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Fruit Jokes for Kids | Joke That Make Your Kids Laugh

Telling fruit jokes to kids sounds strange… how funny can a fruit be?

But it’s easier than it seems, you just have to stop looking at the food to discover the character… are you following us?

Think of a pear, a strawberry and a banana… If they were people… What would they be like?

Try to associate certain archetypes of behavior and personality… It is an interesting game that will help you when telling jokes with fruits as characters to kids.

The banana seems to be a serious and uptight guy, but with a good heart… While the strawberry is somewhat more sharp and acidic… The pear is affectionate and kind, could it be? Our Kahaniyan site has more jokes for kids.

Educate with a sense of humor

This exercise may seem silly… But don’t think it’s useless. A sense of humor is a symptom of intelligence and being able to explain different aspects of the world with a joke is a great vehicle for working on emotional intelligence.

For example, making a joke about the acidity of the lemon, the juiciness of a mango, the refreshingness of a watermelon, or the hardness of a coconut, will always serve to be able to talk about the qualities of these foods, how they are grown or from their place of origin.

Kids’s humor that older people also like

Many of these jokes are merely kid’s, they are intended for a kid audience and therefore they have been taken care of down to the smallest detail.

You can rest assured, you will not find anything negative in these fun fruits, everything is suitable for kids. But we do not forget the parents and teachers who are going to use this material.

Some of the fruit jokes present hilarious situations for the little ones, but they are also funny for adults. You can take a look at other sections we have dedicated to humor:

learn the fruits

We must therefore take into account the focus of the jokes we narrate. It’s not enough to type “jokes” and start releasing the first thing we find, these must be adapted and reviewed for a kids audience, and this task of collecting, reviewing and adapting is what we have done in Primary World to bring you these fun fruits that They will make the smallest of the house laugh.

Fruit and vegetable jokes: nutritional education

If we tell you that with vegetable and fruit jokes you are teaching kids to eat better… You will think, how exaggerated!

But, in the end, a joke about a strawberry, a potato or a bunch of grapes can be the perfect tool for us to introduce these foods into the kid’s daily life.

Maybe if you tell him a joke that makes him laugh out loud, about a broccoli… You can spin the joke when you put a broccoli on his plate. It is a good way to play and educate nutritionally.

Besides, what’s funnier than a broccoli?

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