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The proverbs of life not only describe life but are also capable of creating it. The wonders of human language allow us to communicate thousands of experiences that synthesize the experiences of other people.

As we grow older, we begin to acquire new life experiences and we also begin to learn new words constantly. Over the years we hear proverbs that increasingly make more sense as we live.

Those phrases that our grandparents used to use to express their experiences seem to make more sense in our own lives. There was always a curious and very clever phrase to metaphorically express life situations. Those who have preceded us have left us their learning of the world in simple but very accurate sentences.

Sayings of life or life of sayings?

The development of the history of humanity was possible thanks to the manifestation of orality. The communication of needs and the establishment of social relationships made it possible for the world we know today to develop. In this way language can be a fundamental expression for life.

The way we talk to each other substantially affects the way we relate to the world. Developing activities to create a succulent and spontaneous language can generate more possibilities to face life on better terms.

Before the appearance of writing, those codes that graphically represent a language, the need to remember certain surprising conclusions that other people had reached and their life stories made these phrases full of wisdom emerge.

Most of the time, the popular oral tradition contains deep truths expressed by the traditions of the community, since they give us clues about how to face life that constituted the ways of educating the individual inside and outside their community.

Among praises, poems, proverbs and stories, proverbs appeared as short and concise phrases that best express useful and practical advice for life. From generation to generation, all kinds of reflections and advice that someone saw relevant at the time have been transmitted.

There are many sayings that you have surely heard and that sometimes do not have much meaning for us. In all languages ​​we can find sayings that advise us in all kinds of areas and that have been told to descendants as life advice. I bet you two oranges that you know more proverbs than you count!

Sayings: summary of lived experiences

Knowledge is not only in books, but the experiences themselves are par excellence great teachers of life. The most convenient thing is to know and delve into different tools to face reality.

Sayings explain everyday life in few and simple words. The life lessons that other people have received, as well as the customs and traditions of a culture, are ingeniously transmitted in our heritage legacy through sayings.

The proverbs of life explain the most general aspects of life and often fulfill an exhortatory function of language, giving us warnings, experiences and advice to avoid bad times. As we grow, we create and err. All experiences are necessary to become wise people. Nobody is born learned! and it never hurts to receive advice.

The proverbs in many cases guide us in difficult situations. There are sayings that encourage you to go one step further, to stop when necessary and to correct the mistakes that result from rushing. Many sayings even teach us not to despair when setbacks appear.

Experience is shared in the form of saying

Sayings are phrases whose authorship we usually do not know. However, the really important thing about the saying is its fame and its legacy over time. The story that gave it its origin, whether it is real or imaginary, always comes from learning through experience.

Whoever said the saying was trying to deliver a message. The proverbs that we say contain the ways in which we perceive life and we can convey what we think with a few words in any situation of social interaction using this paremia.

They are like pragmatic formulas that contain a message with historical meaning. Generally, proverbs become fixed expressions that coincide in summarizing certain experiences expressing our daily life.

Sayings are so important in our daily lives that it is worth asking ourselves about this enormous repertoire of phrases and proverbs that express directly or indirectly and point to cultural traditions. In a few words, the proverb of humanity contains the life of the peoples and their traditions.

Tell me what proverbs you use and I’ll tell you who you are

In our times, a century of important changes, we are in search of a language that is more friendly. There are many sayings that express different ways of seeing life.

The metaphors that proverbs carry in some cases are considered retrograde or outdated because they do not comply with the forms of life that are emerging. When society changes, language does too and of course proverbs cannot be left behind. Some recent positions propose a change of words but keep the idea. Example: Instead of “being a guinea pig”, say “being a test tube”.

In any case, you can choose how you want to speak and how picturesque you want your slang to appear. Only with words can you convey a whole vision of life.

Any saying that expresses your way of life? There are many sayings of life that you can learn. If you want to know more about them, we leave you a list of great proverbs for you to review, because whoever searches finds .

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