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Penultimate dance A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

The dance floor filled with couples as the light began to dim and the first notes sighing out of what appeared to be heaven.

In the center, with a special flash, the bride and groom, unable to stop looking at each other’s eyes, glided on the light weight of happiness to the beat of a perpetual smile. Their spectrum in the windows made them float through the night sky, surrounded by stars, so close to the world of dreams that everything around them began to become invisible.

The succession of waltzes encouraged more and more guests, while in one of the corners a group of unpaired twentysomethings waited for one of the shy youngsters to decide to take them out to dance and thus be able to show off their dresses in exchange for receiving a footstep on their shoes.

The room grew rejuvenated as the song selection abandoned classical styles and their discipline of movement. Having forgotten the initial embarrassments, the spontaneity and naturalness raised the quality of the dances, the variety of styles, the exaltation of friendships and the exchange of glances.

Until a soft melody born from the caress of the strings of a guitar, melted the guests back into pairs. One of them, separated from people and reality, lived those minutes of intimacy in a special way, almost without daring to look into each other’s eyes, despite the fact that proximity forced them to do so, as if it were a commitment they longed to undergo. , as if that song had been inspired by that moment.

Each turn became an image that blurred the rest of the couples in the background and left that delicate and beautiful complexion perfectly clear.

Feelings slipping through his skin and reaching the climactic moment of the ballad, he closed his eyes and let the inertia of the melody guide his steps, until he felt the music fade and his hands were suspended in empty space. He opened his eyes again despite knowing that she was already gone.

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