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The preschool and primary stages are one of the most important moments in the lives of kids. They offer a good opportunity to encourage creativity, imagination and a taste for literature. Poetry allows teachers to teach in a fun way how to write, read and understand any text and helps them express their emotions.

The little ones love the musicality of kid’s poems and they can be a way to interest the little ones in reading and writing. Hooking the little ones to reading is one of the great challenges of current education.

Poetry is a literary genre that expresses beauty or feelings through words, whether in verse or prose. Thanks to poetry, kids have the possibility of acquiring knowledge in a fun way, since for them it is like a game. They will listen to the poems and learn naturally and quickly without having to make a great effort. In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

Nursery Rhymes

Short kid’s poems are very beneficial for kid because they stimulate the imagination and teach vocabulary. They also help them exercise memory, improve oral expression and encourage creativity. kids can work on emotions thanks to poetry and also values ​​such as generosity, solidarity or friendship. For parents, telling kids poetry is a very simple activity that will help them establish a very personal communication with their kids. They love listening to poems for kids at any time of the day, especially at night, which will help them fall asleep. A poem a day is the best medicine.

nursery rhymes for kids

Kid’s poetry is one that has been written especially for kids. A perfect tool to bring kids closer to reading and writing by teachers or parents. kids who listen to poetry are interested in books and letters. If you want the little ones to be interested in poetry, you have to choose short rhymes that can be read calmly and that are appropriate for their age. Keep in mind that the little ones love funny and original rhymes.

It is essential that kids understand the message so that they are interested in short kid’s poems. If the little ones get bored or distracted, they will not pay attention and will not enjoy reading. They must be able to understand the poem and if not, we can help them by explaining what each of the words and the poetry as a whole mean.

Poems can be a good excuse to talk to them about what worries them, be it friends, classmates, teachers, or their fears and insecurities. A way to naturally and spontaneously address your small big problems.

Poems for elementary school kids with rhyme

kids love short kid’s poems with themes such as family, animals, friends, familiar objects or school. Short kid’s poems related to their closest environment. These will be easier for them to understand than long kid’s poems.

Among the activities that are recommended for primary school kids is listening to poems written by authors who have been inspired by the different manifestations of our popular literature. In primary school it is recommended to read short poems aloud and for kids to be able to express what they like or dislike about these poems. With this they will develop their taste for poetry and critical spirit from primary school.

Another interesting activity is for primary school students to learn to recite poems alone and in groups with proper articulation and intonation. The parent or teacher should tell them how to recite the poem. This activity will help exercise their memory by repeating the poems over and over again to learn them and will be very useful for their education in the future.

For preschool kids

In the preschool or infant stage, poetry can be a good resource for parents and teachers. Short poems for kids favor the development of their language since they usually use more complex and elaborate sentences than in stories. Not only simple sentences are used but compound sentences can be included.

Poetry is not only entertainment for the little ones but it can also stimulate their development. Poetry can help improve kid’s auditory and visual memory thanks to its rhythm and musicality.

In addition, thanks to poems, kids can develop new communication skills. At this stage it is essential to enhance verbal expression with new words and poems can expand kid’s vocabulary and help them understand more complex concepts.

Poetry can foster kid’s creativity and imagination. It can also promote values ​​and help them resolve conflicts with their friends and classmates.

For them to be interested in poetry, you have to choose short poems appropriate to their age. Look for poems that don’t have too complex a vocabulary. They should understand the poem and interest you in it as well. A good idea is to start by reading the poems to the kids with intonation, but then have the kids repeat them until he learns them. This way you will exercise your memory and learn to measure your capacity.

Even as a last step, the kids can be encouraged to dramatize the poem with a partner or sibling, giving it the appropriate intonation and acting out the scene. The little ones will have a great time playing different characters and reciting the poems. Little by little, the kids will get hooked on the poems and will want to repeat the experience another day.

Many Spanish and foreign authors have written poems that preschool or primary school kid may like, such as Gloria Fuertes, Federico García Lorca, María Elena Walsh, Antonio Machado, Rubén Darío, Rafael Alberti, Carlos Reviejo, Mar Benegas or Antonio García. Teijeiro.

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