Difference and Separation Between Friends

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The fruit of treason Panchatantra Story

Two friends Dharmabuddhi and Papabuddhi lived in Himmat Nagar. Once a thought came in the mind of Papabuddhi that why should not I go to another country with friend Dharmabuddhi and earn money. Later, by some means or the other, by swindling all his wealth, I will live a happy life. Due to this fate, Papabuddhi persuaded Dharmabuddhi to go out with him, luring him to acquire wealth and knowledge.

Seeing the auspicious time, both the friends left for another city. While leaving, he took a lot of goods with him and earned a lot of money by selling them at the asking prices. Finally returned to the village with a happy heart.

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On reaching near the village, Papabuddhi told Dharmabuddhi that in my opinion it is not proper to take all the money in the village at once. Some people will start getting jealous of us, then some people will start asking for money in the form of loans. It is possible that a thief could steal it. In my opinion, we should bury some money in a safe place in the forest itself. Otherwise, seeing all the wealth, the mind of sannyasis and mahatmas also trembles.
Simply, Dharmabuddhi again agreed with the idea of ​​​​Painbuddhi. At the same time, both of them dug pits in a safe place and buried their money and left for home.

Later, seeing the opportunity, one night, Kubuddhi secretly took out all the money buried there and grabbed it. After a few days Dharmabuddhi said to Papabuddhi: Brother, I need some money. So you come with me. The intellect is ready. When he dug the pit to extract the money, nothing was found there. Papabuddhi immediately acted out crying. He accused Dharmabuddhi of taking away money. Both of them went to the judge fighting.

Both presented their side before the judge. The judge ordered a Divya-Pariksha to find out the truth.

Both had to take turns to put their hands in the burning fire. Papabuddhi opposed this, he said that the forest gods would testify. The judge accepted this. Papabuddhi made his father sit in the hollow of a withered tree. When the judge asked, a voice came that Dharmabuddhi had committed theft.

Then Dharmabuddhi lit a fire under the tree. The tree started burning and along with it the father of sinful intellect, he started crying and crying badly. After a while, Papabuddhi’s father came out from the root of the tree which was scorched by fire. He revealed the true secret of the witness of the Vandevta.

The judge sentenced Papabuddhi to death and got Dharmabuddhi all his money.

Lesson: It is the dharma of a man that along with worrying about the remedy, he should also worry about the remedy.

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