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Letter to Soledad A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

Dear Soledad,

I wanted to write you a few lines to express the doubts and concerns that have been haunting my head lately. I think this relationship does not work and I know that you have also noticed it because I notice you more distant every day and we no longer share so much time together.

It’s been a long time since that first time you and I met almost by chance and I have to tell you that I remember it as an old song that everyone hates, but no one dares to forget.

I have to admit that all this time with you has not always been the best of my life. I admit there were times when I wanted you with all my soul, but once I had you, the hangover you left in her filled me with sadness.

I have also come to hate you because of your jealousy, because you wanted me only and everything for you, because you overwhelmed me wanting to be with me at all times. Don’t you understand that you can’t be everything in my life, that sooner or later this had to happen?

You have helped me to know myself, to become stronger, to not need anything or anyone to be happy. You taught me to know how to take the blows that life gives us and to get up without paying attention to the wounds.

And now that I have learned from you all that you could instill in me, I think the time has come to put an end to this stage of my life and leave you behind on the way. Do not try to return because you will not be welcome, do not call me because I will have forgotten your name and do not look for me because for me you will have ceased to exist.

You may wonder why I have made this sudden change, perhaps the rumors have already reached you and although you do not want to give them credit, I will confirm them: Yes, I have noticed someone, a woman and I think she is so wonderful that I’m not going to let her escape, not for you, not for anyone.

It is possible that you, who are sensation and feeling, isolation and abandonment, closure and silence, cannot understand the ins and outs of a human heart, and for that I cannot blame you. Your nature deprives you of the most wonderful things in life and forces you to beg from broken, sad and lonely hearts.

And this is a goodbye that I hope never turns into a see you soon. Forget me because as soon as I finish writing these words I will have already started to do it. Thank you for the good that you leave me but I hope that our paths will not meet again.

Now yes, goodbye my loneliness.

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