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Irani Badshah Badar Aur Shammdal Ki Shahjadi-Alif Laila | Hindi Kahani

The Iranian emperor Badr and Shamandal’s princess – Alif Laila

Shehrzad said that Emperor Salamat, Iran is a very big country. In the olden days there used to be very powerful and majestic kings and he was called Shahenshah i.e. the emperor of the emperors. There was an emperor of the same period, Badr. He had immense wealth and military power. He had a hundred wives and thousands of slaves, but he was very sad that he had no sons. Traders from far and wide would bring beautiful maids for him. He used to enjoy them out of desire to have a son. He also asked the Siddhas and Tantriks of his country to help in this regard, donate money to thousands of poor people so that they can get a son with the blessings of someone. But none of the measures was successful and there was no end to the king’s worry.

One day one of his servants came and told that a merchant from a distant country had come with a beautiful maidservant to sell. The emperor ordered that the merchants should bring the maidservant. The next day the merchant appeared with that maidservant. The king asked her from which country you brought the maidservant. He said, I have brought the Bandi of a far away country. If you see her face, you will forget to ask where she is from. The king said why not show him. The merchant said, I wanted your permission first. Now I have handed it over to a trusted slave, if you ask, I will bring it now. The king said that bring it immediately.

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When the merchant brought it and showed it, the king saw that the maid was really spreading a strange shade. There was a proud, crippled Keshi, a curvy-bodied maid whose face was spreading rays of beauty even from inside the mask. The emperor took both the merchant and the maidservant to his palace. There he picked up the maid’s mask and was almost stunned by the image of her form. When he became fully aware after a while, he asked the merchant how much this maidservant was worth. The merchant said, Sir, I had bought it for a thousand ashrafis. Took it three years ago. During this period, the same amount of money was spent on its food, clothes etc. But I just brought it to present to you if you like it.

The emperor was pleased with the merciful words of the merchant. He said, we do not take anything from anyone just like that. And whatever we like, we also give double or four times the price. We love this maid. We will give you ten thousand asharfis as its value. The merchant bowed his head several times to the emperor and left the royal palace with ten talents of a thousand asharfis. Here the emperor called many maids and ordered them to take it to the hammam and wash it and put on good clothes.

The fine attendants took the new maidservant to the hammam, bathed her thoroughly with hot water and put on gems of zari work. The attendants, who were appointed by the emperor to be the new maidservants, were astonished at her gleaming appearance. Bringing it in front of the emperor, he said, if it is given complete rest for two-four days and given nutritious food, then its appearance will be enhanced because now the tiredness of long journeys will have increased on it. If you see it after three days, you may not even recognize it. The emperor accepted this and said that it should be sent to Rangmahal only after three days.

The emperor’s capital was on the beach and the backyard of the royal palace was directly opposite the beach. The new maid would often sit on the balcony of her room and stare at the spectacle of the ocean waves hitting the shore. After three days, on the fourth day, she was looking at the sea in the same way, when the attendants told the emperor that now the new maid has come in her full image. The emperor was so restless to meet him that instead of sending him, he himself went to him. At first, at the sound of her arrival, the new maid thought that a hostess must have come. But when she saw the emperor after a few moments, she did not rise from the chair, nor did she show respect in any other way. The emperor was very surprised at this. But he did not get angry, he understood that he is showing such arrogance because he was not educated.

The hostesses withdrew at the behest of the emperor. The emperor went near and put his hand around his neck. The maid did not object, but she did not even speak. The emperor took her to the room. After the reaction she said to the maid, my dear, which country are you from and what are the names of your parents. There are a hundred queens and several thousand maidservants in my palace, but none of them can beat you in beauty. I don’t love any queen as much as I love you.

The new maid remained silent on this as well. The king said, dear, you have not answered anything about me. Say something so that just as I rejoice in your beautiful face, in the same way I can get satisfaction by listening to your sweet words. You didn’t even look at me by raising your eyes so that my eyes would be satisfied. After all, what is worrying you that has blocked your speech? Tell me your sorrow If you are missing your parents then it is impossible to meet them, yes, apart from this whatever you want will be made available in your service.

The emperor said many such things to him, but the maid kept looking at the ground with her face down. Still the king was not angry with him. He gave a voice to the hostesses and asked them for food, he himself started eating it and started giving the new maid’s mouth with his own hands the delicious dishes. She kept eating but remained silent. Then the emperor ordered that singing and dancing should be organized. Even then she remained silent. The emperor asked the maid’s attendants whether she ever spoke or not, they said that no one even saw her smiling while speaking. Well, the king visited her all night and decided not to have sex with anyone except her.

After this decision, the emperor kept some of the slaves for service work and called the rest of the maids and all the queens and gave them enough money and freed them to go wherever they want and marry whomever they want. For a year he waited for the new maidservant to speak to him. But when this did not happen, he became frightened and said, my dear, I am very sorry that nothing has been known about you till now. I didn’t even know whether you were happy or unhappy to be with me. I don’t take anything for you. After you I left all my queens and maidservants. It’s not like you’re dumb. If this happens, then it will be a great injustice to God that by giving such Bhuvan Mohan form, he has created such a defect inside. If you are not dumb then say something for God because I am in great trouble because of your silence. All this year I kept praying to God that I may have a son from your stomach who will take care of my kingdom after me because my old age is coming and physical weakness is increasing inside me. If you’re not dumb, talk to me. I can’t bear your silence any more. If you do not speak, I will give my life and the sin of killing me will fall on you. Who will take care of the kingdom after me, because my old age is coming and physical weakness is going on inside me. If you’re not dumb, talk to me. I can’t bear your silence any more. If you do not speak, I will give my life and the sin of killing me will fall on you. Who will take care of the kingdom after me, because my old age is coming and physical weakness is going on inside me. If you’re not dumb, talk to me. I can’t bear your silence any more. If you do not speak, I will give my life and the sin of killing me will fall on you.

The beauty smiled on hearing this and started looking at the emperor. He also understood that she would say something and waited for her to speak. After sometime that supreme beauty said, I have many things to say to you. I can’t figure out what to start with. You have shown me so much kindness and value that is beyond description in all this time. I am very grateful to you and pray to God to give you a life of one hundred and fifty years and your enemies may be destroyed by your majesty like moths from a lamp. May you never be in trouble. I give you a good news that you have lost the pregnancy. I have full hope that my son will be born. In the meantime, I apologize for the rudeness that happened to me. Till now I had not spoken because I was very angry because of being forcibly brought here, but now I have started loving you dearly.

Hearing this, the emperor went mad with happiness. He dragged her to her chest and said that by giving the news of pregnancy, you took away all my sorrows. After saying this, he came out and gave this good information to the minister and said that immediately distribute one lakh Asharfis among the poor and beggars, no one should remain poor or unhappy in my state. After this he again came to that beauty and said, sorry, I was so pleased with the news of your pregnancy that I could not delay the announcement of public donation. Now tell me what was your displeasure that you did not speak to me or anyone for a year. She said, The reason was that God sent me to you as a slave and made me so far away from my country that I could never go there. Especially the separation of my parents, brothers and sisters etc. was troubling me. You know that there is no joy in living a dependent, it is better to die than that. The king said, You are right, but when a woman is as beautiful as you and makes a home in the heart of a person like me, then what is the need for her to worry. Sundari said, you are right. You have great grace, but the maid is still a maidservant.

The king said, it is known from your words that you are the child of a big family. Tell me in detail where are you from and who are your parents.

She said, my name is Gul Anar Aseen. My father was a famous sea king. When he died, he handed over his kingdom to my mother and my brother Saleh. My mother was also the daughter of a sea king. All three of us were happily spending time when another king attacked our kingdom and took away our kingdom. My brother could not compete with him and took me and mother and left the kingdom secretly. Reaching a safe place, he said that we have been in trouble and we are in plight, if God wills, I will occupy my kingdom again, but I want to get rid of your marriage before that and since no one from any water kingdom The prince is not worthy of you, so I want you to marry the king of some land and give a lot of dowry etc. according to my status.

I was very upset to hear this. I told him that look, we are both children of the same parents. I always want to support you, but if needed, I can even give my life for you, but when till today a princess of a water country is not married to a land-dwelling king, then where have I fallen like that on the neck of a land dweller? Let me climb My brother said that after all, what is the matter that you do not want to marry a Thalwasi king. Do you think that all the land dwellers are bastards and wicked. There is no such thing at all, there are many good people in them too. In this way he explained a lot to me. I didn’t argue with him but I got very angry. I said in my mind that these people are considering me as a burden, so they want to remove me, I will go myself.

So one day when everyone was busy with their work, I got the opportunity and came out of the water and found a safe place on an island and lay down and fell into a deep sleep as soon as I lay down. But my guess was wrong. A rich man came there and, seeing me sleeping, got his servants to pick me up and took me to his spacious house. He showed me great love by taking me to the bedroom but I showed complete indifference on his part. Then he wanted to break my virginity by force. So I picked it up and threw it. His anger and guilt got worse. The very next day he called a merchant and sold me to his hands. The businessman was a very good man. He never said anything like that to me. You bought me from him.

Saying this, Gul Anar said, I hated all the Thalwais, so I did not speak to you either. But seeing your cordiality, I did not even hate you. If you used to force me in any way, I would have jumped into the sea and would have gone with my relatives. I had only one fear that if my mother and brother would come to know that I had lived as a maidservant to some king of the land, they would shamefully leave me alive. Now I am going to be the mother of your son. Now even if I want, I cannot leave your shelter and go anywhere. On my part, I consider myself to be your maidservant and will understand in future also, but I pray that the way I have been treated like queens till now, I will continue to be treated the same way.

Now I have become even more after listening to your beautiful words. My happiness knew no bounds to hear that you too are a princess. Earlier you were the princess of a country of the sea and from today you are the owner of Iran. I will announce this in the court today itself and I will get it done in the whole country. I will love you more than I ever loved. You should also not pay attention to any other person except me. But tell me one thing. You said that you are the abode of water. I don’t understand why you guys don’t drown in water. I had heard earlier also that humans live in water too, but could not believe this. Now you yourself said that I am the resident of water, then I had to believe but I have not yet understood how this thing is possible. How can man live under water and work there?

Gul Anar said, ‘Look how deep the water is, but you can see to the bottom of it. Just as water does not stop the eyes, similarly some people also live under water. Although there is no difference between night and day under the sea where we live, but we can see the sun and moon and stars moving in the sky even from under water. Just as there are many countries on the earth and many cities are inhabited, in the same way there are many countries settled at the bottom of the sea which are under different emperors. Rather the truth is that three times the number of countries that are on the earth are under water. Just like here, there are many races of human beings. Good buildings and palaces of our people are very grand. They are made of marble and have no shells, pearls and corals on their walls and ceilings, There are different types of amethyst and ratnadi studded. There are more gems in water than on earth, and pearls are so big that you can’t even imagine, and I can’t even tell you exactly.

‘Every person among the water dwellers builds a beautiful grand palace for himself. There is no need for vehicles to go there, every man can go as far as he wants without getting tired. The common man does not even keep horses, only the emperors keep hippopotamuses in their horses for the procession. When they go out in procession or go somewhere to watch a spectacle, these hippopotamuses are plowed in specially made carts. The carts are so comfortable and the horses are so smart that even the rider’s body does not move and the horses move with gestures. The women of our country are very beautiful, clever and patriotic.’

Saying this, Gul Anar said, Lord, if there is a permission, I should call my brother and mother here so that they themselves can see with their own eyes that their daughter has now become the owner of Iran. The king said, I would be very happy to welcome him, but I do not understand how you will call him. You don’t even know which way leads to your country. Gul Anar said, leave all that to me. You just sit for a while in the adjacent building and watch the spectacle.

Malika Gul Anar asked her maid for fire, then she said, you go out and close the door of the room and do not come here until I call. When the maid left, she took out a piece of sandalwood from a box and put it on the fire, and when smoke started rising from it, she started reciting some mantra. The emperor could not understand the words of that mantra at all and kept looking at Malika in amazement. As soon as the mantra ended, the surface of the sea started rising and the sea started moving away from the palace. After some time the water of the sea burst and a handsome young man emerged from it. His mustache was green like water. Then a decent mature lady appeared, behind whom were five beautiful young women.

Gul Anar stood on the bank of the water and greeted them all. Within a few moments they came to the shore. The name of the young man was Sultan Saleh and he was the brother of Malika Gul Anar. The mature woman was the mother of Gul Anar. Coming to the shore, Saleh and his mother embraced Gul Anar and shed tears of joy upon their meeting. Gul Anar gave due respect to his brother, mother and the people accompanying him. Her mother said, “Daughter, I have no words to describe the pain we suffered in your separation. Your brother told me that you had left the house after getting upset over something. We always kept crying for you. Now tell me where did you live in the meantime and what happened to you and how did you get here.

Hearing this, Gul Anar fell at the feet of her mother. Then after some time raised her head and said, in fact, there was a bigger crime than me, which left you people like this. I had a lot of troubles but in the end I reached this happy place. Coming here, I came to know that the kings of land are also like the kings of water countries. Now Saleh said, dear sister, what happened happened. Now you go to your country with us. We will be happy to have you among us.

The emperor of Iran was seeing and hearing everything from a nearby place. He started worrying in his mind that if these people took Malika, then I would die alive because I could not bear the separation of Gul Pomegranate. But Gul Anar’s words gave him patience. She said, now I can’t go anywhere from here. One, the king here has bought me for ten thousand ashrafis, secondly I have a pregnancy of four months from him. His brother and mother did not say anything again.

Gul Anar gave voice to the maidservants and served different types of food to all the guests. He asked them to have food. But on this their faces turned red and flames started coming out of their mouth and nostrils. They said, it is okay that your husband is the king, but are we so low that he should not even eat with us? The king was sitting some distance away. He could not listen to them but was terrified to see the flames coming out of his mouth and nostrils. Gul Anar came to him and said, they want to have food with you. Now it is appropriate that you walk to those people and make a worthy offering to everyone and have a meal with everyone. The king said, what can I object to, but fire emanates from his mouth and nostrils. Gul Anar laughed and said, Please do not worry. At this time they are thinking that you have insulted them by not coming yourself. When those people get angry, fire starts coming out of their mouth and nostrils. If you walk, their anger will go away. My brother and mother say that I should go to the country with them. But I am so caught in your love that I cannot leave you. The king was very happy to hear this and started saying, I was very sad about your departure, now I am comforted by your words. I am going to visit your mother and brother now. They won’t have any complaints against me. Now I am relieved by your words. I am going to visit your mother and brother now. They won’t have any complaints against me. Now I am relieved by your words. I am going to visit your mother and brother now. They won’t have any complaints against me.

Saying this, Emperor Gul went with pomegranate to the house where his mother-in-law and brother-in-law were present. When they saw the emperor, they bowed down with their heads to the earth. The king picked them up one by one and hugged them. Then everyone sat down and started talking happily. Saleh said, we all thank God that our sister came under your umbrella after suffering a lot and is very happy here. God bless you. The emperor also uttered humble words to welcome the visitors and everyone kept on talking happily for a long time.

At nightfall, the emperor ordered to bring food. After having dinner with everyone, he made soft comfortable beds for the guests in a nearby house and asked them to rest. He himself went to his bedroom taking Gul Anar with him. After a few days the guests wanted to go, so the emperor urged them to stop until the delivery of the pomegranate. Those people also happily agreed to this and the emperor of Iran kept presenting new entertainments for them every day.

When the time came, one day Gul Pomegranate started writhing with labor pains. The next day she gave birth to a son. This son was equal to the moon in beauty, hence he was named Badr (Moon). Gul Anar’s mother also performed rituals according to her country and also gave a heavy pair of sixth according to the custom here. The emperor of Iran ordered a public celebration and all the inhabitants of the country held raga-rangs in their respective homes.

It is impossible to describe the celebrations that took place in the royal palace. The emperor opened the mouth of the treasury and the poor were given donations and rich rewards were given to soldiers, scholars, artists etc.

When the days of solar homestay were over, Malika Gul Anar was given a bath and the emperor, Sultan Saleh, his mother and other related youths came to see the child. Everyone picked him up and kissed him and kissed him in various ways. After all, Saleh went to the baby’s babysitter and took the child from her lap and walked around for a long time. While everyone was busy talking here and there, Saleh quietly came out of the doors of the room and hurriedly walked towards the beach. Everyone remained at ease, but the emperor started to panic. Saleh quickly reached the beach and jumped into the sea from a high place.

Seeing this, the king started crying and beating his head. Malika Gul Anar smiled and gave him patience, Badshah Salamat, don’t you worry. Nothing will happen to the child. If you see, then go. You are his father, so I am also his mother, I am not worried about anything.

The king asked, but what did your brother know about this? Why did he do this? Gul Anar said, he did this so that the child should get used to living in both water and land like us. When his mother and other relatives also gave such assurances to the emperor, his mind became stable.

After some time there was turmoil on the surface of the sea again and Saleh came out of the water waves carrying Badr in his lap. Then he came flying in the air to the palace where the emperor and others were sitting. The emperor was surprised to see that the child was sleeping in his maternal uncle’s lap. Saleh said to the emperor, Sarkar, when I went to the sea with your child, were you not afraid? The king said, brother, what do you ask? I had lost my life. Now seeing him in good health, I feel as if I have got a new life.

Saleh said, nothing could have happened to the child. Before entering the sea, I had recited the God Mahamantra Ismay-Azam on the ring of Hazrat Solomon. It is our custom here that if any child is born on earth in our race, then we take him into the water on the strength of Isma-Azam’s power. that’s what I did. Saying this he gave the child in the midwife’s lap.

Then he took out a small box from his clothes. A hundred diamonds, which were equal to pigeon eggs, were taken out of it. Apart from this, took out a hundred red and sapphire, each of which was about half the color, and also took out thirty necklaces from the sapphire and gave them to the king and said, We did not know how many opulent king my sister was married to. Please accept this small gift of ours.

The king of Iran was surprised to see those gems. Two of them were so big that there would be nowhere on the whole earth. He gladly applied this gift to his eyes and said to Saleh, Brother, I am very impressed by your humility. You call those gems from which many kingdoms can be bought, insignificant gifts. Then he said to his wife, Sundari, your brother sir is giving me all these gems as a gift. I want to keep some of these and return the rest of them. But they are not ready to take them. If you insist on them, they might agree. Gul Anar replied, O lord, you accept them without any hesitation. Such gems are few on earth, but there is no shortage of them in the ocean. There will be no harm even if I give all this to my brother. Hearing this, the emperor fell silent and accepted the entire offering.

A few days later, Saleh said to the emperor, You have given us so much hospitality that we cannot thank you enough. But it’s been a long time since we came here. I must go back to my kingdom now. You already know that in the absence of the emperor, there is some disturbance in the administration of the state. So allow us to bid farewell to you and your sister and to improve our country. The king said, I do not want to let you go, but you are right and I am compulsively sending you off. But I insist that do not forget Badr and keep coming here occasionally to see Badr and his mother.

So Saleh left him and went to his own country with his mother and relatives. Here everyone started living as it is. As Badr grew older, his appearance and qualities grew more and more and his parents would be happy to see his development. Sometimes Badr’s maternal uncle and grandmother would also come to see him. When Badr grew up a little, learned teachers were hired to teach him various sciences and arts. At the age of fifteen, he became proficient in all the sciences and arts. Now his father declared him as the crown prince and gave the management of the kingdom in his hands. He took over the administration smoothly in a few days. Both the employees and the subjects were pleased with his administration. When the king saw this, after the announcement a day earlier, he put his crown on him with his hand and after kissing his hand in honor of him, he himself sat in the line of ministers and amirs. feudal lords, Ministers etc gave gifts to the new emperor and started obeying his orders. When Badr got up from the court and went to his mother wearing a crown, he ran and hugged her to the chest.

His father looked after his administration for two years, and finding him clever in every way, he went out of the city and started spending time in hymns etc. in a secluded place. Badr was deeply involved in the administration of the state. He would go from town to town, village to village to see all the arrangements himself. During his leisure time, he used to go hunting in the forest. After a few years the old emperor fell ill and his disease progressed. Eventually he died. Before dying, he summoned the ministers etc. and asked them to be loyal to the new emperor. On his death, Badr and his mother mourned him and performed his last rites in a proud manner. Saleh and his mother also attended the occasion.

When he got a break from the emperor’s funeral, one day Saleh said to his sister, “Oddly enough, you have not yet worried about Badr’s marriage, although he has been married for many years. But I will tell you about it when Badr sleeps because it is possible that he will be fascinated by it without even noticing it.

This was heard in Badr’s ear. At night he became as if he was sleeping soundly but actually kept listening to the conversation between mother and uncle in the next room. Both of them also started talking in their normal voice knowing him to be asleep.

Saleh said to his sister, The princess I consider worthy of Badr is the daughter of the king of Samandal. Look, I’ve got a newly made statue of him to show you. This will give you an idea of ​​its beauty. There is only one problem. The king of Samandal is very arrogant and does not consider anyone of his status. That is why he did not marry his daughter till now. Yet she is so beautiful that if Badr comes to know of her beauty, he will fall madly in love with her but will even die. The name of that princess is Jawahar.

Gul Anar said, I know the Sultan of Samandal. I am surprised that her daughter is still a virgin. I had seen him before leaving my country. She was eight months old at that time. She was so beautiful at that time that her beauty was known far and wide. At this time in youth, what will be the say of his form? Yet she is older than Badr and what could be the difficulty in asking her from the king of Samandal? Saleh said that I told that that emperor is very arrogant. Look sister, I will try my best to persuade her father for marriage. But the work is difficult and it can take time. Meanwhile, Badr should not come to know about this or else there is no doubt that he will fall madly in love with Jawahar and die. Similarly, both of them kept talking and Badr kept listening.

The next day he secretly got it out of his mother’s box and saw the idol of Jawahar that his maternal uncle had given to his sister. He literally lost his life on seeing the idol. Now his life was neither in eating nor drinking nor in talking to anyone. Night and day he started engrossed in the meditation of his beloved. When Saleh came to bid farewell to his sister, seeing the changed condition of his nephew, he asked what is the matter, are you in good health? Badr said, nothing has happened to my health but you don’t leave here now. My soul is starting to panic and I am satisfied to be with you. You wait two more days. We will go hunting tomorrow.

Saleh accepted this. In fact, Badr wanted to hide from his mother and tell the condition of his heart to his maternal uncle and go ahead with the victim and go out in search of his beloved. It was not possible to tell the mother clearly because she would not let him go under any circumstances. So both the uncle and nephew went out on a hunt with some servants. There both of them put their horses behind a deer. In this affair, both of them first separated from their servants, then also from each other. Badr got down from the horse under a dense tree and started crying in private by taking the name of his beloved. After some time Saleh also came looking for him and saw that Badr was moaning under a tree.

Saleh understood that he had heard what I had told my sister about Princess Jawahar. He got off the horse and came slowly and stood under the cover of a tree and started listening. Badr was saying, O my dear daughter of life, Samandal, I have lost my patience just after seeing your idol. I believe that you are more beautiful than the moon, not only the princesses of the whole world. You have captured my heart. But where do I go so that you can meet me? Saleh did not have the patience to hear more than this. He went ahead and sat down near Badr and said, this means that you have heard the words of our brothers and sisters. We had taken care that you do not know anything, but our intelligence was of no use.

Badr said, whatever had to happen, it has happened. Now think about what will happen next. If you want me to live then take my marriage message and persuade his father. Saleh consoled him and said, Now go to your city. Now I go to the country of Samandal and I will talk about your marriage with the king there. Badr said, no uncle, you are cheating me. If you were really concerned about my life, you would not leave me alone in such a condition. If you really love me, then take me with you. Saleh said, brother, what are you talking about? How can I take you without your mother’s permission?

Badr said, then it has happened. You know very well that my mother loves me more than my life. She will never let me go with you.

Saleh was in a strange dilemma as to how he came out of this situation. He thought for a while and said, I cannot take you with me, but I will give you this ring on which Isme-Azam (Miraculous Mahamantra) is inscribed. Wearing it and entering the water without any doubt, nothing will happen to you. Badr put on the ring. Saleh said, Now you have a miraculous ring in your hand and you can do all that I can. You follow me Saying this he started flying in the air. Badr also reached the beach flying after him. Then he dived into the sea after his maternal uncle and both of them went fast to reach the kingdom of Saleh. Saleh took Badr to his mother.

Badr kissed Nani’s hand respectfully and she too was very happy to see him and started blessing and loving him very much. He also introduced other women of the family and everyone kept talking for a long time.

Meanwhile, Saleh, after taking leave, told his mother the whole condition of Badr that how he had gone mad after the princess of the country of Samandal. He said that now you keep Badr, I am going to ask the emperor of Samandal to ask Jawahar for Badr. He said, I and Gul Anar have taken great care that Badr does not get to know about this, but he has come to know and now nothing can be done except that the marriage should be talked about as soon as possible.

Saleh’s mother became very worried. He said, what are you doing? Do you not know that the king of Samandal is very proud? Why did you talk about his daughter to your sister? Because of this, madness has mounted on Badr. Saleh said, you are right, it was my mistake. But what should be done now? If Jawahar is not found, Badr will surely give up his life. I will do whatever I can in this regard.

Before going there to pray for marriage, I will present the king with precious gems and then start talking cleverly. Hope I will get success in my work.

His mother said, son, all this is fine, yet I am feeling very scared. That king is very proud and does not know what to do in anger. You take my most precious gems and present them. But at this time do not take Badr with you, leave him with me. Apart from this, keep in mind that talk should be started very cleverly, in any case, he should not be allowed to get angry because if he gets angry then marriage will not happen, and some other trouble may come.

Having said this, the old lady opened her chest and gave the precious gems to Saleh and ordered that before any thing started, give this gift to him so that he would be happy. Saleh kept the gems given by his mother in a beautiful box and took a small army and went towards the country of Samandal. He reached there in no time. The emperor of Samandal gave him a befitting welcome. He himself came down from the throne, met him and made him sit beside him. Saleh sat down modestly. The emperor of Samandal said to him, perhaps you have come for some political work. Tell me what work is worth to me. There was no political work, there was only a desire for your philosophy, Saleh said. Yes, there was an individual act as well. If you want to listen carefully to me, then I request you. The emperor of Samandal laughed and said, definitely say it. Tell me, how can I serve you?

Saleh took the box of gems from the hand of his servant and said to the king of Samandal, “Please accept this small gift from me.” The emperor happily accepted the offering. Then Saleh said, Inspired by the traditional friendship that has existed in both our countries and the kindness of a majestic king like you, I have come to share my heart with you. Your mind is very clean and you do not delay anyone’s prayer, that’s why I am requesting that my sister’s name is Gul Anar. A long time ago she was married to the emperor of Iran. He has a son who is currently the emperor of Iran. She is not only very beautiful but is also proficient in all kinds of sciences and arts. He has been looking after the kingdom since the age of fifteen. Now he is married. I humbly request you to accept him into your servitude and marry your unique daughter Jawahar with my nephew Badr.

The king of Samandal country had been very polite till now, but on hearing this, his face and eyes became red. Saleh’s heart began to tremble. After a few moments the king of Samandal said, Saleh, I thought you were a very intelligent man. But today I have come to know that you do not have any intellect at all. I did request you as a courtesy, but it does not mean that I should give you my equal status. Don’t you know how great is my majesty and splendor? Do you not know that your kingdom is insignificant before my kingdom? How dare you take out the name of my daughter Jawahar from your tongue. Hasn’t your death drawn you here?

Saleh said nervously, perhaps you did not understand the meaning of my words. I am old man I am not asking for Jawahar for myself. All I am saying is that you should get your daughter married with my nephew i.e. Emperor Badr of Iran.

The king of Samandal was further enraged on hearing this and said out of his composure, you have insulted me further by saying this. Fucking, do you think that your nephew can have any equal with my daughter? What is your nephew? Saying this he ordered his soldiers to capture Saleh and cut off his head. Saleh was already aware of this situation. Some of his servants had already fled after seeing the anger of the emperor and fled to their country instead of their army.

But Saleh in agony left from among the soldiers of Samandal and reached his army by walking through the crooked paths. His general got furious after hearing his condition and said, don’t you see the lack of your army. Order us to show Jauhar once, then see what a spectacle happens.

Saleh ordered the attack. Samandal’s army faced but was defeated. Saleh imprisoned that emperor and ran to his palace to capture his daughter. But Jawahar was already aware of this and she hid in a deserted island after running away with some maidservants. Here, the servants of Saleh, who had already fled to their country, went and told Saleh’s mother that the emperor of Samandal would have killed Saleh by now. Hearing this, she fell down and fell unconscious. Others also started crying. Badr was also present there. He felt very sorry that because of me my uncle had died. He thought what face should I show these people now. Thinking of this, he left for Iran.

Badr had walked in a hurry, so forgot his way in the water and wandered after many days and reached the same island where Jawahar had taken shelter. He was resting under a tree tired when he heard the voice of some women from one side. When he went there, he saw a princess sitting surrounded by maidservants. He understood that this is my beloved. He went near and said, it is a great mercy of God that I got the opportunity to meet you. I am your servant I would be glad if I can be of some help to you. Jawahar said, Your words gave me great patience. I am in big trouble. I am Jawahar, the daughter of King Samandal. A neighboring king, Saleh, has attacked us and imprisoned my father. Somehow I ran away and came here and hid.

Badr gave his true introduction without hesitation. He said, I am the emperor of Iran. My name is Badr. Saleh sahib is my maternal uncle. They had gone to your father with the message of my marriage with you but your father ordered them to be killed. On this my uncle’s army attacked your country and imprisoned your father. Now be patient. Saleh only wants your father to marry you to me. Now I will reconcile these two kings.

Jawahar was fascinated by the appearance and modesty of Badr, but when he came to know that due to this young man, my kingdom was in trouble, his heart was filled with anger. Since she could not face him directly, she acted with deceit. She was a sorceress, but reading spells also required some kind of water and the island was waterless. He said, Emperor of Iran, I am very glad to meet you. Actually my father made a big mistake that I did not marry you, maybe he would not have denied if he had seen you. Well, now come and sit with me. Saying this he raised his hand. When Badr came near and wanted to hold her hand, he pulled his hand and spit on his face and thus after completing the water shortage, reciting the mantra, made him a bird of red back and feet and said to a maidservant, Leave it in the more watery island so that it will die of hunger and thirst there.

The maid took the bird form Badr and took him away. On the way, he felt pity on her that such a pampered young man would die in agony without grain and water. He also thought that although the princess has punished him in anger, but by nature he is kind and he will regret his death when anger subsides. So he decided to leave him in an uninhabited island but a green island where he could survive. That’s what he did, taking him to an island where there were dense trees and springs of water and there were also ponds at places.

Here Saleh did a lot of searching in the palace but Jawahar could not be found anywhere. He got angry and ordered his servants to give various kinds of troubles to the king of Samandal in the prison because he would know about Jawahar and when he got restless from the trouble, he would tell his address. Then he came back to his country and the next day asked his mother that Badr could not be seen, what was the matter. His mother said that when I heard the news of Samandal king being angry with you and sent another big army to help you from there, from that time Badr is nowhere to be seen, I do not know where he has gone.

Saleh was very sad to hear this and started thinking that all this trouble was in vain, I had done all this only for the happiness of Badr and at this time only Badr is missing. He felt ashamed that now what face he would show to his sister. He ordered his chieftains and all the high officials to search all over the country and find out Badr. But even after searching for several days, he could not be found. Then Saleh thought that it is possible that Badr himself had gone to Samandal country to help him. So Saleh handed over the administration of the kingdom to his mother and Samandal himself left for the country.

Here in Iran, Malika Gul Anar waited for a long time but no one returned to Saleh or Badr. Then he asked the hunters accompanying both of them whether they had come or not. When they came back and heard the order of Malika, they came to her and started saying, both of them had put horses behind a deer and we were left behind. We kept looking for them for a long time. They were not found but their horses were found tied to a tree. We took those horses and went away.

After listening to the hunters, Malika was relieved that leaving the horses, both Saleh and Badr must have entered the sea and went to Saleh’s kingdom. In appearance he ordered the hunters and the soldiers to keep searching for Badr and Saleh in the same forest from where they had disappeared. Then she escaped from the sight of her maidservants and entered the sea and reached her maternal home. Going there asked his mother that Saleh and Badr had suddenly disappeared, was it not that they had come here.

Her mother said, daughter, what should I tell about the condition of both of them. I was very happy when both of them came here, but when Saleh told that Badr is mad after Samandal’s princess and will die if she does not marry, I was worried that that emperor is very arrogant, for this marriage How will it be ready? Saleh said that I go with a marriage proposal. What I feared happened. The king of Samandal, enraged, caught Saleh and ordered to kill him. Some people with him ran away and came here and narrated the situation. Hearing this, I sent a large army to rescue Saleh. Hearing this condition, Badr left silently to some other side. On the other hand, Saleh Samandal escaped from the bondage of the king and defeated the emperor of Samandal with his small army and imprisoned him. On his return, when he came to know about the disappearance of Badr, after finding it here, he again went to Samandal in search of him.

Gul Anar started crying after hearing this. She also started saying bad things to her brother that she mentioned the good princess that the boy’s mind went away. There is no doubt that Saleh should have been careful while mentioning Jawahar to you, said his mother, so that Badr would not have come to know. But don’t worry now. He will definitely find Badr. It is appropriate for you to go to Iran and take care of the state administration, otherwise there may be troublesome person. Gul Anar accepted her mother’s advice and returned to Iran. By coming to Iran, he did another sensible thing. He made an announcement in the capital that Badr’s well being has been known, he is safe and will return here soon. All the people were pleased to hear this and started doing their work diligently as per rules.

Now listen to the condition of Badshah Badr. When the maid left him on an island in the form of a bird, he was very surprised to see himself in the bird’s body. He did not even know where Iran was and there was not even enough power in his wings to fly to a distant country. And even if Iran had reached, what was the use, who would have recognized it as a bird. Under compulsion, he used to eat fruits and grains of that island and would sleep sitting on a branch at night. After a few days a bird came there with a net and was surprised to see it. He had never seen such a beautiful bird. He laid a net and caught Badr along with other birds and came to the city and sat down to sell the birds in the market.

Many people asked the price of that red colored bird. Chidimar said, this is of no use to you. what will you do with this? You are buying it only for roasting and eating. What will you give to it? Two-four annas or one rupee from the limit. You take another bird. I will give it to the king here. He will appreciate it and reward me well. That shepherd did the same. He took the bird towards the palace. Incidentally, at that time the emperor was sitting on the balcony of the palace watching the spectacle of the market. When he saw that beautiful bird in the cage of the fowler, the fowler was called by the servants. When the fowler came, the king asked, for how much will you sell this bird? The fowler kissed the land and said, Prithvipal, I have not brought it to sell, I have brought it to present to the government. Who can appreciate such a beautiful bird other than the emperor?

The emperor was very pleased to hear about Chidimar. He got Chidimar ten Asharfis and got the cage kept. He ordered his servants that this bird should be kept in a golden cage and its grains and cups of water should be of sapphire. A day later he asked the servants what was the condition of the red bird. He said, we kept the best grains and water for him, but he does not eat or drink anything. It was time for the emperor to eat. He also asked for food and took the bird out of the cage and placed it on his hand. As soon as the dishes of royal food were placed, Badr, who had become a bird, jumped and started eating delicious royal dishes. The emperor laughed to see that this bird was also fond of royal cuisine. He ordered the maidservants to bring Malika too so that she could see the spectacle of this bird.

When Malika came, she opened her mouth but as soon as she saw the bird, she put a mask on her face. The king asked in surprise, Malika, here it is only me and the maids of the palace. Who is the innocent man sitting here with whom you are covering up? Malika said, you are sitting with a non-man on your hand. The king said, have you not gone mad? How can a man sit with a man on his hand? Malika said no, I am right. This bird that you are sitting on your hand is not a natural bird. This is the man who has been made a bird by the force of magic.

The emperor’s curiosity increased. When he asked to tell the whole situation in detail, then Malika told, this is the king of Iran. Its name is Badr. Its mother is Gul Anar who is a famous princess of Jaladesh. His maternal grandmother’s name is Ranafarrashi, she was also a princess of another Jaladesh. Jawahar, the famous Jaldesh Samandal’s princess, in anger, has made it a bird with the loudness of magic. The emperor was very sorry to hear this. He said, Look how luck plays a game. Where was this king, where is he now locked in a cage as a bird. tell me one thing. If you know all this, you will also know whether it can somehow regain its former form or not.

Malika said, what is this difficult? I also know magic and that’s why I also recognized its form and also learned its history. But I am a veiled woman, I will not bring it before me in its original form. You take it and go to the other room, then do whatever I tell you to do. He will come back in his true form.

The king took the bird and went to another room. Here the queen asked for water in a vessel and started reciting mantras on it. After some time the water of the vessel started boiling. Malika sent some energized water to the emperor and said to the maid carrying the water, tell the king to sprinkle this water on that bird and say that by the power of this mantra and by the will of the Almighty God, the creator of the whole world, you can restore your former form. Get it and if you were born naturally as a bird, then stay in this body.

The emperor uttered these words according to Malika’s wish and immediately Badshah came to his original form. The king was very happy to see his form and the majestic expression on his face that he was released from the bird’s vagina. Badr started shedding tears of joy after finding his old body. He raised his hand and thanked the Lord for this grace and then fell at the feet of the emperor, thanking him lavishly and wishing for his longevity and the most glorious. When Malika saw this, she was satisfied and went back to her residence.

The emperor picked up Badr and hugged him and then made him sit with him and fed him. After the meal, he asked Badr that why the princess Jawahar was so angry with you that she gave you such a big punishment. Badr narrated the whole story to him. The emperor was surprised to hear this. He said, Brother, your story deserves to be written down. Well, what happened happened. Now you have come again in your form. What is the intention now? I am ready to give whatever help you ask for.

Badr said, after my disappearance, my mother must have been in agony. By the way, the favor you have done me is very little, but if you ask about my happiness, then arrange a ship for me so that I can go to my country Iran and take care of my kingdom by giving patience to my mother. .

The emperor happily accepted. He ordered his servants to arrange a fine ship to take Badr back to Iran. This was done and after taking a thankful farewell from the emperor, Badr started his journey to Iran. For ten days the ship ran smoothly but on the eleventh day trouble arose. There was a great storm in the sea. At the same time the wind direction also changed. Due to which the ship deviated from its path. In no time, all the masts of the ship were broken and the ship started jumping on the waves like cork. Soon his bottom hit an underwater rock and the ship broke into pieces. Others do not know what happened, but in a few hours, Badr started floating on the ground with the help of a plank. It was an island with a mountain on one side of the beach and a city in the distance on the other. Badr came out of the water to the ground and lay down to rest.

But immediately the horses, cows and many other animals came and started making noise and pushing him towards the sea. He somehow escaped from them and hid in a mountain den, and after resting for some time and drying his clothes, he prepared to go to the city, but the animals came again and started shouting and blocking his way. He somehow managed to escape from them and entered the city. There he was surprised to see that there is a lot of cleanliness etc. on the roads etc. but there are few shopkeepers. After a long time, he saw an old man in a shop who was cleaning the fruits kept there by wiping them. Badr went near and saluted him. When he saw Badr, he was very impressed by his appearance. Then answering his salute, he asked, who are you? Where do you come from? Badr briefly introduced himself. After this the old man asked, has no one else seen you here except me? Badr said no. I have not seen any man from here except you. I wonder why such a clean and beautiful city is so deserted. The old man said, well, well, don’t you stand outside, come inside.

When Badr went inside, the old man said, it is very good that no one has seen you yet. This city has a very strange story. But you seem to be hungry and thirsty, first eat food and then I will tell you the things here. When Badr was satisfied after eating and drinking, the old man started saying, “Look, King Badr, here you have to live very smartly, this is a magic city.” The ruler here is a woman. She is very beautiful and at the same time well versed in Mantra Vidya. She is also very luxurious. You must have seen that there are many animals on the beach outside the city which try to stop each one not to enter this city. They were all human beings like you before. The malika here has made them an animal with the power of her mantra.

Badr was surprised. He asked, why does the lady turn a man into an animal?

The old man said, I told you not that Malika is very luxurious. When a young handsome man sees her, she asks for him to be caught. That’s why I asked you whether anyone has seen you. She gives him great respect and enjoys luxury with him. In a few days, when her soul is filled with that man and when another handsome man comes in her net, she leaves this first man as a bull, horse or some other animal. So that his secret should not be revealed to anyone. All these poor animals have been his love interest at some point. Whenever a handsome young man struck by misfortune wants to come to this city, they try to stop him by making noise. Those poor people cannot speak any language to tell the full story of their plight. Just want to shout and say that go back, Don’t come inside this wretched city or else your condition will be like ours. But the attendant is unable to understand their meaning and goes to the city ignoring their noise and after a few days becomes an animal and joins those animals after being trapped in the queen’s net.

Hearing this, Badr was very frightened and started saying, Oh God, what an injustice this is. I have just been freed from the spell of one sorceress and trapped in another’s land. On being asked by the old man, he told in detail the story of Jawahar being made his bird and the queen of the unknown island being made a human again. The old man said, “No doubt you are trapped in a very bad country, but your luck was strong that you should meet me first of all.” Now you work by staying in this shop. Every person here knows me, you will not face any problem in staying here, but be careful not to socialize with anyone else or else you may get into trouble.

Badshah Badr thanked the old man very much that you warned me from danger. He would sit in her shop and work in the shop. Anyone who came to that old man’s shop would have been duped seeing the form of Badr. The onlookers would also wonder how it has so far escaped the snares of the evil queen, because she does not leave any beautiful human being trapped in her loop without turning it into an animal. Many people asked the old man whether this young man is your slave. The old man would always have only one answer, brothers, this is not my slave, it is my nephew. Its father i.e. my brother has passed away recently. At the time of his death, he had become very poor and this young man had no where to go. I don’t have any son either. That’s why I called it and kept it with me. the listeners say, We are very happy to hear that you have given shelter to this fatherless, but we are very much afraid and sorry that if anyone praises her form from Malika, then consider this poor person’s holiday. She will take it and after enjoying with it for a few days, make it an animal and leave it to graze.

On this the old man would say, if it happens, it is what God wants, but I hope that when I request Malika that this is my nephew and adopted son, she will take pity on it and will not make it an animal. Badr was relieved to hear this.

But the old man’s hope proved to be in vain. It was about a month later that Badr was sitting as usual at the old man’s shop. At the same time, Malika’s ride came out from there. A large army was running behind him. Badr got up and went inside the shop and asked the old man whose splendid ride was. The old man told that this ride belongs to the same lady about whom I told you earlier. He told Badr that you do not panic, go to your normal place and sit.

Badr went to his place and started watching the spectacle. All the officers of the army used to salute that old man. The uniform of the whole army was pink. Behind them were contingents of Khwajasaras, who were dressed in fine kumkhwab pairs. Their chiefs also saluted the old man as he left the front of the shop. A group of women came after him. They were dressed in precious clothes and jadau jewelry and in their hands were shining spears. In the midst of these armed slaves, on a mushki horse, which had a golden accompaniment in which diamonds were studded in many places, the queen, dressed in a very lavish dress, was riding. All the maidservants also bowed down and bowed to the old man. When Malika’s ride came in front of the shop, her eyes fell on Badr. As soon as she saw him, she smirked at him and gave voice to the old man, the owner of the shop.

The old man came out and kissed the stirrup of Malika’s horse. Malika asked, who is this handsome young man, who is sitting at your shop? Is this your servant? The old man bowed his head and said, Sarkar, this is my nephew. Few days back its father i.e. my brother died. I had no children, so have adopted this boy. So that my old age also passes comfortably and after death there will be no one to take my name. Malika was getting mad seeing Badr’s form. It was his full intention to take her to his bedroom and enjoy. He said to the old man, elder sister, I beg you to give me your nephew. The gods of our people are fire and light. I swear by their blessings that I will not have any kind of trouble here. You have always believed in me and I am sure that you will not refuse this prayer of mine. If you give me your nephew, then I will do you a favor throughout my life.

Abdullah i.e. the said old man clearly felt the threat hidden behind his modesty and wanted to save Badr from the clutches of Malika with some pretext. He said, “Government, it is your infinite grace that by keeping my nephew with you, you have given me unparalleled respect for him as well.” But this is a very clumsy boy. Just came from the village. Even civilized citizens do not know the ways of this palace. So just let it stay with me for a few days. The woman said, don’t you worry about this. I will teach it all the methods in a day. Now don’t procrastinate in this matter at all. I will say that I will not move away from here until you hand this young man into my hands. I’ll just take it. I again swear by my gods fire and light that it will not be given any kind of trouble and you too will never repent that you handed over your nephew to me.

Now the old man thought that it was not right to insist. If Malika got angry, I don’t know what to do with me. He said, Your ruling is on the head, but a modesty. I love this nephew very much. Let it stay with me for a day at least. Tomorrow it will surely be present at your service. Malika accepted this and went back with her army. After she left, the old man said to Badr, I did not want to give you in her hand but I was afraid that if she gets angry, she will get both of us killed at the same time. He might not even abuse you. He has sworn to his beloved Agnidev. Then all the courtiers of Malika obey me. They will also help you very much. Badr got some relief from these things and he started saying, now whatever is in my destiny, I will have to suffer. Now whether I die in the hands of this queen or my fate is opened, I have to go to her.

The old man said, don’t you worry too much. Although the queen is a sorceress and has royal power, she also knows my power. She will not do anything suddenly against my will. Still he is a wicked man. You should always be smart and if you see something unusual happening, keep reporting it to me.

On the next day, the papini queen came out with the same elegance as before and stopped at Abdullah’s shop. She started saying to old Abdullah, I could not sleep the whole night in the mind of your nephew. Now do what you promised yesterday. The old man put his head to the ground in honor of Malika, then went near to Malika so that no one else would listen to her words – said, please do not forget what I said about my nephew yesterday. I hand it over to you. But keep in mind that it should not cause any kind of trouble. I have told you before that and now I say again that this boy is like my son and I will be saddened by his sorrow. Malika said, why don’t you believe? I have eaten in front of you in front of you in the form of the god of fire, that no sorrow can reach me.

The old man put the hand of Badr in the hand of Malika and said, there is no question of not believing your words, but where you have given so much grace, please allow him to come here sometime to meet me. Give. That’s why I’ve talked about not hurting it again. If he comes and meets me sometime, then I will not only be satisfied, he will also have patience. Malika accepted this and gave one break of the thousand Ashrafis to the old man. Then ordered the servants to bring a good horse, which has a very good sound. They immediately brought such a horse. At the behest of Malika, Badr rode on her. When Malika asked the old man his name, he told the name Badr. Malika said, this name is not correct. It should be called Shams (Sun) instead of Badr (Moon).

Saying this, Malika went towards her palace. Badr also started following him on his horse with the left arm. The low-pitched conversations of the citizens on the way started falling in Badr’s ears. People were saying, look what a beautiful handsome young man this queen has chosen. Some people were saying, this wicked new innocent person has been trapped and will treat him with the same despicable behavior that he has done to many people. Somebody said, I pray to God to have mercy on this man and get him free from this misdeed. Somebody said, what salvation does he have to get? If her fate had supported her, why would she have fallen into the trap of this adulterer? Hearing these things, Badr was convinced that what old Abdullah had said about Malika and the warnings given to me about it were literally correct and that I should be careful.

After getting off the horse outside the palace, Malika grabbed Badr’s hand and took him inside the palace. What to say about the splendor of the palace? Whatever you see, whether it is a post or cupboard, it was made of gold and everything was studded with various types of gems. Then she took him with her for a walk in the garden. Badr praised everything in the palace and the garden in proper words. All the staff of the palace understood that this was not a rustic villager but a man from an aristocratic family who values ​​every valuable thing correctly.

It was time to walk around the garden and the maidservants said that the food was ready. Malika took him to the dining room and both of them started eating delicious royal dishes in gold and silver utensils. After finishing the meal, Malika drank a crystal vessel filled with clean flavored liquor and gave a cup to Badr. Now the process of drinking started going on and the maids who played songs and started performing their art. For a long time this rage went on.

When a long night had passed and both of them had become very intoxicated, Malika signaled to end the meeting of Raga-Rang and the other maidservants took both of them to the bedroom.

Both of them played and fell asleep. On the next morning, after taking a bath, both of them put on new clothes and had their meal for the day. After some rest, Malika again took him for a walk in the garden and for hours they kept talking and joking among themselves. In the evening they went inside the palace and after rejoicing with food, drinking and singing, like eve, both of them sang and slept in the bedroom.

This went on for about forty days. Malika thoroughly enjoyed the company of Badr but now her attitude had started to change. Badr aimed this change and became conscious that no mischief should be done to him. One day at midnight she got up from the bed. She understood that Badr was asleep but he was awake, only pretending to sleep. He started watching Malika’s activities with half-open eyes.

Malika opened a chest and took out a cup from it which was filled with yellow clay. Then she went to a corner of the huge bedroom and went there and started reciting some mantras, which in a few moments created a watercourse there. Seeing this Leela, Badr was frightened and lying on the bed started trembling but did not move from his place.

Malika filled water in one vessel from that pool and after taking some flour in another vessel, started kneading it with that water. She was also reciting some mantra kneading the flour. Then he took out several cans and cooking utensils from a cupboard. Taking out some special spices and medicines from the boxes, he mixed them in the sifted flour and prepared a kulcha. Then after smoldering the coals, roast the Kulcha on the tawa and then bake it directly on the coals. When Kulcha went to sink, he kept the goods in the cupboard and after reciting the mantra made the water tank disappear. After carefully placing the Kulcha she fell asleep lying on the side of Badr.

Seeing all this, Badr understood that there is some deep secret in all this action. She thought that it has been forty days since I lived here and now Malika wants to feed some new gully and should tell the matter to Abdullah. After taking a bath in the morning, when he put on new clothes, he said to Malika, you have been so kind to me these days and kept it so comfortably that I completely forgot my old uncle in the pleasures. Those poor people must have been sad by remembering me and would be angry at my carelessness. If you allow two-three hours, then I can come to see them. I will be back by lunch time. All they have to do is ask each other’s well-being.

Malika had no doubts on his part. He gave permission. At the same time, after ordering a fine Mushki horse and giving two slaves each to accompany him, he sent him to Abdullah’s shop. Badr made the slaves sit outside on the horse and went inside the shop himself. Abdullah was happy to see her and started asking how was she going with Malika. Badr said that till now he has kept me with great comfort and belongingness, but what I saw last night is creating doubts in my mind. Then he described in detail the events of the previous night and said, “So far I have remembered your words only modestly, but this mysterious business made me very nervous and I came to you.” Now tell me what she wants to do and how can I avoid her wickedness because I suspect she wants to harm me.

Abdullah laughed and said, now she is preparing to make you an animal too. It is very good that you come to me immediately. Now don’t have any kind of fear and do what I suggest. Then he took out two bowls of fine flour from a box and gave it to Badr and said, Keep this with you. She will give you the kulcha that she has prepared for you to eat. You take it with passion, but instead of eating it, keep it in one of your sleeves and take it out of the other sleeve and start eating a kulcha given by me. She will understand that you are eating her kulcha. Then she will tell you to become such an animal. You will remain in your own body because you do not eat its kulcha. She will be surprised but you apparently pay no attention to her words or actions. Then feed him cleverly prepared kulcha by saying that it was sent by Abdullah for you. When he eats the kulcha prepared by him, sprinkle water on his face and say, become such an animal. At that time the animal you name will become that animal. Then you bring him to me and at the same time we will decide what to do with him. Be such an animal. At that time the animal you name will become that animal. Then you bring him to me and at the same time we will decide what to do with him. Be such an animal. At that time the animal you name will become that animal. Then you bring him to me and at the same time we will decide what to do with him.

Badr liked Abdullah’s plan very much. He was a quick-witted man and was adept at hiding things efficiently from the public eye. He repeated the plan of the old man in front of him several times, and came out and rode on a horse and started towards the palace. When he reached there, he saw that Malika was waiting for him sitting in the garden. Seeing Badr, she started saying, my dear, why did you take so long. You know that I cannot live without you even for a moment. Badr said, I also don’t like being separated from you but what would I do? Uncle continued to complain to me for a long time after not taking the news for a long time. He prepared various food items for me. But I wanted to come here and have a meal with you, so I filled my mouth a little. My uncle has sent a kulcha for you too and has prayed that you must eat it. Saying this he took out one of the clans given by Abdullah. Malika said, Abdullah has great affection for me. I will definitely eat the kulcha given by him but before that you eat this kulcha which I have specially cooked for you by my hand. Saying this he gave the crushed crushed stone cooked at night to Badr. Abdullah has great affection for me. I will definitely eat the kulcha given by him but before that you eat this kulcha which I have specially cooked for you by my hand. Saying this he gave the crushed crushed stone cooked at night to Badr. Abdullah has great affection for me. I will definitely eat the kulcha given by him but before that you eat this kulcha which I have specially cooked for you by my hand. Saying this he gave the crushed crushed stone cooked at night to Badr.

Badr kept praising him for a long time that I would never be able to forget this grace. In the same conversation he hid the Kulcha given by Malika and ate the Kulcha given by Abdullah and praised its taste very much. After having eaten all his kulcha, Malika sprinkled water on him and said, “Let the ugly Kana become a horse.” But Badr had eaten ordinary churna, so there was no effect on him. Malika wondered why the magic didn’t work. She thought that there must have been some mistake in preparing the kulcha and in the night she would again prepare the magic kulcha intelligently and at this time it should not be any doubt.

So when Badr gave her the same Kulcha in the name of Abdullah’s family, she could not see anything and ate it. Badr gave him a splash of water on his face and said, become a mare. She immediately became a mare. Seeing this condition of hers, she became very sad and started praying for forgiveness by rubbing her muzzle on the feet of Badr. But it was useless. Even if Badr wanted, he could not make her a woman. Badr asked Sais to put a bridle in the mouth of this mare. But there was no bridle in his mouth properly. Then Badr asked for two horses. He himself rode on one and made Sais sit on the other and dragged the mare made lady with a rope and took her to Abdullah’s shop. Abdullah was pleased when he saw this scene from afar. He understood that Badr had succeeded in his task and Malika got the due punishment for her wickedness. Badr got off the horse, gave the rope of a new mare in the hand of Sais and went to the shop.

Abdullah got up and hugged him and praised his cleverness. Badr told him the whole situation and said that there is no bridle in his mouth. When the old Abdullah bridle one of his horses, it came into the mouth of the mare, who had become a mare. Then he said to Badr that now you should not stay in this country at all, ride on this horse and go to your country through such a route, but take care that this bridle should never come out of its mouth, otherwise it will be under your control. will be out. Saying this and giving the details of the way, the old man sent him off.

Badr went on sitting on the same mare made queen. After many days he reached a country. There he found an old man. This other old man also seemed to be a very decent man. He asked Badr about him, where do you come from, where do you intend to go, whether the journey is going well or not, etc. The old man had engaged him in such things that a beggar-looking old woman came and said, ‘You give me this mare and get some good horse. My son’s mare was exactly like this but she died and my son is very sad about it. Whatever price you ask for this mare, I will give it.

Badr did not even have to sell the horse. He denied. The old lady fell behind and said, son, have mercy on me. If the mare is not found, my son will die of sorrow and if he dies, I will not be able to live. Badr asked him to get rid of him that it is worth a lot, you will not be able to give. The old lady said that if you tell the price, I will give the price anyhow. Badr thought, this beggar will be able to manage at most some money. That’s why he said that you give me one thousand Asharfi and take this mare. Hearing this, the old lady took out the bag tied around her waist and gave it to Badr and said, Count these asharfis, and give me the mare. If two or four Asharfis are less, then my house is near, I will bring it immediately.

Now Badr panicked and said, Amma, keep this bag, I will not sell this mare at any price. The old man was standing nearby and listening to everything. He said, brother, now you will have to give this mare. You don’t know the rules of this country. Here the person who cheats in business gets the death penalty. This old lady gave the price you asked for. Now don’t be in vain. The mare has become old, give it to the old lady immediately. I am a witness to the deal. If the king heard that you are retiring from the deal, then understand that only God will be able to protect you.

Badr was very upset to hear this, but even after thinking a lot, he did not think of any way to save the mare. Eventually he got off the mare and gave the reins of the mare to the old lady. The old lady took the mare to a canal flowing nearby and taking off her bridle she sprinkled water on the mare’s mouth and said, “My dear daughter, leave the mare’s body and come back to your old body.” After saying this, Malika returned to her original form. Seeing this, Badr started falling on the ground, gasping in fear. The old man held on to Badr. The old lady was actually Malika’s mother and Malika had learned all the magic from her. Bringing the daughter in her real form, he hugged her. After this he recited a mantra from which a great and huge monster appeared from the west. He picked up Badr with one hand and Malika and his mother with the other and, flying in the sky, he took everyone to Malika’s palace in two moments.

On reaching there, Malika said to Badr, gritting her teeth, “Wicked, you have repaid my favors.” Now see how I punish you. I will understand the uncle made by you later. Having said this, he took water in his hand and sprinkled it on Badr and said, become a wretched owl. Badr came in the form of an owl. Then Malika gave it to a new maid and said, lock it in the cage and do not give it food or water, it will die of hunger automatically. The maid was kind. He locked Badr in a cage but kept giving him food and water, hiding it from Malika. That maid also said secretly to Abdullah on the same day, Malika has captured your nephew. She will kill him sooner or later, now you save your life because she has threatened to kill you too.

Abdullah understood that the hardest times had come and that he should do the work with all his might. He made a special sound. Immediately a genie appeared. He had four hands and all had fans. His name was Burke. As soon as he came, he said, Lord, what is the order? Abdullah said, you have to save the life of Badr, but for now only do that, take this maidservant to the royal palace of Iran. So that Rajmata Gul Anar would know the full news of her son from its mouth. The genie immediately brought that maid to the roof of the palace of Iran.

When the maid came down from the living room, she saw that Gul Anar and her mother were talking worriedly. The maid bowed humbly to both of them and told that Badr is lying like an owl in the captivity of the magic country’s lady. Gul Anar hugs the maid and appreciates her work. Then he ordered that it should be done that Emperor Badr is going to come to the country in a day or two. The third thing he did was that after asking for fire, pouring perfumed substance in it, recited the mantra and thus called his brother Saleh. On the arrival of Saleh, he told that your nephew Badr is lying like an owl in the captivity of the fire-worshipping queen of the land of magic. Saleh ordered his sea force to reach the land of magic immediately and said that I am also coming there soon. Then he gathered a large army of jinns and took them and reached the said country. That country was defeated in a few hours by the fierce attack of both the armies and

Gul Anar had also reached there. He asked the maid to bring the cage in which Badr is locked. She brought out the cage and took out Badr, who had become an owl. Gul Anar sprinkled the energized water on it and said, Come back in your old form. He came into his real body and Gul Anar hugged him. Then Badr met his maternal uncle and other relatives appropriately. He and the maid mentioned the favors of Abdullah to Badr. Gul Anar took everyone to Abdullah’s house and said, by your grace, Badr has met me again. How can I repay your favor? The old man said, whatever God has given to me, it is enough for me, but if you want to reward me, then give me the marriage of Badr to this maid, because she is beautiful and clever too and at this time she married Badr and I have done invaluable service. Gul Anar accepted this and called the Qazi and got the maid married to Badr.

Now Badr said to the mother, I have obeyed the orders of you and this fatherlike Abdullah sahib without any hesitation. But you know that my heartfelt desire is to marry Jawahar, the princess of the country of Samandal. Gul Anar smiled and said, well, I will try that too. Having said this, he ordered the sea ridge that wherever in the waters he sees a princess worthy of Badr, bring her here to marry with Badr. Badr said, all these are useless things. I will marry only the princess Jawahar, not anyone else. The trouble he gave me has made me angry with his father’s suffering. If you guys call Samandal King out of captivity and call him here, then he will definitely accept my marriage to Jawahar. Gul Anar said, son, Right now he is in your maternal uncle’s prison. On coming here, he will know whether he accepts the marriage or not. Now Badr prayed to Saleh to bring Samandal King out of captivity and bring him here. Saleh recited the mantra by putting frankincense in the fire and immediately the king of Samandal was also taken there. Badr fell at his feet and said humbly, “Saleh Mama had asked for the hand of Prince Jawahar for me only.” I am the king of Iran. Have mercy on me and accept your relationship with me. Forget all that happened so far.

King Samandal was very impressed by his modesty and lifted him up and hugged him and said, from your words it seems that you will not survive without Jawahar. How can I deny that you love him so deeply? I gave it to you with all my heart. Be leisurely on his side as well. She has never disobeyed me and she will happily agree to marry you if I say so.

Saying this, he ordered his chieftains that the princess Jawahar should bring him here from wherever he is. They went out in search of him and in no time found him and brought him to the place where his father was. King Samandal hugged Jawahar and said, “Daughter, I have given a promise to Badshah Badr that I will marry you with him.” I hope you will accept this. Jawahar said, I am ashamed of your orders, but I am very ashamed of Badshah. In anger, I treated him very badly. I don’t know whether they will forgive me for this or not. Badr said, You really hurt me by getting angry. Now I have forgotten him and you also forget him. A happy thing also happened that as soon as Malika died, all those people who were kept as animals by the power of mantra, They returned to their human form and happily participated in the marriage and went to their respective countries, blessing the bride and groom. Then King Samandal went to his country with his chieftains, Emperor Badr left for Iran with his mother and wives, and after staying there for a few days, Saleh also returned to his country with his mother.

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