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It is ten o’clock at night, we are barefoot, feeling the cold of the tiles running through our floors and transmitting it to the rest of the body. We move to the back room of the house and stop in front of the closet. The arms spread it and they took from inside a pair of jeans, underwear, a T-shirt and a white polo shirt. When the rest of the body is already dressed, our turn comes: the legs lift us up so that the arms cover us with black socks, which give us back that warmth that keeps us agile and dynamic. We wonder what footwear they will put on us today: slippers, shoes, boat shoes… they are finally slippers, thank goodness !, because they are more comfortable and it seems that the night will be long.

We go down the stairs and reach the street, we have to go fast because the head has told us that we are late, so we willingly obey. We crossed a street full of people cooking paellas; the nose and stomach want us to stop for a little while, but the head is sharp and orders to continue the march.

These days, the city is full of people, thousands of similar people pass us, some running at high speed, others more slowly taking a walk around huge figures painted in a thousand colors. These sculptures are especially popular with the eyes, which raise the eyebrows and separate the eyelashes; and his mouth, which opens to form a perfect “o”, as a sign of his admiration. We who are down there can hardly ever see them because they cover the legs of others.

There are so many people that we can barely move and we have to fight each other for the limited clearance of a narrow dirty and sticky sidewalk. The stomping happens (there are some who do not have patience) and we are running out, so we decided to go to another less crowded place.

We advance along the wide avenues that have been closed to traffic, which has not prevented the traffic jams, who are all heading together, guided by their eyes, towards a bridge from which they say, you can see fire wearing a thousand shades and shapes a dark and sad sky because days ago it lost its moon and its stars.

This show is especially nice to the hands that clash hard when it ends, as a token of their admiration. We would like to do that too, but we have little balance and we could hurt the other members.

The night progresses and we have not stopped going from here to there, stepping on a floor full of crystals, papers, crushed glasses and, above all, a very sticky liquid that is found wherever we go and that makes it more difficult to move.

Among the crowd, two boots that are familiar to us approach, the eyes also recognize that look and those lips that invite ours to give each other a passionate hug. The whole body becomes tense, especially the pounding heart, as a sign of his admiration. They say that this contact produces a pleasant electricity that runs through the whole body, but since we are so far from the lips, we hardly feel anything.

After a while we continued our march, now the boots are accompanying us, and we arrive at another place where the crowd is concentrated. We see other shoes, sneakers, and the occasional flip-flop, move at high speed and with great precision. We do not understand anything until the ear transmits a vibration that prompts us to agitate. That vibration is music and we love it, because it is the only sensation that makes us move, without our head or heart ordering it. So for hours we coordinate with the rest of the members doing a choreography that they call dance and that we share with the boots, as a sign of our admiration …

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