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It is half past one, I have finally finished classes for today, it has not been a particularly hard day, but the last subject I have had has been quite dense.

I leave the faculty, jogging as usual because the subway does not wait for anything or anyone and I barely have three minutes to not miss it. Well, it was going out into the street and without being able to realize it, I felt like a kind of punch that left my face red. Luckily for me, the blow did not come from a hand, but from a ray (or more than one) of this Valencian sun that lately is more motivated than ever.

I have recovered from the impact as quickly as possible, I have removed my sunglasses and I have continued my race against the clock thinking about getting home, falling on a random lounger and immersing myself in a deep sleep until a light breeze caresses my skin and return my consciousness to the world where dreams are too expensive.

An impertinent curb that I almost tripped over forcibly takes me out of my thoughts and reminds me that no matter how much I want to, this wonderful plan is not going to materialize, because my schedule is full of papers, exhibitions, exams, contests and recordings slopes. Therefore, as soon as I get home, I will have to eat at full speed and leverage myself in front of the computer to type without stopping until my eyelids give way and I have to regain strength in bed.

And it seems that this is going to be the trend of this spring-summer season: sleep is out of fashion, so the dark circles will be well marked, to match the fatigue shirts and stress pants, which are They can be combined with shoes of nerves and belts of obligations. In the head the worries and stresses that highlight the disfigured figure from eating quickly are styled. As accessories, watches with little time and “ties” with two balls at chin level are having a lot of success …

In short, it is the student condition, with its bad moments in February and June and its parties the rest of the year. Well, nothing, a lot of encouragement and good luck to those of you who will soon begin to stick your elbows to the table. I leave you, I have finally arrived at the station and the metro is approaching …

I saw young people walking, cut the air of security
in a moment I understood that the future is already here. “

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