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Who does not know a Jaimito joke? They are a classic, and perhaps one of the most common characters in kid’s jokes as it allows us to create affordable and well-known environments for all kid.

The good thing about Jaimito is that it doesn’t matter the age, the country or the type of joke, we can place him in bizarre situations that delight any lover of laughter.

  • We can see Jaimito in class (we already know that he is not a very good student and that he usually has his pluses and minuses with the teachers)
  • Jaimito also does his thing at home, with his parents he has the occasional great occurrence…
  • And with his friends, neighbors, even with the dog, we can burst out laughing, because what this boy is not capable of is not worth a joke. Our Kahaniyan site has more jokes for kids.

Who is Jaime?

We all have the feeling of knowing him, we have been hearing jokes with Jaimito as the protagonist since we were little.

Even the term “Don’t do a Jaimito” has been coined when someone tends to be clumsy and find themselves in hilarious situations.

We can come to think that he was a real kid, that due to his clumsiness and his occurrences he ended up creating the myth. But nothing could be further from the truth, Jaimito is a popular invention -the closeness of the name and the diminutive- makes us seem even closer.

Pepito, Juanito, Jaimito… The same character receives different names depending on the country. If you are from Spain, you know Jaimito, but if you cross the pond and they tell you the joke in some Latin American country…

But, you may wonder what is the origin of Jaimito’s jokes? at some point, someone had to tell the first…

Well, we have been researching and there is little information, although the most relevant theory is this:

The origin of Jaimito’s jokes

We have all grown up accompanied by the madness of this character, but what is his origin?

The formula is well known, but having these jokes on hand never hurts to make kid laugh.

In order to understand this phenomenon, we must analyze the structure and characteristics of this type of jokes and popular jokes that have lasted over time…

Can you imagine Cervantes or Quevedo writing Jaimito jokes?

Personality: it is one of the fundamental characteristics of the protagonist, mischievous, irreverent and mischievous, sometimes he seems silly and others too smart.

The situations: they start out totally mundane and recognizable by anyone, they always turn around and end up being wildly crazy.

These types of attributes are classics of literature, the character of the buffoon has existed for centuries, that is really the origin of the character as such… But the Jaimito that we all know, the one with his own name, has his peak in the humor magazine graphic that was published for kid and that contained a strip of this character

“Jaimito’s comics” were very successful among kid and during the 30 years that the magazine was in print, Jaimito became another character in Spanish popular culture.

You don’t need to look for more Jaimito jokes , in Mundo Elementary you can find them all, we have an extensive list for you where you can laugh a lot.

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