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Adaptation of the popular tale of Puerto Rico

They say that many years ago, in a city in Puerto Rico called Aibonito, there lived a married couple that had five children, two girls and three boys.

The mother and the daughters made their living working as cleaners in the houses of rich people, so their day to day passed between rags, scouring pads and bleach; meanwhile, the father and the sons were dedicated to cutting firewood that they later sold to the carpenters in the area. As you can see, the entire family worked hard to bring money home and get ahead.

Well, not all of them were really sticking out their shoulders because the youngest son named Lui was a downright bum. He hated studying and hadn’t heard from school for a long time. Nor did he help chop wood because it seemed like a most boring task. At fourteen, he spent the day lazing around doing nothing.

Worst of all, when he was sent on a simple errand he would get angry and protest like a selfish child unable to do a favor. His parents always complained about his behavior and his bad temper, but the truth is that they no longer knew what to do to make him see reason.

One summer day, coal-black clouds appeared in the sky. A huge storm was coming and the mother thought it could have serious consequences. To prevent them, he told his young son.

– Lui, the storm is going to explode at any moment and you already know that it can cause a blackout. Most likely, we will run out of power. Please go to the store across the river and buy five candles and a box of matches just in case we need them.

Lui, as was usual for him, replied in a very bad way to his sweet and patient mother.

– What a roll, mom, I don’t want to go!

– Come on, Lui, don’t be lazy! Now the river is almost dry and you are not in danger, but soon it will start to rain and fill with water. If the storm is very strong it could even overflow and flood everything.You must leave as soon as possible!

– What a bummer to have to cross the river now!

– Lui, I won’t repeat it: put your coat on and go now!

Lui got up from the chair grumbling. He left the house and at that moment it started to rain very hard.

– Wow, right now it starts pouring, what disgusting time!

He walked for a long time and reached the river. His anger was even more when he saw that it had been filled with water and the current was quite strong.

– Damn it!… I’m soaked to the bone and on top of that I have to put my legs in the freezing water!

The grumpy young man had no other choice and began to walk through it without even taking off his shoes. Total, I was already soaked …

The water was up to his knees and he had to hold on to the branches and rocks that jutted out on the surface.

– What an unpleasant assignment!… I hate having to do this!

He had crossed the middle of the river when an immense black bird appeared above his head, opening its claws, grabbing him by the shirt and lifting him into the air like hunting prey.

The boy, seeing himself hanging many meters high, began to scream in terror.

– Help! Help, someone help me! Help!

A woman who happened to be passing by heard the screams, looked up and saw Lui hanging from the legs of a gigantic bird, swaying like a rag doll.

The lady started screaming like crazy:

“Hey, you rascal bird, let go of the boy!” Let go of it as it will fall!

The bird was startled by the voices, jumped and inadvertently opened its claws.

Poor Lui started descending at breakneck speed! For a few seconds he thought that his life had come to an end, but just before stamping himself a miracle happened: instead of falling to the ground, he did it on some brambles, the closest thing there was to a mattress. The smack was colossal and he made some championship bruises, but thanks to the fortune of falling softly, he managed to save his skin.

The woman, who had seen everything, went to ask for help. Despite the tremendous downpour that was falling immediately, several residents of the town came who, showing great solidarity, took Lui out of the thicket where he was entangled and carried him home in their arms.

Lui was very sore, he was fatal. His mother dried him off with a towel, laid him very carefully on the bed, disinfected the wounds on his body one by one, and when she finished she prepared a plate of warm broth for him. Afterwards, he let her sleep for a few hours so that little by little she would recover.

When Lui woke up, he saw his wonderful mother sitting on his bed next to him, caressing his hand tenderly.

– Mom, thanks for being so good to me. On the other hand, I have always been lazy and ungrateful … I have behaved fatally with you and you do not deserve it. From now on I will be a good boy and I will help you in everything. I promise you, mom.

His mother kissed him on the forehead because she knew she meant it with her heart. Lui had learned his lesson.

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