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Pilarín and her dolls reading for kids | Kids Reading | Reading Kids

Pilarín is a restless and playful girl. He has many knickknacks in his room, but what he likes the most is a rag doll that his mother made for him. For some time, they are inseparable.

She may not be the prettiest doll in the world because her eyes are two simple blue buttons and her mouth is sewn up with red thread. The hair is made with a ball of thick wool that had been forgotten in the sewing basket for years.

Nor is it the most modern since her polka dot dress comes from an old scrap. She doesn’t cry, walk, or say things like other dolls, but the girl doesn’t care; he takes her to school in his backpack, prepares little imaginary meals for her in his plastic kitchen and at night, they sleep together.

Pilarín never forgets to give a little kiss and wish happy dreams to her beloved doll. For her it is the most beautiful of all.

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