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Mexican fables for kids a best stories for kids to read

The Mexican Fables are literary compositions that besides having lessons from important values and ethical foundations for human beings, have cultural elements belonging to the Mexican country that make them special and individuals. There are many fables that are reminiscent of Mexican history and we can find there several well-known writers of this genre.

Although within the Mexican fables there are some versions of the best-known classical fables, the writing of Mexican fables is characterized by several factors giving it a turn so that each teaching takes on a local sense while maintaining the structure that characterizes the fable. This is how these fables always preserve a moral or teaching of a moral character and whose characters are almost always animals or objects with human characteristics.

The best known Mexican fables

The elements that the fables possess refer to the culture and form of each country and some Mexican writers have stood out in the literary narrative. They are: José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi , who began to be called “the Mexican thinker”, José Rosas Moreno who was known in various academic and literary circles as “the childhood poet” and the great Mexican poet and fabulist Rosa Carreto , among others.

The rhetoric that seeks to preach life lessons par excellence are fables. Some ancient Mexican fables are very difficult to date, since their history was limited, however, the Mexican oral tradition and the idiosyncrasy of a people advanced over a millennial past in which Mexican fables were not left behind. That is why the great Mexican fabulists we know are all from the modern era. Likewise, Mexican fables, like all fables, generate great empathy with readers and teach them values ​​to follow.

Mexican fables share many similarities with other types of fables, what characterizes them is the inclusion of some elements that are everyday and some forms of writing that may be more friendly for Mexican boys and girls, however, we can enjoy them in all over the world for his genius and inventiveness. We invite you to read more fables and you will be able to know one that catches your attention.

No matter what country you are in, keep reading and learn about Mexican fables.

The hypocritical tiger and the leopard

Mexican Fables The Hypocritical Tiger and the Leopard

  • Author: José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi
  • Summary : a tiger was often great and everyone said of his good intentions. It indicated that he was a great pious man who remembered the unfortunate, and so a passing leopard heard him. He then asked him what he was doing in the face of the misfortunes of others and the tiger, with his tail on his legs, answered that nothing.
  • Moral: we must avoid being like those who live by gossip and say they feel sorry when in reality they contribute little. It is hypocritical to talk a lot, but at the moment of truth not to do or contribute anything.

The turtle and the ant

Mexican Fables The Turtle and the Ant

  • Author: José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi
  • Summary : the turtle commented to the ant how very placid it looked eating its seeds, wheat and others during the winter, and then added how poor it was that it hardly fed on a lizard from time to time. Given this, the ant replied that in the summer he was collecting all his banquet, and asked the turtle what she was doing while. The turtle replied that he scratched his belly and that was when he realized that, for that very reason, he was now starving.
  • Moral: those who do not work and make an effort for their well-being can live moments of hardship because they do not secure their fortune. Whoever is forewarned is better protected.

The nightingale and the raven

Mexican Fables The Nightingale and the Raven

  • Author: Rosa Carreto
  • Summary : On one occasion, at the request of the king of animals, there was a contest to win the position of best musician and singer. Several animals showed up, including the nightingale and, unexpectedly at the last minute, the raven signed up. When the time came, the nightingale sang beautiful melodies that amazed. Then the raven followed, barely squawking a couple of times. The vote was taken and the verdict was given, determining that the crow was the best singer. All surprised later understood that the raven was a great friend of the jury.
  • The moral: many times great talents are wasted due to corruption and cronyism.

The suit that the charro chose

Mexican fables The suit that the charro chose

  • Summary : at a fair, on the outskirts of a city in Mexico, the entire town was preparing for the big event. The costumes were also prepared for the charro to come and choose the best. Three suits competed with each other to find out which was the favorite. The first said it would be chosen for its brilliance, the second for its wonderful colors, and the third for its quality. When the charro arrived to choose his suit, to everyone’s surprise, he chose a fourth suit he had remained silent and which was undoubtedly the most beautiful for the charro.
  • Moral: everyone has their own value and stands out for their particular abilities. Don’t try to give yourself value by trampling on others.

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