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This compilation of long jokes for kids is designed for those who are a little older and can read on their own. They have a level of humor adapted to their age, but looking to also work on reading and reading comprehension.

Jokes create trust, for them and for the family, because a series of jokes between parents and kids creates very strong ties. It greatly increases kid’s self-esteem, developing a cheerful character , and their willingness to function in groups, since, by telling jokes to them, they will be able to perceive how funny it is, they will record it, and consequently they will tell it to their friends, the main judges of this important factor, personal self-esteem. Our Kahaniyan site has more jokes for kids.

An element to highlight would be creativity, which in this case translates into an entertaining way of telling jokes for kids, especially long jokes, since the eloquent and lively way of telling these goes hand in hand with that expectation of generating a good laugh at the end. Literally a long joke, no matter how good its content is, if it is not well told, it will not do any good.

Long jokes for kids, over short ones, generate a willingness to maintain an adequate environment, over many factors. If we tell a long joke to a kids, and he does not react in the best way, we will know that we did not do it well at all, and we will have to give up our goal of entertaining him.

Long jokes and their importance in kids

The complexity of a long joke are its variables. It’s like kayaking on a murky river, if we don’t know how to navigate it safely and skillfully, we’ll crash and sink, and we don’t want to look bad in front of our kids.

Like a suspense story, or an incredible anecdote, a long joke must have a well-crafted plot, if we want to tell a long joke to a kids, we must transmit this plot, together with that feeling of intrigue, that generates that desire to love find out more, and look forward to the end of the story.

In the same way, when telling long jokes for kids, that level of simplicity that characterizes age must be maintained. A long and complex joke will leave them confused, and we will not communicate the most important feelings that we want to make the little ones see.

The most significant thing, like any other joke we tell kids, is that they have fun , and they can and want to tell their friends or other people since, from our point of view, it is our goal, that they go out and can get by telling a good long joke, and that ends in a good laugh.

The humor factor, together with good values, respect and trust that we instill in our kids, will make them go through adolescence without problems. Always telling a good long joke to our kids, adolescents or adults, will always go down well and maintain that family bond, of great importance in all families.

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