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We call fruit all the edible fruits of trees and plants, whether wild or cultivated by man. This means that the human being obtains it directly from nature.

There are many varieties of fruit and each one of them has a color, a size and a peculiar flavor that make it different from the others. The fruit is usually eaten fresh, but it is also used to prepare many delicious recipes: juices, jams, cakes…

Surely your parents encourage you to eat more fruit and less sweets, right? Well, it has a reasonable explanation: fruit is essential for a good diet because it has many beneficial properties for health.

Do you want to know some of them? There they go!:

– Provides vitamins and minerals, essential for the body and brain to function properly.

– Helps prevent diseases and keeps us young, agile and strong for longer.

– Contains a large amount of water, important to cleanse the body.

– It is rich in fiber, a substance that we must consume to avoid constipation and obesity.

Bananas, oranges, strawberries, peaches, pears, mangoes, papayas, pineapples… There are so many options that it is almost impossible not to like one! Don’t forget that doctors recommend eating at least five pieces of fruit and vegetables a day. If you do, your body and your health will thank you.

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