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It happened by chance A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

The world is a handkerchief, or so they say, in the most unexpected place you can end up meeting the last person you would have imagined: a childhood friend, a relative you haven’t seen for years, a girlfriend you had forgotten, a teacher that you did not like very well, the neighbor who lived under you before you moved or that classmate with whom you never crossed a word …

Any place is likely to become the perfect setting for that unexpected encounter: the street, the university, the public bus, the waiting room of a hospital, the music section of a shopping center, the beach on the night of San Juan. or the birthday party of that mutual friend …

And then the two of you stare at each other for a couple of seconds with silly faces, trying to remember who that person is and what you know them about. You narrow your eyes until the upper eyelashes touch the lower eyelid, you press your lips slightly and at that moment you receive an image in your mind in which you are both and you think: «Oh, of course it is…., That of…. » And you smile.

The conversation runs between courtesy questions and answers to bring each other up to date and vice versa, while the different moments in which you were with that person pass through your mind. Then you remember how special it could have been for you and also why you stopped seeing each other. At that moment you make an excuse that sounds like a fallacy to walk away and avoid thinking about it …

Life is full of encounters and disagreements, some desired, others expected, and then there are fortuitous ones, those that could be attributed to chance, coincidences, to fate?

It’s those times when you bump into her in a corner spreading her notes on the floor and you both bend down to pick them up; or when in a cocktail party you turn without realizing it and crash into the glass she was holding, which ends up spilled on your shirt, or maybe that rainy day when you’re waiting at a traffic light under your umbrella and next to you you see a girl soaked, and then you, without saying anything, move your umbrella a little more to the left to shelter her as well and she notices it and looks at you and smiles at you thinking: «it will be raining, but you are a sun …»

Nice scene if it weren’t for the fact that at that moment a bus passes by raising a thin curtain of water that gets you both wet …

«You remind me of a girl that I once knew,
I see her face whenever I, I look at you …»

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