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Foolish Heron and Weasel Panchatantra Story

Many herons lived in the shell of a big banyan tree in the forest. A snake also lived in the root of the same tree. He used to eat small children in the neighborhood.

A heron sat on the bank of the river after being repeatedly eaten by the snake, feeling very sad and disinterested.

There were tears in his eyes. Seeing him so sad, a crab came out of the water and said to him: – “Mama! What’s the matter, why are you crying today?”

The heron said – “Brother! The thing is that my children are eaten by snakes again and again. I do not know any way, how to destroy the snake. You tell me some remedy.”

The crab thought in his mind, ‘This heron is my birthplace, I will tell him such a remedy, so that along with the destruction of the snake, it will also be destroyed.’ Thinking this he said.

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“Mama! Do one thing, take some pieces of meat and put them in front of the bill of the mongoose. After that, starting from that bill, spread many pieces till the bill of the snake. The mongoose will eat those pieces till the snake’s bill And seeing the snake there too, he will kill him.”

The heron did the same. The mongoose ate the snake, but after the snake, it also ate the herons living on that tree.

The heron thought of the remedy, but did not think of its other side effects. He got the fruits of his stupidity.

Lesson: Think Before You Do

Moorakh Mittar | Panchatantra Stories in English

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