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Fita is proud to have been born a giraffe. She has just turned twelve months old and is already much taller than her best friend, a cute hare named Big Ears. Fita loves to think that soon, when she reaches adulthood, her lanky body will allow her to smell the clouds and see wonderful things that other animals will never see.

The little giraffe Fita loves to eat fresh grass, but from time to time she raises her neck and nibbles on the juicy fruits that are hidden in the treetops. Being the tallest animal on the planet has many advantages! If you don’t find any, don’t worry. A good banquet is given based on tender acacia leaves and business settled!

Like the rest of the giraffes, Fita is calm and sociable. Every day when she goes for a walk on the plain, the gazelles surround her to admire her beautiful fur. Far from getting angry, Fita appreciates the curiosity that her brown velvet coat with dark spots arouses, and she gives them the best of her smiles.

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