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Drops of madness A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

Your words had been slipping for a long time, through the thin film of indifference that had woven my face, like the spittle that the rain threw against the glass of the cafeteria where, enjoying the heat and the soft aroma of the freshly made espresso, we forced ourselves to exchange empty words of intention and relevance, as if wanting to show us that we still had something to talk about.

Your banal monologue about how phony people at your school are found no response from me other than a mechanical nod of the head each time you paused to test my attention and interest. My eyes, however, no longer even bothered to search for yours and entertained themselves in observing the races of drops sliding like vertical rivers in the window, mentally betting on a winner.

Then you asked me if something was wrong with me and I replied that I am quiet and that I prefer not to say anything if my words are not going to improve the silence. You answered that I was sometimes too weird and without giving it more importance you continued with your string of gossiping.

I noticed how my patience and also my desire to be there was exhausted like an hourglass destined to mark the end of the world. I began to wonder what it could be that one day I fell in love with you and where, in the immensity of your predictable personality, you would have hidden it.

Through the smoke that still rose thick over your cup of chocolate, I could see how, on the other side of the glass to which your back was turned, a girl with long brown hair and in a striped dress, took off her black shoes high-heeled and began to run barefoot over the puddles before the astonished gaze of passers-by and my own. She rolled over a couple of times and finally stopped, letting the rain highlight her beauty.

Surely the mixture of fascination and disbelief that reflected my face at that moment was the trigger for what happened next.

I only know that I felt that lately my life had lost all its emotion, stuck in a relationship that I did not know how to get out of, I also know that you started to raise the tone of your voice as I got up, picked up my jacket and left the cafeteria , but at that moment I couldn’t hear you anymore.

I crossed the border of water that separated my world from that of that girl and, infected with the madness that the drops of water injected, I approached her and taking her by the waist, I kissed her.

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