Sheikh Chilli Story

Leopard Hunt: The Story of Sheikh chilli | Sheikh Chilli Story

Tendue Ka Shikar: Sheikh Chilli Story

Sheikh Chilli’s luck woke up! The Nawab of Jhajjar had hired Sheikh Chilli. Sheikh Chilli was now a dignitary of the society.

One day Nawab Sahib was going for hunting. Sheikh Chilli also requested to come along. “Hey Mian, what will you do in the dense forests?” asked the Nawab. “The forest is just a place to daydream! Have you ever hunted a mouse, you will now hunt a leopard?”

“Government, you just give me a chance to show your skill,” said Sheikh Chilli with great admiration.

So now Sir Sheikh Chilli also joined the hunting party holding a gun in his hand. He found himself on top of a scaffold. Not far away there was a big tree to which the food of the leopard – a goat was tied. It was a moonlit night. In this environment, whenever the leopard jumps over the goat, it will be clearly visible. On the other scaffolds, the Nawab Sahib and his experienced hunters were silently waiting for the leopard to arrive. When many hours had passed like this, Sheikh Chilli started getting a bit restless. “Where is that fucking panther?” he asked the other hunter sitting beside him on the scaffold.

“Shut up!” said the hunter whispering. “In this way you will destroy the whole fleet!”

Sheikh Chilli fell silent but he did not like it. Is it any good that all of us are sitting hidden in the trees and waiting for a poor animal? We must take our guns and walk! But people say that leopard runs very fast. He runs in the forest the same way my kite runs in the sky, well leave it too. We will run after him. We will follow him till the end. Gradually, the rest of the hunters will be left behind. I will go ahead leaving everyone behind. I will go right after the leopard. The leopard will know that I am right behind it. He’ll stop. He will turn He will know that now his end is near. He will look straight into my eyes. One would look into the eyes of a hunter. And then I…. The

leopard and the leopard fell dead in front of the mimetic goat. He was just about to catch the goat!

A hunter went with great care to see the dead body of the leopard. The leopard was dead. But who had killed him so swiftly? Sheikh Chilli’s accomplice bowed his back and congratulated Sheikh Chilli.

“What a wonderful target!” he said. “You have defeated us all and put us by surprise!

” “Well done Mian! Well done!” said the Nawab while congratulating Sheikh Chilli. In the meantime, the entire hunting party had gathered to inspect the leopard killed by Sheikh. “I thought no hunter would be able to challenge me, but Sheikh Chilli taught us all a lesson. Wow! What a fine target!”

Sheikh Chilli bowed his head in awe. Sheikh Chilli had no idea when that leopard came and how his gun was fired!

But the leopard was dead. And now Sheikh Chilli had become a top-notch hunter! There was no doubt about it now!

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