Reading 5th and 6th Grade

Edgar Reading for Grade 5th and Grade 6th

I had to run from the kitchen to the wireless that I had forgotten in the TV room. I picked up on the fourth ring and heard Edgar’s voice.

– I wake? It’s late. I figured maybe you were sleeping.

I was glad it was Edgar, we’d been friends since kindergarten and I hadn’t been able to reach him for a few days. Communications with that area of ​​Brazil were complicated.

– No. I was awake. I usually cook at this time, it helps me fall asleep.

– You have always been a great cook. Even if you dedicate yourself to defending people who get into trouble. All right by the court?

– The truth is that if. They give me more and more responsibilities. And you?

– At the hospital. My hands are still shaking. I’ve escaped to the baths to call you.

– And what, do you know anything?

– Yes, that’s why I called you. I just became a father and you are finally the uncle of a beautiful and healthy girl.

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