Reading 5th and 6th Grade

Curiosities of cherries Reading for Grade 5th and Grade 6th

Cherries are the fruits of a tree called cherry. There are many varieties of cherries, but they are all harvested and consumed in summer, when they are ripe

Most have a similar appearance: intense red color, juicy pulp, and a small bone inside. When it comes to flavour, there are big differences: there are very sweet ones like the picota (a variety that is distinguished because it has no tail and is delicious just as it is picked from the tree), and very sour like the icing (a type of wild cherry that is usually candied, that is, cooked in a syrup made with water and sugar).

Sweet cherries that are pleasant to the palate are usually eaten fresh, but they are also used to prepare jams, compotes, creams to fill cakes, juices, gazpachos…

It is known that, thousands of years ago, in Prehistory, the human being already ate cherries. The oldest variety comes from Turkey, especially from the city of Cesaronte. When in the 1st century B.C. C. the Romans conquered that area, tried them for the first time and decided to take cherry seeds to Rome. This is how its cultivation spread to many places in Europe that were part of the empire.

Currently, Spain is one of the largest producers of cherries. So are other countries such as Russia, Italy, Greece or the United States.

Cherries are a very healthy food because they have a lot of beneficial properties for our body. Among many others, they help the proper functioning of the heart and intestine, improve memory, keep muscles in good condition, increase skin elasticity, and have substances that allow you to sleep better at night.

Now you know! If you have trouble falling asleep, eat a handful of cherries at dinner and you’ll sleep like a log.

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