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bedbug and poor louse Panchatantra Story

A louse named Mandrisarpini had camped in the bedroom of a king. Every night when the king went, she would secretly go out and after sucking the king’s blood, she would hide in her place.

Incidentally, one day a bedbug named Agnimukh also entered the king’s bedroom. When the louse saw him, he asked to leave from there. He did not tolerate any other interference in his jurisdiction.

But the bedbug was no less clever, say, “Look, the guest is not treated like this, I am your guest tonight.” The louse finally came in the smooth talk of the bedbug and, giving her shelter, said, “Well, you can stay here all night, but if you bite the king then not to suck his blood.” The bedbug said, “But I am your guest, you will give me something to eat. And what could be better food than the blood of a king.

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“All right.” The louse said, “you should silently suck the king’s blood, he should not feel the pain.”

“As you say, it will be so.” started waiting for
At nightfall the king came there and fell asleep on the bed. Seeing him, the bedbug forgot everything and started biting the king, to suck blood. He had tasted such delicious blood for the first time, so he started sucking the blood of the king by biting him hard. Due to this, there was severe itching in the body of the king and his sleep was disturbed. Filled with anger, he asked his servants to find and kill the bedbug.

Hearing this, the clever bedbug hid under the foot of the bed, but the louse sitting on the corner of the sheet came in the sight of the king’s servants. They caught him and killed.

Lesson: We should not trust strangers by coming in their frivolous talk, but should be careful with them.

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