Sheikh Chilli Story

Khayali Pulao | The Story of Sheikh chilli | Sheikh Chilli Story

Khayali Pulao: The Story of Sheikh chilli

One morning Mian Sheikh reached Chilli Bazaar. He bought eggs from the market and filled those eggs in a basket and placed it on his head, then he started going towards the house. On the way home, he realized that if these eggs hatch, I would have a lot of hens. All those hens will lay lots of eggs. I will become rich by selling those eggs in the market. Once I get rich, I will hire a servant who will do the shopping for me. After that I will build a luxurious house like a palace for myself. That big house will have all kinds of grand comforts.

It will have separate rooms for eating, for resting and for sitting. After finishing the house, I will marry a virtuous, handsome and wealthy girl. I will also hire a servant for my wife and will buy nice clothes, jewelry, etc. for her. After marriage, I will have 5-6 children, I will raise them with a lot of pampering. And then after they grow up, I will get them married. Then they will have children. Then I will play happily with my grandchildren.

Mian Sheikh Chilli was going on thinking, waving in his thoughts, when he stumbled on his foot and the basket of eggs placed on his head fell on the ground in a hurry. As soon as the basket of eggs fell on the ground, all the eggs got ruined. Along with the cracking of eggs, dreams like Khayali Pulao of Mian Sheikh Chilli were also shattered to pieces.

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