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Story of Ghanim and Fitna – Alif Laila

Duniyazad asked Malika Shehrzad to narrate a new story and when Emperor Shahrajad also gave his tacit approval, Shehrzad started a new story. He said that in ancient times there lived a merchant named Job in the city of Damascus. He had only two children, a son and a daughter. The son’s name was Ganim and the daughter’s name was Alkint. The daughter was very beautiful and virtuous and anyone who saw her would be enchanted. After some time Job fell ill and could not recover from that illness. Ganim was still very young. After performing the last rites of his father, he started handling business goods and property.

He went to his father’s warehouse and saw that there were many knots on which Baghdad was written in big letters. He could not understand anything and asked his mother why Baghdad was written on the bundles and knots. Mother replied, son, your father’s work was very well organized. They used to write the name of the place on the knot of the thing they wanted to sell, so that while traveling on business, there was no need to open everything and there was no possibility of wastage of time or mess. They wanted to sell the knots on which Baghdad is written. But before going on this business trip, he went on a great journey. The visit to Baghdad could not take place, and the goods sold in Baghdad remained stuck here. Saying this she started crying in memory of her husband. Ganim did not think it appropriate to say anything after seeing the condition of his mother at that time.

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But this thing was sitting in his mind and one day after getting a suitable opportunity he told his mother, I will complete the work left by my father. They could not take this goods to Baghdad, I will take it there and sell it. His mother was very sad to hear this and said, son, you are still young. You are not worthy of such a long journey. Right now I have not been able to recover from your father’s anger, then you also want to give me the sorrow of your separation. You take the idea of ​​travel out of your heart. Sell ​​these things to the merchants of Damascus right here at a low profit. You will face big troubles in this long journey. I accept that to live on a small income, I do not accept that you should have any kind of misery.

But Ganim’s persuasion did not have any effect on his mother. He stuck to his point and started saying that how long I will be entering the house, I should also have experience of going out and doing business. He was not wrong. The goods were plentiful and a good profit was expected from its sale. Mother kept stopping him and taking the money, he went to the market in Damascus. There he bought some slaves and a hundred camels to take care of his goods. In those days a convoy of five or six merchants was going to Baghdad. Ganim loaded his goods on camels and with this convoy proceeded towards the city of Baghdad. The journey was long. Everyone on the way got tired. After several days, the city of Baghdad was visible from afar. Seeing him, everyone forgot their tiredness.

On the second day the convoy entered the huge city of Baghdad. They all got down in a big tavern. Ganim unloaded his goods in that inn but himself did not want to live in that crowd. He rented a nice house which also had a beautiful garden. He was very tired in the journey so he took rest by staying in the house for a few days. When the fatigue of the road was gone, he put on new clothes and went to the place where they used to meet to talk about business. He also took samples of his goods with him by having them loaded on the heads of two slaves. The merchants knew his father well, and they warmly welcomed him. They also liked the samples of clothes that he had brought and bought all his goods. Ganim made an unexpected profit. He also sold all his other goods on the same day, saving only one knot.

The next day, after leaving his house, he went out for a walk in the market, when he was surprised to see that all the shops were closed. He asked the people around why the market is closed today. He was told that the chief merchant, who was the richest of the merchants here, had died this morning. Ganim thought it appropriate to attend his funeral. When he asked full details, people told him that Namaz would be offered in such a mosque and then the funeral would be taken away from the city to the big graveyard. Ganim sent his slaves back to the inn and walked to the mosque. After going there, he joined the prayers with the people and then went to the cemetery with his connoisseur.

The cemetery was far from the city. Going there, he saw that the grave had already been carved for the merchant and that the best stone stones and grave materials, royal laborers etc. were all present to fix the grave, and many camps were erected around the tomb. . After reaching there, the merchants started going to those tents and reciting the Quran. Then when the dead body was removed and the grave was covered, all the merchants gathered around and started reading Fatiha and kept reading for a long time. Even the night began to fall. He wondered why it was taking so long. On asking him, people told that when a big man dies and there are many people with his wife, then on that night everyone stays in the cemetery, everyone has food and drink here and everyone else on the next day. return to their respective homes. He also came to know that it is necessary to attend the funeral banquet held at night.

So Ganim had to stop to attend the dinner, but after eating and drinking a little, he walked quietly towards the city. He thought that seeing the house empty, thieves should not enter and rob my money or lest my slaves do dishonesty and get away with my money. He had come without informing anyone, so he could not ask anyone the right way. He was exhausted from the day, troubled by the idea of ​​theft and was not well acquainted with the roads. As a result, he got lost badly in the darkness and could not find any way to reach home. After much wandering when he reached the main gate of the city, it was midnight and the door was closed. Despite his persuasion, the gatekeepers did not open the gate. He started to regret that leaving the company of merchants in vain, he came towards the city.

Now he started looking for some place outside the city to spend the night. After some time he saw a small cemetery near the city. He went there to spend the night lying on a grave. He went inside it and saw grass growing at one place and then lay down there. He wanted to sleep but due to the horror of the place he could not sleep. He got up in panic and started walking near the wall of the cemetery.

Suddenly he saw a point of light coming towards him. Fearing the haunting, he climbed a dense tree and hid among its branches and sat down. He saw that there were three men coming in dressed as the servants of the palace. The man in front was coming with the torch and behind him were two men carrying a tall chest. At one place, one of the men carrying the trunk said, “Brothers, I am feeling very afraid, I do not even live to stay here. If you believe me, leave this box alone and run away. Those who came forward, who seemed to be the head of the servants, rebuked him, what the hell is he doing? Didn’t the mistress explicitly command that the ark be buried in the grave? If she finds out that the chest has not been buried, she will have us skinned.

Then all three picked up a shovel and started digging a pit to bury the chest. They quickly dug such a deep pit in which the box could easily fit. Taking the chest down in the pit, they poured soil on it and then went back. Ganim thought that there might be riches in the chest, which a woman had buried in the cemetery to keep it safe. After the men left, he got down from the tree and removed the soil and looked at the box. The soil was lying at that time, so there was no problem in removing it, but the box was heavy, could not remove it. He saw that the box was also locked. He picked up two stones and broke the lock with their help. When he lifted the lid of the box, he saw that instead of money and money, a beautiful young woman was lying in it. He was surprised.

At first he understood that she was sleeping because she was breathing. But then she thought that if she was sleeping, she would wake up to the sound of the lock breaking, she must be unconscious. He saw that his jewelery was studded with precious diamonds. He understood that this would be the woman in the Caliph’s palace. Her beauty cast a spell on him and he could not even leave her and run away. He picked up the beauty from the box and laid it on the grass outside. Yes, before that he went and closed the door of the cemetery which the servants had left open.

When the woman felt a cold wind, her hands and feet began to move, and after a while she opened her eyes a little and with a low voice she began to say, Ari Johra, Bostan, Shahsafra, Amrakala, Kasa Bose, Noorunnihar, all of you. Where did everyone die? It was clear that she was giving voice to her maidservants and those slaves were going to be engaged in her service day and night. Ganim was glad that he saved such a beautiful beauty from dying alive in the grave. When the woman saw that no one came to her voice, she opened her eyes and cried out in panic, what is the matter? How are there so many graves here? Has the doom come and I have risen from my grave? But there is day in doom, how did doom come in the night?

Now Ganim went in front of him and said, be leisurely. Doom hasn’t come yet. I am a foreigner God had to save your life, so he dug the grave and sent me here to take you out. Now tell me, what should I do for you? The woman said, first tell me how I reached here and who brought me here.

Ganim narrated the whole incident. The woman sat up and covered her head and said, It is true that God had sent you here to save my life. Otherwise there was no doubt in my death. Now you do this that before dawn, lock me in the same box and go to the city of Severe and bring a mule on rent and carry this box with me on his back and take it to your home. Then I’ll tell you the whole story. I could even walk with you on foot, but the people of the city would recognize me in these clothes and then both you and I would be in trouble.

Ganim took out the box, cleaned its soil, etc. and kept it in the pit. The beauty was lying in it. Ganim closed the cover of the box in such a way that the air kept coming and going in it. In the morning Ganim went to the city and asked a muleman for his mule on rent. When asked by the mule, he said, “Yesterday I was going out after carrying my bag on a mule, but the mule man found some other good payer and threw my box in the graveyard and left. Now I want to bring it to my house. The mule man came with him to the graveyard and put the box on the mule and brought it to Ganim’s house.

After coming home, Ganim asked one of his slaves to close the door. Then took out the girl from the box and asked her how she was feeling. He replied that I am fine. Then Ganim left the house with a slave and went to the market and bought the best food and drinkable liquor of the emperors with his own hands.

Apart from this, bought good fruits, sweets etc. After coming home, after decorating all the food items in plates, he took it to that beauty. But she said that I will not eat alone, you also sit together and eat. Ganim was compelled to sit beside him.

Before eating, the beauty took off the mask from her face and kept it aside. When Ganim’s eyes fell on him, he was shocked. The inner side of it was embroidered with silk thread, I am the beloved of the Khalifa Harun Rashid and she is mine. Ganim was very frightened to see what trouble he had brought to my house. She humbly asked, Sundari, now you tell me about yourself, who are you and how did you reach the graveyard.

My name is Fitna. I am the lover of Khalifa Haroon Rashid. I had come to the Caliph’s palace as a maid since my childhood. I got a good education there and within a few days I became proficient in all the arts and disciplines. When the Khalifa saw my emerging form and qualities, he fell in love with me. He got a big house built for me and appointed twenty maidservants to serve me. He gave me so much money that I started living with the luxury of princesses. The caliph’s wife is Queen Zubeida. She began to burn at the sight of the increased love of the Caliph for me. He intended to get me killed somehow. I used to be smart, so Malika Zubeida could not do any trick. On the other side, the Caliph wanted to go out for a long time to deal with any enemy. Zubeida took advantage of his absence. He broke one of my maidservants with a heavy reward. That unscrupulous maid gave me sedation in sherbet last night Gave. When I fainted, he locked me in this coffin. The queen’s servants came and took me away and buried the grave as soon as she was alive. But God had approved that to keep me alive now, so he has already taken you to that graveyard. You saved me but stuffed your death. If a miracle happens, you will be saved.

Ganim got more nervous on hearing this and started asking for what crime I would be killed. Fitna said, if Zubeida knows that you have saved me, she will get you and me both killed. If he does not know, then the Caliph will go to my grave when he comes back from the war and without finding my coffin there, he will search for me in the whole city but in the country and longitude. When he knows that you have kept me in your house, then he will get you killed. Ganim said, it means that I cannot escape in any way. Fitna said, there is no need to be so disappointed. Unless the people of the house make a difference, how can anyone know the condition of someone else. Ganim said, there is no one to discriminate here. First of all, my servants do not even know anyone to reveal your secret to him. Then everyone knows that rich unmarried men keep concubines with them, these people will understand you too.

Despite being so leisurely, Ganim would make sure that his own servants did not come before Fitna as far as possible. After the above conversation a slave knocked on the door and Ganim himself came out. Das had brought food items from the market as per his orders. Ganim took everything from his hand and placed it in front of Fitna. Told him, you eat here and drink, I will come now. Saying this he went to the market and brought two maids and the best of the best ornaments for Fitna. Fitna was very happy to find them and said, Wow my master, you take care of me so much. Ganim said, don’t speak like that to me. I don’t deserve that much respect. I am like your servant.

Fitna said, what do you say? If I tell you something more than the owner, then it will be appropriate. You have saved me from a terrible death. No matter how much I do, my whole life cannot do you any favors. How is it possible in my condition that I consider you as my slave? Ganim smiled hearing this.

Both Ganim and Fitna fell in love with each other, yet both knew that the restrictions of dignity would not allow them to have a physical relationship. The reason was that Fitna was the property of the Caliph and the king’s property could not be used by any subjects. In the evening, Ganim lit lamps inside the house and spread clean sheets on the ground and brought fine wine and fruits on it. The general custom of the Baghdadians was to eat solid foods like bread, meat, etc. during the day and eat only fruits and drink alcohol at night. When both of them drank two or three containers of liquor, they started getting intoxicated and they started singing in fun. First, Ganim sang a well composed song. Then Fitna also sang well-composed songs in the same way. For a long time they sang like this one after the other.

When many nights had passed, Ganim put Fitna to sleep in one room and went to sleep himself in another place. Now this was the routine of both of them. They used to enjoy being with each other throughout the day and slept separately at night. That is how his days began to pass. Ganim made such arrangements and understood that both of them were safe. Both of them were immersed in each other’s love and could not even think from their inexperience that they should leave Baghdad in disguise.

By the way, no one in Baghdad knew where the Caliph’s beloved Fitna had gone. Still, Queen Zubeida was worried as to how she would be able to escape the suspicions of the Caliph himself if the search for Fitna was somehow started. After much deliberation, he called an old maidservant. This maid had fed Zubeida in her childhood. She said to the maid, Amma, you know that when I am in trouble, I take help from you. You listen to my suffering and think about it with a cold mind. I have never seen a smart woman like you and you have a solution to overcome every crisis. Right now I have a worry that has made me sleepless. The old lady asked, daughter, what is the matter? Zubeida told him the whole story, I have got Fitna given anesthesia and buried alive in a small cemetery by some men, Now how can I cover up this matter? He is buried in the deserted cemetery so that no one can know about him, but the Caliph loves him very much and after returning from the war, he will definitely find him and if the secret is revealed then it will be difficult for me to save my reputation.

The old lady was a big snorer. She said, daughter, don’t you worry at all. What’s the big deal? I will tell such a trick that no one will have the slightest doubt in this matter. The Caliph will not doubt you. Zubeida said, Amma, what can be such a solution.

The old lady said, I will tell. Get a big wooden effigy made by you artisan, its height should be like that of women. I will wrap old clothes on it. Then order a coffin and place the same effigy in it and immediately get it buried in the royal cemetery. Not only this, a luxurious tomb should also be built over the tomb and a big picture of Fitna should be hung in that tomb. Lighting many lamps on the grave every day. Sometimes you and your maids go to the tomb wearing black clothes and go there to mourn for Fitna. Fitna’s own maids would wear black clothes daily and go to her tomb wearing black clothes to mourn for Fitna. You specially go to mourn the day the Caliph is about to come. Seeing this, the Caliph will definitely ask you why you are wearing black clothes. You say that your beloved and my dearest friend Fitna has passed away, I have worn these clothes in his mourning. The Caliph would be very sad to hear this, but he would sit in tears.

Zubeida said, if the Caliph wants to have the last glimpse of Fitna by digging her tomb, then the secret will be revealed and I will be a liar. The old woman said, “It cannot happen.” According to our Islam religion, no grave can be opened. Then no matter how dear Fitna was to the caliph, she was his maidservant. Which king makes so much trouble for the maidservant that even he violates the religious rules? Now get your effigy made quickly, rather you also don’t make this mess. I myself know a good and reliable craftsman. He will do this work immediately.

The old lady said again, you have to do one thing carefully. You should call the same maid who, at your behest, gave Fitna the sedative medicine in sherbet. Ordering him to make it known to Fitna’s servants and other royal servants that he had found Fitna dead in his bed one morning. It is also necessary that on the day you complete your preparation and order him, on the same day he spreads the news of Fitna’s death and does not allow anyone to enter Fitna’s room. You should immediately call the Chief Manager of the palace, Habshi Masroor, order a state mourning and send the effigy with the coffin to the room of Fitna to get it out ceremonially. There should be no room for doubt.

Queen Zubeida hugged the old lady and rewarded her with a diamond ring from her chest and said, Amma, you have done me a great favor. Now my life is at peace. Now you immediately go to the artisan and get the mannequin made of him as soon as possible. I manage here. The very next day the old lady got an effigy of the right size made from the artisan. Here Fitna’s maid made a noise about the death of Fitna and Zubeida ordered Masroor to get the coffin in which the wooden effigy was kept. He himself started mourning wearing black clothes. On the second day, hundreds of laborers were put up and a big tomb was erected on the grave and a picture of Fitna was installed in it. She herself, along with the maidservants, went to the tomb of Fitna wearing black clothes to mourn. As a result of such an event, all the residents of the city came to know that Fitna was dead.

When Ganim got this news in the city, he came and said to Fitna, Sundari, the news of your death has spread throughout the city. Fitna said, I am grateful to God that he saved my life at your hands. By the grace of God, all those who are conspiring against me at this time will be ashamed. If God wishes, then one day both of us will be fulfilled. The caliph will reward you for the selfless good you have done to me and no wonder he should give it to me in your reward. Ganim said, enlightened people have said that the servant should not even wish to take the property of the owner.

The Caliph took a long time on the battlefield. When he came back to Baghdad after three months after defeating the enemy, he thought of going to Fitna at the first leisure.

But as soon as he came to his palace, Zubeida and the maids were seen wearing mourning, so he asked what was the reason for this. Shedding tears of deceit, Zubeida reported the death of Fitna. When the Caliph started to faint on hearing this, the minister Jafar took care of him. When the caliph’s health improved a bit, he asked where Fitna was buried. Zubeida said that I have made a good grave for him in the royal cemetery and built a magnificent mausoleum on it, in which the picture of Fitna is also kept, if you ask, I will show everything by walking with you. The caliph said, you rest, I myself will come to see that tomb.

When the Caliph took Masroor, he saw that a beautiful tomb and tomb were present and many lamps were burning there. He was surprised to see that despite being jealous, Zubeida had organized such an event for the funeral of Fitna. He thought it was possible that Zubeida had fired Fitna and pretended to be her death to hide this fact. He also took down the picture on the tomb and saw that it was very bad, it seemed to have been made in a hurry by some clumsy painter. Now he thought that he should dig the tomb and see whether Fitna is really dead or alive. When he consulted the religious leaders, he said that you cannot do this work because digging graves in Islam is against religion.

At this the Caliph abandoned the idea of ​​digging Fitna’s tomb and ceremonially started mourning for him. He appointed several Qur’an readers to continuously recite the Qur’an at Fitna’s tomb. He himself put on black clothes and started living a life of mourning and sadness. Once daily for a month, Jafar and other members would go to Fitna’s grave and read Fatiha and sit and shed tears in her memory. During this whole period he did not even see the administration and kept on weeping and lamenting all the time.

After forty days the mourning ended. The Caliph himself took off his black clothes and asked others to take off his mourning clothes. All this time he had never slept well so was very tired. He went to his bedroom and went to sleep on the bed. Despite being tired and awake, he could not sleep deeply.

Two maidservants were present in the bedroom so that the caliph would get up and follow what he ordered. One was sitting by his head, his name was Noorunnihar. The other was sitting on the side of Pantane, her name was Nikhat. Both were embroidering to pass the time. Knowing the Khalifa to be asleep, the first said, I have received an auspicious dialogue, which will make the Khalifa happy. Fitna is not dead. Nikhat said in a loud voice in astonishment, is it fitna zinda hai? The caliph was woken up by his loud voice and scolded and said, mischievous, why did you wake me up by making noise?

The maid replied tremblingly, sorry for my offense, I disturbed your rest, but this other maid had said such a thing that made my voice louder. It is said that your beloved Fitna is not dead, she is alive. When the Caliph asked Nurunnihar, he folded his hands and said, Sarkar, I have received a letter written by Fitna this evening only. I wanted to show you that letter as soon as I came to your bedroom because Fitna has written everything in it. But you were very tired, so I thought I would tell you the whole situation when you woke up.

The Khalifa said, You are a big idiot. Hiding such an important letter. Take it out now and give that letter to me. And yes, where did you get that letter? Noorunnihar said, I had gone outside the palace for a work. Then a man left with this letter in my hand. If I had asked her anything, what would have happened, she could not even see her face properly. Saying this he gave the letter. The Caliph saw that the letter was in the handwriting of Fitna Hi. In it he had written the details of his life being buried and then saved by Ganim and also wrote that Ganim serves me in great harmony.

After reading the letter to the Caliph, he was neither pleased to see Fitna alive nor angry at Zubeida’s actions. He got angry when Ganim had kept his beloved in the house. He was convinced that Ghanim must have had sex with Fitna and would not have cared for the prestige of the Caliph. She gritted her teeth at Fitna, pelting tulips with the young man, and did not even notice how I myself was tormented for forty days in his separation.

In the night, he did not say anything to anyone, but the next day after going to the court, he called Prime Minister Jafar and said, today I test your promptness. You take four thousand soldiers and go to a certain locality. There lives Ganim, a young merchant from Damascus. His father’s name is Job. He has left my beloved Fitna. You go and catch Ganim and tie his hands and feet and bring him. And keep in mind that no matter how much does not get out of hand, grab it and bring it but do not tie it. Along with this, dig the house in which Ganim lives and get it equal to the land. I want to give harsh punishment to both of them.

Minister Jafar, having received this order, called four thousand soldiers and soon after surrounded the grand building of Ganim from all sides. He had also taken hundreds of Beldars with him so that he could get the house dug up and equal to the land. He also instructed the soldiers to be very smart so that Ganim does not run away from anywhere. Ganim would have been caught but Fitna was familiar with the mannerisms of the Raj employees. Seeing the minister coming with the army from afar, he understood that the caliph has come to know about the situation here and he has sent an army to get both of them caught.

At the same time Gneem and Fitna had retired from the meal. Fitna feared more for Ganim than herself because she fell in love with him. He also thought that the Caliph was in love with me, so he would give me only a minor punishment. But this innocent will surely get killed. Ganim trembled with fear on hearing the news of the arrival of soldiers for his arrest, and he could not even speak and get up. Fitna angrily took him by the hand and said, Foolish, there is no time to delay. You immediately put on clothes like slaves, rub coal dust in your mouth and hands and feet, so that you look like a negro. After this, take the crate of kitchen utensils and go out. They will let you go as a slave. Apart from this, your life will not be saved in any other way. If they ask where your boss is, say it is inside the house.

Ganim said, “At this time I am more concerned about your safety than my life. Fitna said, don’t worry about me. I will get all my sins forgiven before the Caliph. But on seeing you, he will get you killed and will not listen to anyone. I will also save the household items and it is also possible that later I will explain and get you forgiveness from the Caliph. Don’t be late now As I have said, run away with the same remedy. Ganim was still hesitant but Fitna forcibly made him wear the clothes of slaves. Ganim, rubbing ash and coal dust on his hands and feet and mouth, came out with an empty kitchen utensil in a crate. The soldiers understood that this slave of the house was going to spoil the utensils. That’s why they didn’t stop him. He leisurely left in front of the minister Jafar and Jafar did not suspect anything. The officers of the big spies who were with Jafar also fell under the guise of Ganim’s disguise and Ganim’s life was saved by the trick told by Fitna.

Here the minister opened the door of the house and entered the house with the officers. He saw that in the inner rooms of the house there were many valuables, some trade items and chests full of money. All that goods belonged to Ganim. Fitna trembled at the sight of the minister as if she was being sentenced to death. Then she fell in front of the minister’s feet and said, If the Caliph has given any order about me, please tell me, I will obey it immediately. The minister bowed politely and said, Sundari, I have been sent by the Caliph with the order that I should bring you to him and it has also been said that the owner of this house, named Ganim, should be caught and brought before him. He has also ordered that this house should be dug up and made equal to the land.

Fitna said, I am present. Bring me before the Caliph. As for Ghanim, he is out on business for more than a month, perhaps to Damascus. While leaving, he handed over his money and valuables to me that I should look after them. You can also take this material and furnishings to the Caliph’s cellar and then do whatever you want with the house.

This is what Minister Jaffer did. He first searched the house but Ganim was nowhere to be found. Then he put all the property of Ganim in the palace by getting them laid on the heads of the workers. Taking Fitna, he himself went to the Caliph and ordered the Kotwal to dig the house intelligently so that if Ganim is hiding somewhere, he does not get buried in the rubble but tries to escape. At that time you capture him and take him to the court of the Caliph because the Caliph is putting great emphasis on his arrest.

The minister and other officers went here to the palace, while the Kotwal searched every part of the house but did not find Ganim anywhere. When the Caliph saw the Wazir coming, he asked from afar, obeyed my orders? Jafar said, except one, all the orders have been obeyed. Now I will come and tell you the whole situation. In the meantime, the Kotwal also came but Ganim was nowhere to be found. The minister went to the Caliph and presented Fitna and his two maids and said, I searched every corner of the house but Ganim was nowhere. People told that he had gone to Damascus from business work that happened for more than a month. After this, I got the Beldar installed and got his house demolished in front of me and made it equal to the land.

The Caliph was further enraged at the loss of Ganim’s hand. When he saw Fitna trembling with fear standing in front of him, he did not speak to her even out of anger because he thought that it had been in the enjoyment of Ganim. He asked Masroor, the negligent manager of the palace, to put it in a prison for the maidservants. This prison was adjacent to the Caliph’s own residence halls.

Then the Caliph, in the same anger, called the letter writer and got the following letter written to the prince of Damascus:

The prince of Damascus should know from the Caliph Harun Rashid that Ganim, the son of the dead merchant Job of Damascus, had kidnapped a maid of the royal palace. This time he is on the run. You find him everywhere. Catch him wherever he is found, put him in handcuffs and walk in the streets and order the soldiers to whip him at every crossroads and declare that this is the punishment for anyone who betrays the emperor or caliph and drives away his maidservant. Then send him to me under guard so that I may do him justice. Get his house dug up and get a plow done on that land.

If he is not found, then in Damascus his mother, sister, brother or any other family member should also be punished like this for three days. If any other resident of Damascus is found helping Ganim in any way, directly or indirectly, he should be punished likewise for insulting the city and digging a house. Consider this order necessary and follow it immediately and completely.

The Caliph got this letter closed and put his seal on the envelope. Then commanded a messenger, take it to the prince of Damascus and give it. Take a trained pigeon with you as well. Take the receipt of this letter from the governor of Damascus Zubayni, tie it in a pigeon’s feather and fly it here so that I can get it within a few hours the same day. When the messenger gave the letter of the Caliph to Zubayni, he first placed it on his head according to the ritual and opened and read it after kissing three times. Then gave his receipt to the messenger.

After this Zubaini reached Ganim’s house with the Kotwal and the soldiers. Ghanim had not sent a letter to his mother since he left Damascus and went to Baghdad. The merchants who had accompanied him also told that Ganim had started living separately from them. Due to his absence for a long time, the mother thought that he was dead. She cried as if her son had died in front of her. He erected his tomb symbolically in his house and placed his picture on it, and every day, sitting on the grave for some time, mourned as if in fact Ganim’s body was inside the tomb. His daughter Alkint also used to mourn her brother along with her mother. His neighbors also often joined in the mourning. Good neighbors used to share in the mourning in the same way.

When Zubaini went to the door and gave a voice, a maid came out from inside. Zubayni himself asked him where Ganim was. The maid recognized the Damascus prince and stuttered in panic and said, Sarkar, Ganim has passed away a long time ago. His mother and sister mourn him every day by sitting at his grave. Even at this time, she is sitting there mourning. Zubaini did not believe the maid’s words and himself entered the house along with the Kotwal and said to the soldiers, search every corner of the house and if Ganim is hiding somewhere, take him out.

Ganim’s mother and sister covered their faces on seeing the outside men. Then Ganim’s mother put her head on the ground near Zubayni’s feet and asked how she was suffering. She said, Goddess, we have come in search of your son Ganim. is he here or not?

She said, he has died for a long time and now we mothers and daughters only mourn on his grave. Saying this she wept bitterly remembering her son and could not say anything further. Zubaini started thinking in his mind that the culprit is Ganim, what is the crime of his mother and sister. This is a great injustice to Haru Rashid who is punishing him. But the order of the Caliph was clear and Zubayni had to obey it.

After sometime the men whom Zubayni had sent to search for Ganim in the city came back and told Zubayni that Ghanim was nowhere to be found. The mourning of Ganim’s mother and sister leads Zubayni to believe that Ganim is dead. Zubayni was finding it difficult to punish these innocent women, but he was compelled by the orders of the Caliph. He told Ganim’s mother, Mother, take your daughter and leave the house. Those poor people came out of the house and sat in the street. Zubaini took off his long sheet, with a view that he would not be incorruptible. Then he ordered the residents of the city to enter the house and rob everything. On hearing this, hundreds of people entered the house and they destroyed the house within a few minutes. jewelry, clothing, kitchenware, wood, All the junk was looted and taken away. Ganim’s mother and sister watched the looting with sadness and amazement. Then Zubayni ordered the Kotwal to get the house demolished and get it equal to the land. The Kotwal got hundreds of laborers engaged and after a few minutes there was no trace of the house. Seeing this, both the women started crying by beating their heads.

But they had to see more serious troubles. That day Zubayni took them to his palace and said, I know that you are not at fault, but the Caliph has ordered me to punish you and I have to obey that order. The next day he brought them out of the palace into the field and ordered them to take off their clothes and the priests should flog their bare bodies. When their outer garments were taken off, Zubeini felt pity on seeing their soft pink bodies. He threw them two heavy blankets woven from horse hair so that they would get hurt less. He also covered their heads and scattered their hair around the body. Alkint’s hair was very soft and so long that it reached till the ankles. In such a humiliating condition, he was taken to the city. He was accompanied by a Kotwal who was accompanying the soldiers. A Munadi-man used to say in front of them that this is the condition of the relatives of those who have committed crimes against the Caliph. Where did these two mother and daughters see such humiliation? The poor people were weeping bitterly but there was no one to take pity on them. They put their hair on their faces so that the public could not see them.

The residents of the city in general were also saddened by their plight. Women climbed onto their roofs or from their windows would watch this scene and say hi. The children used to get scared on hearing the crying and beating of their mothers and sisters. Especially people were very sad on this condition of Alkint because she was young and very beautiful. Throughout the day they were driven around the city with the same humiliation and were flogged. In the evening he was again brought to Zubayni’s palace. At that point both of them fainted from the pain of exhaustion, injuries and humiliation.

The wife of the governor of Damascus, Zubayni, felt pity for his condition. Zubayni had ordered according to the order of the Caliph that no one should help Ganim’s mother and sister. But Zubayni’s wife secretly sent her maids to help him. These maidservants sprinkled rose water on the faces of the unconscious women and made them drink syrup when they opened their eyes. After that they both got up and sat down.

The maidservants waved the fan to them and told that the wife of Zubayni was very sad to see this condition of you people and she has sent us here to help you people as much as possible, although according to the orders of the Caliph, the one who helps you will also be punished. Will be part of Ganim’s mother continued to express her gratitude to Zubayni’s wife for a long time and kept praying to her. Then he asked that Hakim Zubayni punished us so much but did not tell what crime my son had committed against the Caliph for which we have got this punishment. The maidservants said, We have heard that your son Ganim has run away with a beautiful lover of the Caliph. That is why the Caliph has ordered you to give this punishment. Now you already know that the orders of the Caliph cannot be violated. That is why our master Zubaini has been compelled to give you this punishment. By the way, our master is very sad to punish you for your innocence. And our mistress and we are also very sorry for you, but apart from this little help, we cannot help you any more.

Ganim’s mother said, I can never believe that my son must have committed the crime that has been blamed on him. I have worked very hard on his education and training of conduct since childhood. In particular, we have given him a complete education on how to deal with the emperors and the Amir-Umrah. The work of ruffians like kidnapping cannot be done by him. Yet we are very happy to hear that he is on the run because it means that he is alive. We had already thought him dead. If he lives, we have no regrets for our plight and humiliation. We can suffer the worst for him. We have no complaint about what Hakim Zubeini did.

Alkint was also well conscious. She hugged her mother after hearing her words and said, Amma, you are absolutely right. If my brother is alive, I am ready to suffer even more after him. After this both the mother and daughter started crying bitterly. The maids of Zubayni’s palace were also saddened and they also started crying. Then these maidservants asked them to have food. He had no desire, but after hearing a lot of maidservants, he put a small amount of food in his stomach.

The order of the Caliph was that those people should be punished for public disrespect for three days. Therefore Zubeini ordered them to roam the city with humiliation in the same way on the second day. But now the residents of the city were very tired of this useless thing. They stopped their business and went out of the city. Their women also closed the doors and windows of the houses. Thus the purpose of public humiliation was not served. At the behest of Zubeini, they even had to show the beating of the soldiers.

On the next day also this ritual of punishment was completed, that day also there was silence in the city. The next day, Zubayni ordered and made a declaration that no city dweller should give shelter to these two women or else they would be liable to the punishment prescribed by the Caliph. Also ordered that both of them should be thrown out of the city limits so that they can go wherever they want. At first, both of them went to the residents of the city to get some help, but everyone was afraid that by the orders of the Caliph, Zubaini would punish them, so whoever went to them would either rebuke them or run away themselves.

Seeing this behavior at two or four places, Ganim’s mother said to the daughter, no one will give us shelter in this city, everyone has lost his life. What is the refuge here, no one will even give us alms so that we can fill our stomachs. Now there is no other way but to go to any other country. Here Zubayni sent a message to the Caliph by pigeon that your order was followed. The Caliph sent this order from the same pigeon that three floors (the distance of the one-day journey) should be made in the villages up to and here and there that no man should help these people so that there is no possibility of these people coming back to their city again. Don’t stay

Zubaini got this Munadi done according to the orders of the Caliph, but also told both of them that according to the new order, you will not be able to get any shelter up to three floors. At the same time, half of the Ashrafi was also secretly given to both of them so that they could make arrangements for food for four-six days. Both of them came out of the city wearing a blanket given by Zubaini and putting a begging bag made of old clothes around their neck. During the night, she used to lie down in a mosque, and if the mosque was not there, she would have stayed in the corners of a dilapidated inn. After going a long distance, she reached a village. There the women of the farmers gathered around him and started asking who he was. He told that we have been tortured according to the orders of the Caliph. When the women asked why the Caliph gave you this punishment, they told the whole situation.

The women of the farmers felt great pity on their condition. They took off their blankets, gave them their clothes to wear and fed them. But what she would do in the village, she also had to find Ganim. So after taking rest for one day, she left from there on the next day and after a few days reached Halab Nagar. Traveled there for a couple of days and tried to find Ganim. Then left from there and after several days reached the city of Mosil. There too, after asking for several days, Ganim was not found, so both of them went towards Baghdad that maybe he was hiding somewhere in the same city. Although it was impossible for these beggar-turned-women to find any hidden criminal, yet hope is strong. And the same hope was leading them from door to door. Poor people would ask everyone about Ganim, and everywhere the answer was that we didn’t know anything.

On the other hand, listen to what happened on Fitna. That poor man would mourn day and night in the cramped cell of his prison. Adjacent to the same cell was the courtyard of the Caliph’s residence. He often took a walk in that courtyard in the evenings and at the same time pondered over his administrative problems. One evening he was walking there when he heard a very sad sound. He stood up listening to her. He listened carefully and recognized the voice of his beloved Fitna. He started listening with his ears. Fitna was crying and saying, Unfortunate Ganim, where are you? You served me so much and did my good and the reward was that I was completely ruined financially. I do not know whether you are alive now or have died because of the fear of the Caliph.

After some time his voice came again, O Khalifa Haroon Rashid, you have done such atrocities on the innocent Ganim as no king would have done on anyone. Don’t you fear God? In the doom, when all the people will be before God and when they will be questioned about their good and bad deeds, at that time what will you justify your great injustice? After saying this, Fitna wept loudly. The Caliph was very worried on hearing this. He thought that if Fitna is telling the truth and Ganim is innocent then in reality injustice has been done to him and even more so to his sister. For the Caliph who is the representative of God, such injustice is not justified in any way.

He went to his room and there called Masroor, the chief officer of the palace and ordered him to bring Fitna out of the prison and bring her to me. Masroor was in love with Fitna. He was very pleased to get this order and went to Fitna and said, Sundari, come on, you have been called by the Caliph. I am sure that now you will be released from prison. Fitna immediately agreed and Masroor presented her to the Caliph. The Caliph asked on seeing him, how did you say that in the doom, I will not be able to show my face to God. Which innocent person have I harmed? You know that I am famous for justice and do not do injustice to anyone nor allow anyone else to do injustice.

Fitna understood that the Caliph had heard the lamentation she was just now. She bowed her head to the ground and said, “Master, if anything inappropriate has come out of my mouth, I am sorry.” I must say that the businessman of Damascus, Ganim Ranch, is not even a criminal. He saved my life and kept me in the comfort of his home. At first he was attracted to me after seeing me, but when he came to know that I was in your service, his attitude changed completely. He clearly told me that the property of the ruler was discarded to the subjects. After that he has been loving me deeply, always making his bed in another room. On hearing this, the Caliph raised Fitna from the ground and said that you tell your full condition, what are the experiences you have experienced in my absence.

Fitna narrated his story after the end. The Caliph said to Fitna, the way you speak, it seems that you are not lying. But I do not understand that when I have come for so many days, why did you keep quiet till now and then even sent your condition in writing. What is the reason for this delay? Fitna said, Government, the reason for this is that after more than a month, Ganim went out after handing over all his belongings and furnishings to me. Meanwhile, I did not speak to any person who would inform about your arrival. After a long time my maid came to know about your news, so immediately I sent the letter.

Khalifa said, now I really feel that I have done a grave injustice to Ghanim and his mother and sister. I want to do some favor to him to remove this injustice. What do you think I should do to work in this condition. Fitna in his heart thanked God that the caliph’s anger had dissipated and he wanted to show mercy. He bowed his head and said, you should get it done that Ganim’s crime was forgiven. If he hears this promise, he will come back. The Khalifa said, ‘Okay, I will get such an announcement made. I will give him twice the loss he has suffered. And when he comes, I will also marry you with him. The Caliph got this announcement done but it did not bear any fruit. Neither Ganim came nor did anyone else report him. On this, Fitna told the Caliph that if you give permission, then I myself should go out in search of Ganim. The Caliph gave permission.

The next morning, Fitna came out with a bunch of Ashrafis. Going to the big mosque, he donated to the saints and mystics and received blessings from them for the fulfillment of his desire. Then she went to the jewelers’ market and met a broker. This broker was a very pious person and used to give full help to foreigners and sick people. That is why many rich people used to send money to him for the purpose of earning merit and the poor and the sad one used to come to him.

Fitna gave him a bag of ashrafis and said that this money should also be used for the poor. When the broker saw his royal robes, he understood that it was the wife or beloved of the Caliph. He bowed his head and said, Sundari, I am not out of your command, but it would be better if you do this virtuous work with your own hands. It would be great if you would take the trouble of going to my house. Two women have come to me who are in a very poor condition.

She has come to this city only yesterday and there is no identity of her here. I have kept her in my house because she was in a very miserable condition. Their clothes were dirty and torn. Their complexion had darkened because of walking in the sun, and their bodies were greatly weakened by hunger and thirst, and they were left with a skeleton of bones. I handed them over to my wife to take good care of them. My wife bathed him with warm water and made him take a comfortable bed and asked him to rest and gave him proper clothes to wear. He was in such a bad condition that I did not think it right to ask him about his condition. Now if you think it is appropriate then come to my house and inquire about their condition.

When the broker told the address of his house, Fitna immediately ran his royal pony towards it. The broker also started running with him. Fitna said, don’t run like this. I don’t want to behave like this with a gentleman like you. You put one of your slaves with me and come slowly after yourself. The broker accompanied his slave and went to the house of Fitna Dalal and got off the ride. Das went inside and informed that a lady of Badshahi Mahal had come to meet him. Hearing this, the broker’s wife got up quickly to go to the door of the house and welcome the princess. Fitna did not give this opportunity. She herself followed the slave and came to the funeral. The broker’s wife bent down to kiss his feet. Fitna did not allow this either. Raising his head, she said, “Mahabhage, I have come to see the two foreign women who have come to your house yesterday.” The broker’s wife took him and came to the cots of the visitors.

Fitna went to them and said, Ladies, I have come to inquire about your well being and to serve you. Those women were Ganim’s mother and sister. Mother blessed Fitna, may God give you full fruit of this good work. Such a calamity has fallen on us that even God would not inflict it on the enemy. Saying this she started crying. Seeing her weeping, tears welled up in the eyes of Fitna and Dalal’s wife. Then Fitna said, Mother, please tell me your story, I will help you as much as I can.

Ganim’s mother said, Daughter, the Caliph’s beloved Fitna has become the cause of our misfortune. Even after hearing this, Fitna remained silent and began to listen carefully to the adult as if she did not know Fitna. Ganim’s mother said, I am the wife of the late Job, the famous Damascus merchant. My son Ganim had come to Baghdad for business. There he was accused of exterminating Fitna and the Caliph ordered his execution. But when he was not found, the Caliph ordered the Damascus prince that Ganim’s mother and sister should be flogged in the city for three days, and the household goods should be plundered and the house should be demolished and made equal to the land. The prince did the same and for three days we drove the mother and daughter out of Damascus by beating them. Even after all this, both of us will have no problem with our fate if my dear son gets to see us. We will happily and forever forgive the injustice done to us and our son because of the Caliph’s beloved and we will have full sympathy and complete love for him if we find our beloved Ganim.

Fitna said, Mother, I am the unfortunate Fitna who became the cause of your misfortune. But because of my misfortune, the prestige of your people has been destroyed, if God wants it, it will be doubled and you will get manifold money in return for whatever you have lost. The Caliph has believed my words and has made a statement that Ganim’s crime was forgiven and Ganim should appear in the Caliph’s court. Mother, be patient now. The Caliph is no longer angry with you guys. He wants to meet Ganim. He wants that the injustice done to him on Ganim should be fully avenged by giving him a lot of reward. He has also told me that if Ghanim comes, I will marry you with him. From today onwards you consider me as your daughter.

Ganim’s mother was shocked to hear this and then started shedding tears of happiness. She got up and hugged Fitna and started crying. Fitna also clinged to him and started crying. Then went to Alkint with Ganim’s mother and hugged her and made love. Then patiently said to both of them, whatever wealth Ganim had here, there is no loss. It is safe and you will get the full amount although I know money will not satisfy you because you want to get Ganim. If God wishes, he will also come to you. Nothing is difficult for God. How difficult is it for Ganim to meet you when he has shown you such compassion.

While these people were talking, the broker came and said, sometime back I saw that a camel man has brought a weak patient tied with a rope in a kajava to the big dispensary here. Me and the camel brought him down from the camel along with the kazawe. We asked a lot about his condition but he did not give any answer except crying. When I saw him utterly powerless, I brought him here and lowered him to the house next to me. I have dressed her in clean clothes and ordered her diet food from the market. After eating food, he might get the strength to speak. Then after asking their condition, I will bring a Hakeem so that he can be treated properly.

When Fitna heard this, she said, Sir, take me also to that sick person because I also want to see that patient. The broker took Fitna there. Ganim’s mother said, “The poor and unhappy come to this pious broker from far and wide. Daughter, this patient may not be your brother. When Fitna reached the house, she saw a young patient lying on the bed, his body full of bones, his face turning pale and terrible, and tears pouring down from his eyes. Still, when the feelings of the heart inadvertently hit her, she rushed to him and when she looked closely, she recognized that it was Ganim. She started crying and said, Hi Ganim, this is your condition. Ganim opened his eyes and looked at her carefully and said, Oh beauty, you are here. And saying this he fainted.

Now the broker has moved on. He said to Fitna, you get out of here now. Lest lest seeing you die of euphoria. When Fitna was gone, the broker alerted Ganim by sprinkling rose water and made him drink a powerful sherbet. When he came to his senses, looking around, he said, Sukumari, where are you? Did you really come in front of me or did I see you in a dream? The broker said, it was not a dream, it was a reality. Now I know that you are lucky. The Caliph has made a statement that your crime has been forgiven. You be patient Your soulmate will tell you everything. I will try my best for you.

Then the broker went for medicine etc. Here Fitna went to Ganim’s mother and sister and told both of them that the visitor was the patient Ganim. Ganim’s mother could not contain her happiness on hearing that and fainted. The broker had also come there for some work before taking the medicine. With the efforts of Fitna and Dalal, she came to her senses and started saying that immediately take me to my son. The broker stopped him and said, it will not be good. is very weak. Seeing your condition, he will feel sad and his condition will get worse. So don’t go near him now. Mother accepted this.

Fitna said, Mother, don’t worry. Me and you will walk to Ganim together. I bid farewell at this time. Going to the palace, I also have to inform the Khalifa about the meeting of Ganim. Saying this she went towards the palace of the Caliph. Going to the palace, he sent a message to the Caliph that I want to give you an important message in solitude immediately. The Khalifa got up from the court and came in. Fitna kissed his feet and said, Sarkar, Ganim and his mother and sister have all been found. The Caliph was surprised and delighted to hear this. He said, brother, you have done wonders. How did those people find out? Fitna told the situation of meeting the broker and going to his house first to meet Ganim’s mother and sister and then Ganim himself and told that although both the women are getting blessed at this time due to difficulties but they are very beautiful. The Caliph decided in his mind that I would see him and compensate for all his humiliation.

He said to Fitna, I will definitely marry you with Ganim. Now you go bring them all here. The next morning, Fitna impatiently reached the broker’s house and inquired about Ganim’s condition. The broker said, listening to the clemency, his condition got better and now he has no trouble except your separation. Yes, he longs to see you and his mother and sister, whom I have mentioned, as soon as possible.

Hearing this, Fitna first went to Ganim alone, left her mother and sister outside the room and said that I should call then come in. There was also a broker with Fitna. He said, friend, this is that beautiful beauty, seeing whom you became unconscious yesterday and later saying that maybe I have dreamed. Now get on well with it. Ganim looked at Fitna and said, “My dear friend, first tell me how did you leave the palace to meet me.” I understand that the Caliph does not let a single moment pass from him. How did he let you come? Fitna said that I have come here with the full permission of the Caliph and he has also promised me that he will get me married with you.

Ganim was very happy to hear this and said, do you really say that the Caliph will get you married with me? Is such a pleasant thing possible? It is not surprising at all, said Fitna. The order given by the Caliph to get you killed was on the basis of false suspicion. When you did not reach his hand, he ordered the Damascus prince to dig your house in Damascus and get it equal to the land, your property should be looted and your mother and sister were flogged on the streets for three days and got them out of Damascus. Go. Later, when he came to know from me that you had not established a relationship with me out of respect for him, he was ashamed of his hasty injustice and is now thinking that he should retaliate his injustice as much as possible.

Ganim asked in detail about his mother and sister. When Fitna told, he started crying. Fitna said, forget what happened. No need to cry now, your mother and sister are here. Ganim says why not bring them inside? When Fitna called, both of them ran inside and hugged Ganim and wept for a long time. The broker endeared them all. Then Ganim told his full condition. He said, Running away from Baghdad in fear of the Caliph, I went and hid in a village. There I became ill. I lay helpless in the Masjid. A farmer took pity on me and picked me up and took me to his house. He got me medicine and alcohol as far as he could. But when my disease kept on progressing, he hired a camel and asked him to take this patient to the big cemetery in Baghdad where the great rulers would treat him. The camel tied me up with ropes because I did not have the strength to sit and I would have fallen from the camel. After this, Fitna described her condition in detail, how the Caliph mourned her imaginary tomb, how she sent letters to the palace, how she was imprisoned and then again how she came under the eyes of the Caliph. Ganim’s mother and sister also told about their condition. Then Fitna said, now we all should thank the merciful God for putting trouble on all of us and getting us out of him.

In a couple of days, Ghanim’s disease went away completely and Fitna thought that he should be presented before the Caliph, but Ghanim did not have suitable clothes for this.

Fitna then went to the palace and brought money and gave thousand Ashrafis to the broker and asked him to make clothes suitable for Ganim and his mother and sister to be worn in the court. The broker had great knowledge of these things. He bought fine silk bags and within three days got the smart tailors to prepare several pairs of clothes for the three.

Then Fitna fixed the meeting of these people with the Caliph one day. That day Ganim and his mother and sister dressed up in new clothes and waited to be invited to the court at Dalal’s house. According to the orders of the Caliph, Minister Jafar came with many soldiers and chieftains and after asking about Ganim’s well-being, told him that I have come to take you and your mother and sister to the Caliph’s palace. So Ganim rode on a fine horse and Fitna made his mother and sister sit on camels in veiled kajavas and brought the two women to the palace by a secret passage. The minister brought Ganim with him through the markets and took him to the court. The court was held in full glory.

All the chieftains and ambassadors were present. Ganim bowed down to the Caliph by kissing the ground and recited a hymn in praise of the Caliph which was praised by all.

The Caliph said, Ghanim, we are very happy to see you. We want you to tell us in detail how you saved the life of our dear maidservant.

Ganim narrated the whole story in detail. The Caliph was pleased to hear him and ordered that Ghanim should be given a heavy khilaat (honour, robes). Ganim saluted again wearing a Khilat and said, Master, I want to remain engaged in your feet service for life. The Caliph accepted this and made him his courtier and placed him in a high position. After this he finished the court and came to the palace.

Coming to the palace, he called the minister and said that bring Ganim here. He also called Fitna and told her to bring Ganim’s mother and sister here. Both the women greeted the Caliph by kissing. The Caliph said, I have caused a lot of trouble to both of you, but now I will make up for it completely. Zubaida, being jealous of Fitna, acted bastardly with him. His punishment is that his jealousy will increase further. I will marry Ganim’s sister. And I will give her the position of queen, so that she will not be under Zubeida. Ganim’s mother, you are not old yet, you marry our minister Jafar. Ganim, you love Fitna and I will marry her off to you. Saying this, the Caliph called the Qazi and the witnesses and got the three marriages done there. Ganim understood this very much that Alkint should become the maid of the Caliph. But the Caliph gave her the status of queen. Ganim did not flinch at this. The Caliph also ordered that all this account should be written down and kept in the royal library and copies of it should be sent to all the big countries.

While Malika Shehrzad finished the story of Ghanim and Fitna, Duniyazad praised it a lot. Shehrzad said that the next story is even better. Shahryar said, I also want to hear the next story, but now the day has come. Telling the next story tomorrow.

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