but the truth is that the other animals were fed up with his bad taste.

One day, the cougar was running at such speed that it tripped over the house of a small grasshopper and destroyed it. The grasshopper got very angry.

– Do you think what you’ve done is nice? – He said enraged, facing him bravely – I’m sick of you acting arrogant. Look at the consequences of your stupid behaviors!

– How dare you talk to me like that? – The puma roared with such force that it was heard a hundred meters around – An insect as insignificant as you does not have to tell me what I should or should not do, it would be more!

– That’s what you think? – screeched the grasshopper, becoming almost hoarse from the effort to appear threatening – You have kicked my home and you will have to take care of the reconstruction costs.

– Hahaha! Don’t even dream about it, fool! Get out of the way and let me pass. I have more important things to do than stand here wasting my time with you.

The cougar was about to leave without twisting his arm, without even apologizing. The grasshopper was enraged.

– As you are so brave and you think you are stronger and smarter than anyone, I challenge you to fight. Tomorrow at this time, we will face it right here. I will gather my army and you will gather yours. We’ll see who wins!

– It’s fine! You and yours will have what you deserve and you will learn to respect me- shouted the puma, convinced that the smart-ass grasshopper had everything to lose.

Both, each by his side, went in search of his troops. The grasshopper gathered his friends the wasps; the cougar, some of his fellow foxes. When the appointed time arrived, the two sides appeared ready to confront each other in the open field. They looked at each other with contempt and watching every movement.

One of the foxes with more experience in this type of situation, decided that it was time to attack. He looked at the cougar for approval and when it nodded, he encouraged the others to launch themselves against the opponents.

– Attack! Let not one of those insects remain!

The grasshopper reacted and also screamed at its army of wasps.

– Let’s go girls! This is going to be a piece of cake! Attack!

The cougar and foxes were much larger in size and strength, but they lacked the secret weapon of the wasps, which drew their sharp stingers and drove them into the backs of their enemies, time after time.

The cougar and foxes began to thrash and jump in excruciating pain. They were having such a hard time that they shot to the nearest lake and jumped into the water to relieve the stinging. They submerged their bodies except their heads. The dozens of wasps, under orders from the grasshopper, stayed buzzing a short distance above them. If the cougar and the foxes wanted to get out of the water, wham! … They would bite them again! So they had to soak for hours.

As dusk fell, the water temperature dropped and the moisture on his bones became unbearable. They were hungry, thirsty, and could no longer be more exhausted than they were from the effort to stay afloat. Putting his pride aside, the cougar surrendered.

– All right, grasshopper. I admit that I was wrong. You and your army have won the battle – he acknowledged with a tired voice.

The cougar felt very humiliated but had no other option. The grasshopper sighed and applauded his faithful friends the wasps as thanks for their help. Then he looked the cougar in the eye.

– I hope you’ve learned your lesson. Strength is not the most valuable thing you have. Neither is size nor believing oneself better than others. And let it be clear to you: no matter how small some of us are, united we can defeat the most powerful.

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