Fables for kids

Fables in English for kids a best stories for kids to read

Short stories with a moral, such as fables, are an excellent alternative for kids to learn values ​​and life lessons that will accompany them for a long time. At Mundo Primaria, we present you the best fables in English to share as a family.

The English language is very easy to learn and practice if it is through reading. kids learn quickly, more than we usually believe. Their minds are like sponges that quickly absorb everything you teach them, that is why reading fables in English can increase their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Fables in English for kids

The best moral lessons are contained in fables in English and these have become universal works that we can access from anywhere in the world. Fables in English convey all kinds of teachings to us that it is good to take into account and, above all, share them with our little ones.

Childhood is the best time to learn something new and reading with your kids makes them familiar with the language from an early age. Undoubtedly, practicing a language other than the native one increases opportunities in the world of work and brings them closer to the possibility of accessing important knowledge in the original language. You may be surprised how easy it is to enter the world of the teachings of fables in English.

The best way to deepen values ​​such as kindness, friendship, respect or honesty while practicing English vocabulary is through fables. There are renowned writers and fabulists whose fables have been translated into various languages. The Aesop’s Fables are the most recognized worldwide and in English-speaking countries they have been of great importance and widely recited over the years.

Examples of fables in English

What better way to learn a language than with fables! You already know the benefits of reading and sharing fables as a family. This is the selection of fables in English that you need to share with the little ones in your house, and for the kids to practice the language.

The Fox and the grapes

Fable in English for children The fox and the grapes

  • Summary: the fable of The Fox and the Grapes has been covered by different authors. It tells the story of a fox who had walked a lot and was very hungry. The fox could not find what to eat, until suddenly he came across some very appetizing grapes from a vineyard. He tries again and again to reach them and, failing to do so, he leaves there saying that they were not worth it because they were still green.
  • Moral : It is common that by not getting what we want, we despise it. If you want to achieve something, even if it is difficult, you have to persevere in your attempts until you achieve it.

The lion and the mouse

Fable in English for children The lion and the mouse

  • Summary: This fable, known as the lion and the mouse, has an important moral. A mouse unexpectedly fell into the claws of a lion who wanted it for a snack. The very cunning mouse managed to convince the lion to give him freedom instead of eating dinner and the beast accepted. Then, the lion fell into a hunter’s trap for which he could only escape with the help of his little rodent that bit the ropes until he was released.
  • Moral : Acts of kindness are rewarded with other acts of kindness. Never belittle someone because they seem weaker, you never know if that person will be able to help you tomorrow.

The milkmaid

Fable in English for children The milkmaid

  • Summary: the milkmaid is a fable that has been translated into different languages ​​for its important teaching. A young milkmaid was preparing to go to town to sell her freshly milked cow’s milk and she only thought about the fortune she would make when she sold it, while walking along the trails, she imagined all kinds of rewards and accidentally stumbled spilling the product that was going to sell.
  • Moral: ambition for an uncertain future can cause us to lose sight of the present, which is really what we have.

The ant and the grasshoper

Fable in English for children The ant and the grasshoper

  • Summary: the well-known fable of the ant and the grasshopper teaches us great lessons. In summer time the cicada rested peacefully in the sun while the ant worked to gather all the food it could find in its anthill. Days passed and once winter arrived, the ant ended up collecting enough to spend the entire season with a great feast, while the cicada barely had what to survive on.
  • Moral : Effort pays off, while loafing can bring us short-lived fun, but in the long run, we will lack what it takes.

The fox and the crow

Fable in English for children The fox and the crow

  • Summary: this story with a moral has been covered by several authors. The Fox and the Crow is the story of a lucky crow who had found a delicious piece of cheese and was perched on a branch with his fortune in its beak. On the ground, a hungry fox began to prowl and fill the crow with praise to speak and drop the cheese it wanted so that it fell directly into its claws.
  • Moral : do not trust someone who flatters you too much without deserving it. They usually seek to make their own profit out of your vanity.

The wolf in lamb’s skin

Fable in English for Children The wolf In lamb's skin

  • Summary: the wolf in sheep’s clothing is a story that reminds us of important life lessons. A wolf wanted to profit and put a sheepskin on top to blend in with the pack. Once it went unnoticed, the wolf tried to get away with hunting some sheep. However, it was discovered by the shepherd and the result was not good for the wolf.
  • Moral : in life we ​​should not get carried away by appearances since they are often deceptive.

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