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Shahzada Ahmed and Paribanu-Alif Laila

Shehrzad said, Badshah Salamat, in the olden days a king of Hindustan was very majestic and opulent. He had three sons. The name of the elder was Hussain, the name of the middle was Ali and the name of the younger was Ahmed. When a brother of the emperor died, he raised his daughter by keeping him in his palace. He appointed many virtuous and scholars for his education. She grew up playing sports with her cousins ​​in her childhood. The idea of ​​the first emperor was to marry his niece to another prince. But he learns that the three princes are infatuated with their cousins, each of them wishing that he should be married to the princess.

The emperor was very worried about how to solve this problem. It was clear that if she were to be married to an outside prince, all three of her sons would be unhappy. It is possible that one of them may commit suicide because the princess is always out of sight. It is also possible that some of them may rebel against their father due to anger. If a princess is married with one of them then the other two will be sad and think that injustice has been done to us. Even in the face of this despair, they do not know what to do. The emperor was in a strange confusion. In his understanding there was no solution to this complex problem.

For many days, the emperor contemplated on what basis he should choose among the three sons for his niece Nurunnihar. Then one day he called all three to him and said, Beto, all three of you want to marry Nurunnihar. Noorunnihar cannot be married to all, will be married to only one. All three of you are equal in my eyes. I do not want to create a thought in the hearts of the other two that I consider them inferior by considering one to be worth watching.

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So I have thought of an idea. It is clear that two of you have to lose your hands from Noorunnihar and this will also cause sorrow for both of you. But they will not feel that injustice has been done to them. Therefore, there will be no reduction in the mutual love of all three of you and no one will be in a position to harm the other. I have thought of a solution that you three travel to different countries and bring beautiful and rare items for me. It is enough to bring one gift from a prince. The princess, whose gift would be the most strange in my eyes, would be married to the princess Nurunnihar. In this way, the decision of this marriage will not be in my hands but in the hands of your luck and effort. You will get sufficient and equal amount of money for your travels. I hope that all three of you will be ready for this exam and whatever the result will be, you will not have any complaint with anyone else.The three princes accepted the father’s proposal.

All three of them had complete faith in their intelligence and might and each one thought that I would bring the best and the hand of Nurunnihar would be given in my hand. The emperor sent each one away after giving enough money. Each of them took some servants with him and left the capital disguised as merchants. They gathered for several floors. Then they reached a place from where the roads used to go to different countries. After staying there for a couple of days, they went on their respective ways. On its first evening, they had dinner together and made some compromises. The first thing was that no one should travel for more than a year. Whatever you want to bring, you should get it within one year because the exam should be held within a period. Secondly, it was decided that the three princes should approach the emperor at the same time so that no one could suspect that someone had unjustifiably obtained the emperor’s grace. He also decided that if one’s journey is completed soon, then he should come and stay in this inn and wait for the other two brothers and in this way when all three meet together, they should go before the emperor. Then they hugged each other and left the next morning.

Husain, the great prince, had heard a lot of praise for the area called Vishnugarh and wanted to see that kingdom for a long time. Vishnugarh could be reached only by sea route, so he reached the port after traveling a few days and joined a group of merchants and went there. After three months of traveling by sea and land, Prince Husain reached Vishnugarh. In Vishnugarh he stayed in a big sarai where big merchants used to stay. In the inn, the residents of Vishnugarh told him that the big market here is just a short distance away and all the trade items of the world are found in it.

Shahzada Hussain reached the main market of Vishnugarh on the second day. He was astonished to see her height and magnificence. There were thousands of shops in the market which were very big and very clean. Big penthouses were erected in front of them so that they should not be affected by the sun and heat. But these penthouses were put up in such a way that there was no darkness in the shops and everything was clearly visible. There was a separate shop for everything. Clothing shops were stocked with different types of clothes in order of value and quality. Some of the clothes were made of bell-boots, and some of the pictures of trees, fruits and flowers were so masterfully made that these things looked absolutely real.

Somewhere in the market there were heaps of stores of precious fabrics like kamkhwab, chikan, satin, atlas etc., somewhere there were very beautiful and delicate work vessels of sugar and glass. Somewhere there were carpets and rugs of very beautiful colors. After seeing all these shops, Husain came to those shops where gold and silver utensils, jewelry and gems were being sold. Hussain was surprised to see all this and thought that if there is so much stuff in one market, then how much will be combined in all the markets of the city.

Shahzada Hussain was also surprised to see the prosperity there. It was the kingdom of the brahmins and the brahmins were roaming and engaged in work, dressed in gem-studded ornaments and silk robes. Even his slaves were wearing gold rings and coils. Hussain also visited the markets. He also noticed that flowers are sold very much in Vishnugarh. The one who sees him walks around wearing necklaces of fragrant flowers and all the shopkeepers keep their shops decorated with bouquets due to which the whole market keeps on smelling.

Hussain roamed around these markets for a long time and kept looking at their beauty. At last he got tired and started wishing to sit somewhere and take a rest. A shopkeeper saw his tired face and amicably brought him inside the shop and made him sit. Hussain kept looking at the things in the shop and bought one or two things. After some time a pimp came out shouting, a rug is of thirty thousand ashrafis. Is anyone taking this? Hussein was surprised that a rug could even be worth so much. He called the broker and asked, Brother, I have never heard of the price of the rug, what kind of rug is this? The broker understood that Hussain was a modest businessman. He said, Brother, you will not understand what is special in this. In fact, I have misunderstood thirty thousand asharfi, its owner will not take a penny less than forty thousand asharfi.

On Hussain’s insistence, the broker showed him the rug. He was handsome and soft and was four yards in length and breadth. Still, there was nothing special about it. Hussain said, it would not have looked like more than an Ashrafi. The broker said, it looks like this but its specialty is that wherever you wish to go by sitting on it, it reaches there. Hussain said, if things are right, I can give forty thousand asharfis for this. But how did it come to be known that it has this quality? The broker asked where are you staying. Hussain took the name of the inn where he was staying. The broker said, it can be tested in such a way that I lay it here, Let us both sit on it and wish to go to that inn. If it takes us there, you will be convinced and then I will charge you forty thousand asharfi for it. Saying this he laid the rug in the shop. Hussain sat with her on the rug and both of them wished to go to the inn’s room. The rug blew in the air and with a wink, he led both of them to Hussain’s room in the inn.

Hussain was overjoyed by this. He believed that his brothers could not find anything more strange than this and that Nurunnihar would now belong to him. He immediately counted forty thousand asharfis to the broker. His work was done and he could go back but he thought that if I reached that inn now, I would have to stay in the inn for months and wait for my brothers till the end of the year and I would be very bored. So he decided to visit this beautiful country till then and see the picturesque things here. So he spent many months in the city and its surrounding areas.

It was the rule of the king of Vishnugarh that he used to invite foreign merchants to his court once a week and listen to their suggestions and complaints and take decisions. Hussain also used to go there and take part in the conversation. Hussain had not introduced himself to the king, yet the king was impressed by his mannerisms and manners and treated him very kindly. The king used to ask him about the condition and order of Hindustan.

One day the prince went to see a famous temple in the city. This temple was overlaid with brass from top to bottom. His shrine was ten yards long and so wide. The main deity in it was human in form and was set in such an artful manner that wherever the devotees went, the deity seemed to be looking at them. The eyes of the deity were made of gems. After this he went to see a famous village temple which was said to be more beautiful than the temple in the city. This temple was built inside a huge garden. This garden was of many bighas. It had a variety of beautiful fruits and flowers, and a three yard high wall was drawn around it so that stray or wild animals could not enter there. There was a platform in the middle of the park, whose height was like the height of a man. Its stones were joined with such skill that the whole platform seemed to be made of a single stone. The platform was thirty yards long and twenty yards wide. it’s made of marble

The pavilion of this temple was visible. Hundreds of idols of deities were kept in it. There in the morning and evening hundreds of idolatrous Brahmins and their women and children used to come to offer prayers. He used to get engrossed in his worship in such a way that it was possible to see. Many of them used to sit in meditation. Some people used to dance for hours drenched in the fun of worship. Some devotees used to sing devotional songs and kirtan with beautiful melodious instruments.

A fair used to be held around the temple and various sports and spectacles used to take place. Lakhs of people from far and wide would come on special occasions and bring beautiful things and innumerable materials to offer to the deities. On these special occasions, the chief people of the country and other wealthy people would come and perform worship and circumambulation. Shatashastri scholars would come and do various discourses and debates. Seeing their number, Shahzada Hussain was very surprised. On one side of the garden was a huge nine-storeyed building built on forty pillars. Its interior decoration was spectacular.

On special festivals, when the king and the chief feudal lords came for Devdarshan, they used to stay in this building and decide the merchants and other subjects here. Paintings of different animals and birds were made very skillfully on the walls of this building. The figures of forest hyster animals were so alive that people outside, especially in rural areas, used to be frightened considering them to be alive.

Apart from this, three more wooden houses were built in this garden. Their specialty was that even though there were many humans in them, they were made to move around on their nails. People used to visit them to watch the spectacle and when the houses were rotated, the people in them could stand in one place and watch the scenery around. Apart from this, during the days of the fairs, there used to be different types of sports and spectacles. About a thousand giant elephants, equipped with golden swings and silver cisterns, would come as riders of kings and nobles. Some elephants used to show spectacle and singers used to sing and play. Some elephant babies themselves used to make a spectacle.

Shahzada Hussain was astonished to see the spectacle of these elephants. A big elephant was playing a flute-like instrument with its trunk on four different wheeled tripods. People roped in tripods and carried the elephant around with it. In one place a wide board was placed on a tripod. An elephant cub stood on one side of it and on the other an iron weighing a little more than the weight of the elephant was placed. Sometimes that elephant would come down hard and the iron would rise up, Sometimes the iron would get low and the elephant would hang up and in such condition dance on the board and make the sound of singing with the trunk. Many elephants standing on the ground also sang in the same way with him. All these spectacles were in front of the king. Hussein was very pleased to see all these things, and he kept watching this spectacle for a while before the end of the period, and a few days before the end of the period, he wished to sit on the carpet with his servants and go to the inn where he had to go. I wanted to meet my brothers. The rug got them there in a moment.

The middle prince Ali left for the country of Persia with a group of merchants. After a journey of four months, he reached Shiraz, which was the capital of Persia. He was in the guise of jewellers. He made good friends with fellow merchants. They all landed at an inn in Shiraz. When the merchants went to the market to do business, Prince Ali also reached the market and started taking a walk there. All the shops in Shiraz’s market were paved and built like pavilions on round pillars. Ali marveled at Shiraz’s prosperity as he looked at the market. He was thinking that if goods worth crores are kept in a single market, then how much goods will be in all the markets together and how much business will be done in Shiraz.

There were also many brokers roaming in the market who used to show different items to the customers. He saw a pimp who had in his hand a telescope one and a half yards long and one balisht wide, and he was telling its value to thirty thousand asharfis. Ali was surprised to hear this. He asked a shopkeeper whether the pimp was mad who was asking such a price for such a modest telescope. The shopkeeper said, he is the smartest broker here and does business of thousands every day. Till yesterday it was fine, today if you have gone mad, you cannot say. By the way, if he is selling this telescope for thirty thousand ashrafis, then there will be a special thing. You stay at my shop. He is coming here. When he comes, we will see how his goods are.

On coming to the broker, the shopkeeper called him to him and asked what is the specialty of your binoculars that you ask for such a price. Pointing towards Ali, he said that he was starting to think you were crazy. The broker said to Ali, even if you call me crazy now, when I will tell you the specialty of the telescope, you will definitely buy it.

He handed the binoculars to Ali and then explained how to use it. He said, There are two pieces of glass on both its ends. Pass your sight out through both of you. Whatever you want to see, even if it is thousands of miles away, you will see it as if it is placed in front of you. The prince said, Brother, how can you believe that this telescope can show such a distant thing. The broker gave the binoculars in his hand and after telling the method of its use again, said, test yourself. Keeping your gaze between the two mirrors, you will see the object or person you meditate on as clearly as if it is only two-four yards away from you.

When Ali thought of looking at his father with binoculars, it was clearly visible that the emperor sitting on the throne in the court was listening to the petitions of the complainants and considering them. Then when he wanted to see his girlfriend Nurunnihar, she was also seen resting on his bed surrounded by maidservants in his room. He was very happy and started thinking that even if my brothers travel the world for ten years, they cannot get such a wonderful thing. He said to the broker, I will give you thirty thousand asharfis. Give me the binoculars. When the broker found the full price payer so easily, he spread his mouth and said that I will not take less than forty thousand Ashrafis from you. Ali did not quarrel with the broker about this and counted forty thousand asharfis.

Now he was very happy. He believed that Noorunnihar would now belong to him. He thought that from now on, what is the need to go to the inn of Hindustan and wait for the brothers. So he spent two to four months in Persia for a tour. Then he reached the same predetermined inn with a group of merchants. Prince Hussein had reached there a day or a half ago. The two brothers met each other in love.

The younger prince Ahmad went to Samarkand and landed at an inn in that city. There he saw a pimp holding an apple in his hand and shouting that this apple is sold for thirty five thousand ashrafis. Ahmed called him and asked that what is so in this apple that you are asking for such a high price for it. The broker said, if you hear its merits, then you will not be surprised at its value. No matter how severe a disease a person may be and whether he is counting his last breaths, the smell of this apple not only cures his disease, but he immediately regains his normal health and starts walking.

Ahmed said, “If it has this quality, I will buy it now.” But how do you know that it has this quality? It is not even known who made it and how. Dalal said, all the people here know that it has been made by a big Hakim here after refining the herbs for years. He smelled it and cured hundreds of patients, but by chance he got such a sudden disease that he could not use it and died. All his money was spent on making it. His wife and children have given it to me to sell because of poverty. This apple can be tested at any time.

One of the people who had gathered said, A sick friend of mine is dying. If you guys fix it then I will do you a favor. Ahmed said to the broker, do good to that man. The broker said, by smelling this apple to the patient with your own hand, see its wonder. I have tried it twenty times. Everyone went to the patient. He was unconscious but as soon as Ahmed smelled the apple, he got up from the bed and stood up. The broker said that so much test has been taken, now I will take forty thousand asharfis of it. Ahmed gave forty thousand Ashrafis and took apples. After that he toured that city and region for several months. Then it happened with a convoy going to Hindustan.

After some time he reached the same inn where both his brothers were waiting for him. All three were very happy when they assembled that everyone’s journey ended safely. They then described their respective journeys and achievements. Hussain said, I had gone to Vishnugarh. It is a very prosperous country and its residents are very polite. I found something there that no one else can get. You’re looking at that rug. It looks like an ordinary rug, but it is the most extraordinary thing. Wherever the person sitting on it thinks of going, it flies in the air and reaches that place in a moment. I bought it for forty thousand ashrafis. I visited Vishnugarh for several months. Yet I have come to this inn months ago because as soon as I wished to reach here sitting on this rug with my servants, we reached here at that very moment. That’s why I have been here for two-three months and you guys have just come.

Ali said, Brother Hussain, there is no doubt that the thing you brought is wonderful. But what I have brought is by no means less. Look at this ivory binoculars. It looks like a trivial thing, but I have bought it for forty thousand ashrafis. Whatever you want to see in it, it will look as if it is in front of you even if it is thousands of miles away. You can test it if you want. I’ll tell you how to use it. Saying this he told the method to Hussain. Hussain said that I will see Noorunnihar in it. But as soon as he put the binoculars, the color of his face lit up.

On being asked by Ali and Ahmed, Hussain said, “Brothers, the hard work of all three of us has gone in vain and all the joy of our life is about to end.” Noorunnihar is counting his last breaths. He has got a deadly disease. Hundreds of maidservants and elders are weeping by his bedside. Ali and Ahmed also saw the binoculars and found the same thing. Ahmed said, we all want the health benefits of Noorunnihar. If I reach there now, I can cure him right now.

Saying this, Ahmed took out the apple and said, like your rug and binoculars, the cost of this apple is forty thousand ashrafi. Its time to test it. It has this quality that if the patient of any disease is about to die, if it is inhaled, not only does the disease go away, but the patient immediately reaches his normal state of health. This can cure Nurunnihar right now provided we get there right away. Hussain said, it was my responsibility to deliver. You guys sit with me on this rug then watch its game.

After saying this Hussain laid the rug and the three brothers sat on it. Before this, he told the servants that after paying the account of the inn, take the goods and come to the capital by the normal route. Sitting on the rug, all three wished to reach Nurunnihar’s chamber and reached there as soon as they sighed. The people present there were frightened by his sudden arrival, but after recognizing him, they started feeling satisfied when he returned safely. Ahmed went ahead and smelled the apple of medicine at Nurunnihar. As soon as he breathed in, Nurunnihar opened his eyes and started looking here and there.

Then she sat on the bed and said, I had fallen asleep. The maidservants said, no, you were dying of disease. These three cousins ​​of yours have just come and Prince Ahmed has done you good by sniffing an apple. Hearing this from the maidservants, Nurunnihar expressed happiness and gratitude to Ahmed at their arrival. The princes were also happy to see him healthy. Then all three of them took farewell from Nurunnihar and reached their father. The servants had already told the emperor that the three princes had immediately entered Nurunnihar’s chamber and cured him in a moment. The emperor hugged him on his arrival. The three showed their respective things and reached Nurunnihar and told him the whole condition of curing him. Then he said, Now you can marry Nurunnihar to whomever you want.

The emperor got worried after hearing the whole situation. He began to think that Ahmed had done Nurunnihar well but if I marry Nurunnihar with him, it would be an injustice to both the eldest sons because it is clear that if Ali had not had binoculars, Ahmed would not have been able to see Nurunnihar’s illness. And if Hussain had not had a rug, how would those people have come so soon. The items brought from all three make an extraordinary contribution to the health benefits of Nurunnihar. How to decide on marriage.

He said, Beto, the things you have brought are more than one wonderful and no decision can be made on the basis of them. Now a second competition is necessary. Tomorrow in the morning, on your horses, with arrows and bows, reach such a field. I and other state officials will also be there. The three of you will have a competition to throw arrows. Nurunnihar will be married to the one whose arrow will go first among the three. All three accepted the order by bowing their heads.

The emperor sent the rug, binoculars and apples to the storehouse and the next morning reached the field with the nobles and councilors. The three princes also came and the archery started. First of all, the elder Prince Hussein threw the arrow. He fell a long way away. After this Ali threw an arrow which went a little ahead of Hussain’s arrow. Then Ahmed shot an arrow which kept flying and disappeared from sight. The emperor’s servants went a long way but the arrow was not found. The emperor declared Ali the winner by saying that when Ahmed’s arrow was not detected, then how to say whether he has gone forward or backward, it is possible that the arrow may not be missed.

Hussain was deeply saddened by this decision. He loved Nurunnihar more than his brothers and was heartbroken. He hated the whole society. He did not attend Ali’s marriage, but left the house dressed like a fakir. Ahmed also did not attend the marriage of Ali and Nurunnihar due to grief and jealousy. But he did not renounce the world. He would go to the field every day and go far and wide in that direction to find his arrow.

One day he went alone in search of his arrow. He thought that today I will return only after finding that arrow. He kept walking straight, did not look left or right. After crossing many mountains and valleys, he saw that his arrow was lying on a mound. He wondered how the arrow had come so far. When he came near, he was more surprised to see that the arrow was sticking to a rock. He began to think that there must be some difference in this. After releasing the arrow from the stone, he took it in his hand and proceeded to know the secret of the arrow reaching here.

On moving forward he found a cave. He went inside her. Some distance inside he saw an iron door. The door opened as soon as he approached her. Inside he found a sloping path. He went ahead with the arrow. He thought that it would be dark here but there was a lot of light. A huge building appeared fifty and sixty yards from the door. He saw that a very beautiful woman was coming towards him with her attendants. He thought that he should go ahead and salute the beauty, but before that he said in a very soft voice, Prince Ahmed, you are welcome in this maid’s house. You did not face any trouble along the way.

Ahmed went ahead and bowed his head in front of him and said, O Bhuvanmohini, I consider myself blessed to welcome you, but I wonder how do you know my name. Rupsi laughed and said, you will be pleasantly surprised now. Come now and sit with me in the barahdari and we will talk happily. There I will tell you how I know you. Saying this she took Ahmed by the hand and took him to Barahdari. The prince noticed that the barahdari is domed and the inside of the dome is golden. On which a strange painting has been done with purple color. Other materials were also very valuable. When the prince praised him, Rupsee said, “My other palaces are more beautiful than this.”

Then she made the prince sit beside her and said, you don’t know me but I do know you. You must have read in books that apart from humans, there are jinns and fairies on earth. I am the daughter of a chief genie. My name is Paribanu. Now listen to your condition from me too. You are three brothers. Your cousin is Noorunnihar. All three of you wanted to make her your own wife. For that, all three of you traveled to distant countries as per your father’s orders. Your father told you to bring wonderful things. You went to Samarkand and brought the curative apple that I had sent there for you. Similarly, the rug sent by me was brought by your elder brother Husain from Vishnugarh and Ali brought this type of binoculars from Persia. By this, understand that I know everything about you. Now tell me am I good or Noorunnihar?

Paribanu further said, when you threw the arrow, I understood that this arrow would be behind even Hussain’s arrow. I caught it in the air and brought it and stuck it to the rock of the mound outside. My purpose was that you come here looking for arrows so that I can meet you. Saying this, Paribanu looked at Ahmed with loving eyes and blushed and rolled his eyes. Ahmed too had become frantic after drinking the juice of his form. Nurunnihar had already belonged to the other and to be trapped in his love would have been madness. Here Paribanu was more beautiful than Noorunnihar. He said, beauty, I have seen you only today, but seeing you, I have become in such a condition that I have started wanting to leave everything and stay at your feet for the rest of my life. But what happens when I want? You are the daughter of a jinn, you are an angel. When would your soulmates want you to establish a marriage relationship with a human being?

Paribanu said, it is not the case. My parents have given me complete freedom to marry whomever I want. And what did you say that you lie at my feet? I have considered you as my husband. Husband means lord. I and all these palaces and property will now be in your possession because I will marry you just now. you are a smart man I sincerely hope from your wisdom that you will not refuse to accept me as your wife. I have already said about myself that my parents have given me complete freedom for marriage. Apart from this, it is customary among the jinn-fairies of our particular caste that in the matter of marriage, every fairy is given freedom to be a jinn, In human beings or any other caste, whomever we want to marry, because we believe that marriage of our choice keeps love between men and women forever. That’s why my marriage will be valid for everyone.

Hearing this from Paribanu, Ahmed was overwhelmed with joy and fell at Paribanu’s feet. The angel stopped him from this and respectfully did not even let him kiss his garment but extended his hand which Ahmed kissed and applied with heart and eyes. This was the way of showing respect in that society. Paribanu smiled and said, Ahmed, you have held my hand. Always maintain the shame of this hand jewel. Not that you cheat. Ahmed said, “For whom is it possible that even after meeting an angel like you, he should leave her? I have surrendered everything to you, my heart and soul. Now you are my mistress in every way. Yes, where and how will we get married? Paribanu said, for marriage it is enough to consider each other as husband and wife, so both of us agreed. Rest of the marriage rituals are useless. From this very moment both of us became husband and wife. At night we would enjoy each other’s company in a furnished room.

Then the maids brought a variety of delicious dishes for both of them. Both of them ate their food after being satisfied. After the meal, both of them drank and kept talking about each other’s love for a long time. Then Paribanu showed Ahmed his palace in which Ratnadiks were gathered everywhere in such abundance that the prince’s eyes burst. When he praised the building, Paribanu said that many jinns have such magnificent palaces, in front of which my palace is nothing. Then she took the prince to her garden whose beauty words cannot describe. In the evening she took it to her dinner room where the prince was astonished to see the decorations. In the dining room, there were also many beautiful singers and instrumentalists decorated with beautiful clothes, who started singing in sweet voices as soon as both of them reached there. After a while the food arrived, In which there were various dishes. There were some foods that Ahmed had not even tasted or seen before. Paribanu used to pick up those items with her hand and put them in front of Ahmed and tell him their cooking methods.

After sometime sweets, fruits and wine were brought after the meal. The husband and wife kept giving each other full cups of water. After getting discharged from this, he reached a more decorated room where golden silk beds, mattresses etc. were laid. They both went and sat on the mosques. As soon as he sat down, many fairies came and started singing and dancing very beautifully. The prince had never seen such captivating music and dance in his entire life.

After dancing and singing both went to the bedroom. There was a huge bed studded with gems. After reaching them there, all the slaves and maidservants who were angels and jinn moved away from that room. In the same way, the days of both of them were spent happily in each other’s cohabitation. Prince Ahmed felt as if he was in the dream world. He could not even imagine such joy and such splendor in the society of men. He did not even know how six months passed in such an environment. Paribanu’s charming appearance and even more seductive behavior bound him so much that Ahmed could not bear his absence even for a moment.

Yet he would sometimes notice that his father would be sad because of his sudden disappearance. This sorrow kept on increasing in Ahmed’s mind. But he was afraid whether Paribanu would allow him to go or not. One day he said to Paribanu, if you give permission, then I will also be at my father’s house for a couple of days. Hearing this, Paribanu became sad and said, what is the matter? Are you tired of me and want to make excuses and get away from me? Or is there an error in my service?

The prince kissed his hand and said, such a thing cannot come in my mind. All I can think is that my old father will be very upset by my sudden disappearance. I had said it before and I say even now that I will not go anywhere except you for the rest of my life. I only thought about my father’s sorrow, so wanted to go. If you don’t want then let it go, I won’t go there. Paribanu sees that the prince is saying these things with a sincere heart and the love of his wife has not diminished from his heart. She laughed and said, I was joking. I have full faith in you. Indeed, your father will be deeply saddened by your absence. You must go to see them but come back soon.

On the other hand, the heart of Ahmed’s father, the emperor of Hindustan, was really sad. He had a son married to Nurunnihar and lived very happily and the emperor was satisfied with this, but he was also in heart-wrenching pain due to the departure of Hussain and Ahmed. A couple of days after Ali’s marriage, he asked the palace staff why Hussain and Ahmed did not show up. He said that Prince Hussain has left the world as a fakir in search of God, but Prince Ahmed suddenly does not know where has disappeared. The emperor ran many spies in search of Prince Ahmed, but no one could find the prince. The king was very worried.

One day he came to know that in this city there is a clever sorceress who learns unknown things through occult science. The emperor called him and said, “Since I have married Prince Ali with Noorunnihar, nothing of Prince Ahmed is known. I am very upset by this. You tell me by your magic whether Ahmed is alive or not, in which direction is he alive and whether I will meet him or not. The sorceress said, at this very moment I will not be able to tell anything. Many actions have to be done. Tomorrow I will definitely answer your questions. The king said, if you give the right information, I will make you rich. At this time you go home and do whatever activities are necessary. The sorceress came the next day and said, I have learned by magic that Prince Ahmed is safe and sound. But where they are could not be found. It seems that somewhere in a very mysterious place, from which I do not know anything. The emperor was very satisfied with the fact that Ahmed was alive.

When Shahzada Ahmed got ready to come to his father’s house, Paribanu said, you must take care of one thing. Do not tell your father and other relatives, friends etc. where you live and how to reach here. You just say that I am married and wherever I live I live with great happiness and contentment. Not to mention anything strange and not to say anything other than that I have come for a couple of days to give patience to the father’s mind. The prince accepted it.

Paribanu asked for a fine horse, whose furnishings were studded with gems, for the prince’s ride. Other suitable and necessary materials were arranged for the journey and twenty riders, all of whom were jinns, were called to accompany the prince. At the time of farewell, the prince again promised Paribanu to keep every secret a secret and took his fellow riders and headed towards his father’s palace. The palace was not far away. These people reached the capital in an hour and a half.

All the residents and dignitaries of the city were very happy to see the prince. They left their work and came to see the prince and bless him. Crowds gathered on both sides of the road till the royal palace. On reaching the court, the prince fell at the feet of his father and the emperor lifted him up and applied him to his heart. The king said, you were so annoyed at not meeting Nurunnihar that you left the house and went away. Where are you now and how have you been till now? Ahmed said, I was sad that I could not find Noorunnihar but was not angry. I went far in the same direction looking for the arrow I had thrown. I went ahead. Although I knew that my own arrow could not reach so far from any archer in the world, I went on in search of the arrow, because it was also clear that the arrow must have gone in only one direction, Can’t go left or right. Finally, about four kos from here, I found my arrow stuck to a rock. Seeing this, I understood that the arrow did not come so far by itself, it was brought here by some mysterious force for some purpose. The same power inspired me and took me to a place where I live with great joy even at this time. I cannot give more details than this. I have come only to give patience to your mind regarding myself, I will go back after a day or two. I will come to see you sometime. After staying for a day or so, I will go back. I will come to see you sometime. After staying for a day or so, I will go back. I will come to see you sometime.

The king said, you are happy. Be comfortable wherever you want. I am very happy that wherever you are living you are living happily. But if you are late, how can I get your news? Ahmed requested, if you mean that I should tell the secret of my residence etc., then I have already submitted that I am not in a position to tell anything other than what I have told. Be calm, I will come soon.

The king said, son, I do not wish to know any secret. I just wanted to be sure of your well being. It is enough to keep getting your condition. Come whenever you want, go whenever you want. Therefore Ahmed stayed in the royal palace for three days. On the morning of the fourth day, he left for his residence. Paribanu was overjoyed on his return. Both started enjoying life lovingly. Even after the completion of one month, when the prince did not go to meet his father, Paribanu asked that you used to say that I will go to meet my father from month to month, why did you not go this time. Ahmed said, I thought maybe this time you will not allow me to go.

Paribanu laughed and said, don’t depend so much on my permission. Month after month without asking me, come to the father. So the prince went to his father the next morning with great pomp and stayed there for three days. After this it became his rule that every month he would go to the royal palace, stay there for three days and after that he would come to Paribanu’s palace. The flurry of his arrival in the royal palace kept on increasing every time.

Seeing this, one of the chief servants of the palace, who was in the face of the emperor, was astonished by the increasing magnificence of the prince’s ride. He began to think that the prince had a strange secret. No one knows where he lives and from where he got that opulence. He was also low in mind, so he started to mislead the emperor. That said, the government on its part is inattentive. Have you ever noticed that the opulence of your son keeps on increasing. If his power continues to grow like this, then one day it is also possible that by attacking you, he will grab your kingdom and imprison you. Prince Hussein and Prince Ahmed are extremely unhappy ever since you married Noorunnihar to Prince Ali. Shahzada Husain has put on a fakir garb, even if he wants, he cannot do any harm to you, but Ahmed should not take revenge on you.

The emperor was swayed by her and was curious to know about Ahmed’s condition. At the behest of this employee, without the knowledge of the minister, he called the sorceress from the thief door in the palace and said, you had talked about Ahmed being alive, it turned out to be fine. Now you know his full condition. Although he comes to meet me every month, but even after asking me, he does not tell his condition where he lives, what he does. You find out this thing, if not by magic, then it is right. The palace staff didn’t know anything. Ahmed is here, will return tomorrow morning. You hide in his way and see where it leads. Then come and tell me the whole situation.

After leaving the emperor, the sorceress reached the place where Ahmed had found the arrow. She sat in a cave and waited for Ahmed’s arrival. The next morning Ahmed left the palace with his companions. When she reached near the cave, the sorceress saw that Ahmed and his companions were climbing up an inaccessible mountain and descending on the other side. No human can go that way. The sorceress thought that there must be some big cave on that side, in which the jinn etc. live. She was thinking that the prince and his servants suddenly disappeared from sight. The sorceress came out of the cave and wandered here and there with her power, but she did not know anything. He could not even find the iron gate, because the gate through which the way to Paribanu’s palace was available only to the person whom Paribanu wanted to call. The sorceress thought in her mind that this time the labor was in vain.

He returned and met the emperor and said, Sarkar, I tried a lot but I did not get complete success. Yes, my search has definitely started. If you permit, I will follow your orders when Ahmed returns from here next month. Hope this time I will get complete success. The king said, well, only next month. But keep in mind that next month you have to find out completely where Ahmed lives, how he lives and where does he get so much furnishings. Saying this the emperor gave a precious diamond to the sorceress and said, the day you told me about Ahmed’s condition, I will make you rich for the rest of your life.

The sorceress waited in her house for a month as Ahmed was to come only next month. Meanwhile, he made his plan completely because now he had come to know that some jinn-fairies are having an affair with the prince. The next month, the day before Ahmed’s arrival, she sat down on the top of that mountain next to the ascent. When the prince, along with his servants, passed through the iron door from the sorceress, he thought it to be a rock because she was lying covered with a doll. When Ahmed came near, she started wailing loudly like a sad person seeking support. The sorceress was a genius, she started crying more and more. The prince took more pity on him and went to him. When she greatly aroused the pity of the prince, she began to speak with a cold sigh.

She said, I had left my house with the intention of going to the village in front because I had to do the necessary homework. On the way, I got severe cold and got fever and I was compelled to fall here. I think I will give my life in this deserted place. The prince said, there is no settlement around here. There is only one building nearby. I’ll get you there. You get up and come to me. The old woman said with a cold breath, I do not have enough strength, son, that I can get up on my own. If someone picks me up and takes me away, then take me. She knew that only with a genie she could enter that mysterious building.

The princess ordered a rider to pick up the old lady and put her on his horse and follow me. When the rider picked up the old lady, Ahmed called Paribanu. She came and started asking that you were going for father’s house, how did you come back. She told that she found this old lady dying of cold and fever on the way and I felt pity on her. That’s why I brought it that you take care of it and treat it. Paribanu told her maids to put this old lady comfortably in some good place and call the Hakim and drink her medicine.

When the maidservants took the old woman away, Paribanu said to Ahmed, Dearest, I am very happy to see your kindness and I will also inform her at your request. But I am afraid that you may not face any trouble because of this old lady.

When Ahmed asked the reason, Paribanu said, she says that she is so sick that she cannot get up and walk. But there is no sign of any disease on his face. It seems that some of your enemies have hatched a conspiracy against you. Ahmed said, my dear, God bless you live forever. But be assured that there will be no conspiracy against me. I have never done any bad to anyone, then why would anyone have enmity with me. Remove fear from your mind, I am going to the father.

Saying this Ahmed reached his father’s place. Although the emperor was completely deluded by the evil servant, he expressed his happiness as usual at the arrival of Ahmed.

On the other hand, in Paribanu’s palace, the maidservants who had been appointed to serve the old lady took her to a beautiful residence. There was a lot of valuable decoration items in that house. The maidservants put the old woman on a comfortable bed. A maid started pressing his body. The other took out a special extract from a vessel into a cup which is given to fever patients. The two maidens picked up the old lady and gave her the extract. Then putting a cover on his body said, Amma, now you sleep comfortably. In no time you will be completely healthy.

Saying this the maidservants left. The old lady was not even ill, she had only come to see Ahmed’s residence. When the maidservants came after a while, she got up and sat down and said, you tell the mistress that the old lady is completely fine. The medicine has a magic effect. Now she wants to go away by blessing you and taking you off. The maidservants took him through all the decorated rooms and hallways to Paribanu, who was sitting on the throne in the outer house. The throne on which Paribanu was sitting was stone-studded and around it were standing maidens serving Paribanu. The sorceress was so overwhelmed by this splendor that she lost her tongue and fell at the feet of Paribanu.

Paribanu said to the sorceress in a soft voice, I am happy to have you here. If you want, look at my whole palace. My maidens will show you everything perfectly. The sorceress kisses the land in front of Paribanu and leaves her. Paribanu’s maids first showed him all the buildings of the palace in detail. Then showed him the way out of the iron door. The sorceress took a few steps forward. After going some distance, he looked back so that he could remember the position of the iron door, but that door disappeared. The sorceress tried to find her by roaming here and there but she did not get success or did not get it. This annoyed him greatly.

The sorceress reached the royal palace and entered through the thief gate of the palace, from where she usually used to go to the palace. The emperor invited him to his room and asked the slaves to seclude him. The king said, your face is down. It seems that this time also you have not got success. The sorceress said, no, the government has done the work for which I had gone. The reason for the face down is something else.

Then he explained in detail how by cleverly instilling compassion in the mind of Prince Ahmed, how he entered his residence and what he saw there. He said, the fairy who is the owner of that palace, lives like your son’s wife. You may have been pleased to hear that your daughter-in-law is an angel and that Ahmed has found happiness. I say it will hurt you because of this. It is quite possible that Ahmed may be hostile to you. You might be thinking that Ahmed is a son and it is not possible that he will take enmity with you. Ahmed is good in nature but at this time he is completely in the control of Pari and can do anything on her request. Be smart on your part. Now let me go.

The king said, I am very pleased with you for two reasons. One is that at my behest, you did that which was not possible for any other person. Secondly because you advised me for my benefit. You go, in between I will call you when needed. The sorceress saluted Farsi and went to her house.

Now the emperor called the chief staff of the palace who had doubted Ahmed in his mind. He explained the information given by the sorceress to him in detail and asked, Ahmed is not thinking anything bad right now but he is in a position to attack me whenever he wants. What do you think should I do? The head employee said, “Huzoor, in my opinion it will not be right to kill Ahmed, it will bring you disrepute.” In my opinion he should be imprisoned. The king said, well, I will think. When the chief employee left, the emperor again called the sorceress to his house. On his arrival, he said that the head employee had advised to put Ahmed in prison. The sorceress said, Government, There is great danger in this. Along with Ahmed you will also imprison the other riders with him. But they are jinns and no prison can stop the jinns. They will go and tell Paribanu and she can send a whole army of jinns to attack you after telling her father. You should do so that the snake dies and the stick does not break. You ask Ahmed to bring such a large camp under which the whole army can come and it should also be light enough that a man can lift it. He will not be able to meet this demand and will not come to you in shame and then you will be saved from his possible nuisance. And let’s assume that even if he has somehow done the work, then I will tell you more things that you request him to bring. In this way you will also find many strange things created by the jinns and Ahmed will also stop coming to you fed up with your daily demands and you will also avoid the infamy of killing or imprisoning him. that the snake dies and the stick does not break. You ask Ahmed to bring such a large camp under which the whole army can come and it should also be light enough that a man can lift it. He will not be able to meet this demand and will not come to you in shame and then you will be saved from his possible nuisance. And let’s assume that even if he has somehow done the work, then I will tell you more things that you request him to bring. In this way you will also find many strange things created by the jinns and Ahmed will also stop coming to you fed up with your daily demands and you will also avoid the infamy of killing or imprisoning him. that the snake dies and the stick does not break. You ask Ahmed to bring such a large camp under which the whole army can come and it should also be light enough that a man can lift it. He will not be able to meet this demand and will not come to you in shame and then you will be saved from his possible nuisance. And let’s assume that even if he has somehow done the work, then I will tell you more things that you request him to bring. In this way you will also find many strange things created by the jinns and Ahmed will also stop coming to you fed up with your daily demands and you will also avoid the infamy of killing or imprisoning him. If done, I will tell you more things that you request him to bring. In this way you will also find many strange things created by the jinns and Ahmed will also stop coming to you fed up with your daily demands and you will also avoid the infamy of killing or imprisoning him. If done, I will tell you more things that you request him to bring. In this way you will also find many strange things created by the jinns and Ahmed will also stop coming to you fed up with your daily demands and you will also avoid the infamy of killing or imprisoning him.

The next day the emperor consulted the minister about this plan. The minister remained silent. He knew that the emperor was in the midst of bad advisors and would not listen to advice. The emperor foolishly took his silence as consent and sent him off. Then he called Ahmed who was staying there till that time. The king laughed and said to him, son, you have not told me your secret, but nothing can hide from the eyes of the emperors. I am very happy to hear that you are married to Pari. but man, I too should get some benefit from the fact that your wife is an angel. She loves you very much and will happily give whatever you ask of her. You already know that I often go hunting. Sometimes several tents are needed to face the enemies. Hundreds of camels and campers also have to be carried to carry them. If you ask, then the angel will give you a long camp so that the whole army can come under him. At the same time, it should also be light enough that it can be lifted by a man, even you and us.

Ahmed said, I would definitely ask for such a dera from my wife, but from now on I cannot say whether she has such a dera or not. If it doesn’t, I won’t be able to bring it. The king got angry on this and said, you are procrastinating. You don’t have the courage to say anything to your wife. Or he doesn’t care about you at all. Otherwise, how is it possible that such a trivial thing is not with the angel? If you can’t camp, you don’t even need to come to me. What joy can I have in meeting a son who is so afraid of his wife that he cannot ask her even a trivial thing of his father’s need. Now you go, what are you looking at my face standing?

Ahmed felt very bad about this behavior of his father. He was to return the next day but he left for Paribanu’s palace on the same day. Even after going there his nostalgia persisted. Paribanu asked, why did you come early one day? You seem sad too. What is the matter? Shahzada Ahmed narrated the whole story. Paribanu’s eyebrows swelled. He said, they will definitely get the dera but it seems that their end time is near. Ahmed said, what are you saying? Now they will rule for years. His health is very good and he is not suffering from any disease. He is also a great soul. As you said, I did not tell the condition here to him or anyone. Still they know that I am married to Pari.

Paribanu said, dear, do you remember what I said on seeing the old lady whom you picked up as ill, she was not sick. She had come here to see the condition by pretending to be sick. He has told the whole situation here to the emperor. When you left him here, I sent him a minor extract which was not a medicine for any disease. She got up as soon as she drank it and after sometime came to me to bid her farewell. I showed him all my buildings in detail to test him further. She watched everything very carefully, if she was a little old woman, she would have been in a hurry to go to her destination. No one can know the condition of here except him. He would have said that.

Ahmed said, You are really smart. But tell me what to do for the tent. Paribanu said, it is a minor thing, I will order it now. At his behest, a maid brought her to the camp by holding her in her fist. He gave it in Ahmed’s hand, then Ahmed said to Paribanu, why do you joke? Will the army come under this tent? Paribanu smiled and said to the maid, Nur Jahan, understand that I am joking with them. Take them out and show them the extent of the camp. Nur Jahan clenched the dera fist and took the prince to a wide field not far from the palace. He told the prince how to set up the camp and then set up the camp. Ahmed saw that he saw one or two armies coming downstairs.

Noor Jahan folded the dera and came inside with the prince. Ahmed said, say, take it now and give it to the father. Paribanu said, what is the hurry? Going next month at your appointed time. The prince agreed. When he went to the capital the next month, instead of going to the periphery of the palace, he went straight to the court. The king asked sarcastically, you must have brought my thing. Ahmed said, I have brought it from the glory of your feet. Just go outside and check it out. Now you can’t believe seeing my fist. The emperor and the courtier went to the big ground where Ahmad had camped. Everyone’s eyes exploded. The emperor praised Ahmed very much and asked him to take rest.

But in reality his nervousness had increased. He was thinking that Ahmed’s power was really great and he became somewhat apprehensive. After going to the palace, he again called the sorceress and said, what should I do now? Ahmed then brought such a camp in his fist, in which one or two armies could easily fit. He said with some thought, this time ask Ahmed to bring water of Chasm-e-Sheran, drinking a few drops of which always keeps a man young and healthy.

The next day he called Ahmed to the court and said, son, you have fulfilled a big need of mine by bringing a big camp, but now fulfill another need also. I am getting old and diseases are also arising. If you can bring me healthy water from Chasm-e-Sheran with the help of your wife, that would be a great thing. Ahmed got angry that as soon as he got one thing, he asked for another inaccessible thing. He was also thinking that it would not be impossible for Paribanu, but she would definitely get irritated by these requests. He thought for a while and said, as an obedient son, I will be happy to obey your orders. But I can’t promise. I will take advice from my wife and if possible, I will offer that water in your service.

Ahmed started walking towards Paribanu’s palace on the very next day. He went in front of Paribanu and said, My father has done you a great favor by getting the camp. But a new request has also been made. He has asked for the healthy water of Chashm-e-Sheran. I don’t even know what is wrong with these glasses. Paribanu said, it seems that your father has geared up to harass you. That’s why we order strange things. Now this time he has asked for something which even jinns cannot easily bring. Well don’t you worry. I will tell you how to reach Chashm-e-Sheran and how to get that water.

You go on that side road tomorrow morning. After going a long way, an iron gate will be found, Inside which is the lake whose water you have been asked to bring. Now listen to the trick of bringing water from this lake. Take two horses with you. Sit on one and load four pieces of a sheep on the other and hold onto the reins of that horse. I will keep the sheep slaughtered tonight. I will hand you two balls at the same time. As soon as you leave here, you keep a ball with you and put one on the ground. It will go on rolling and will lead you to the iron gate of the lake. If two awake lions see you at the door, they will wake up their sleeping companions. Then all four together will make a fierce roar. But don’t be afraid of them at all. Put a piece of cut sheep in front of all four. Take care not to get off the horse outside the gate. It is necessary to stay seated on the horse otherwise damage can be done. If the lion starts eating meat, then you go ahead with the aid of the horse. The gate will open automatically. going in and getting off the horse and getting that silver In the jug that I will give you, immediately fill the water of that lake and come out of the gate before the lions finish their meal. Then you will be back safely. From there go straight to your father.

The next morning, Prince Ahmed acted in the manner prescribed by his wife. He took two horses, one of which had four pieces of sheep. When the ball was thrown on the ground, it kept rolling and he made Ahmed stand in front of the iron gate. Ahmed put the pieces of sheep in front of the lions and when they started eating, he went inside, filled the silver jug ​​with water and went back. The two lions had finished eating and they followed him. When the prince took out the sword from the sheath, one of the lions returned, but the other, with the gesture of head and tail, told him that you are not afraid, I am following you to protect you. Ahmed went straight to the capital. Singh returned from there. The prince went straight to the court and said to the emperor, “By your majesty, I have got healthy water in a single day. Accept it.

The emperor had great admiration and respect for Ahmed and made him sit on the throne with him, but his life started drying up after seeing Ahmed’s valor. After going to the palace, he again called the sorceress and showed her the water. He confirmed that the water actually belonged to Chashm-e-Sheran. The king said, now what things should I ask from him which is impossible for him to bring? The sorceress also started thinking about this.

Paribanu turned the mind of the sorceress sitting from afar. The king’s words, which he had come to know from Ahmed’s account, should have known that the fairy was helping the prince with all her might. She should have also known that no matter how smart she was, she could not compete with the angry angel. But intellect is opposite to destruction. Considering it impossible, he invited his definite death. The sorceress told the king to ask for such a thing, that the king jumped up. He turned the back of the old sorceress and sent her away after giving her immense wealth.

On the second day, during the court, the emperor called Prince Ahmed and said, son, you have proved that no one has been a better son than you. Now you fulfill my one last wish. When asked by the prince, he said, “I want to have a man in my court whose existence people cannot even imagine.” You bring me a man whose height is one yard but whose beard is twenty yards. Also, on his shoulder should be a six-headed rod, which he can rotate like a small wooden stick. It is clear that it was the sorceress who had advised him to ask for such a man. Ahmed said, what are you doing? How can a man of a yard grow a beard of twenty yards and how will he spin a rod of six and a half minds? The emperor smiled and said, you should mention to your wife. Maybe he can even fulfill this demand. If not, then there is no need to come here.

Ahmed returned to Paribanu the same day. He said, Dad is absolutely cranky. This time he has asked for a man of twenty yards with a beard of twenty yards, who can spin a six-and-a-half-ton rod. Where would such a man be and of what use is it? Paribanu smiled crookedly and said, you go to the emperor. I won’t talk to you about it now. You need a lot of rest. You are careless and leave everything to me. Your father’s last wish will be fulfilled and your problem will be solved.

The next day, after taking a bath and having breakfast etc., Ahmed again reminded Pari Banu of his father’s strange demand. Paribanu said, It is good. The man your father has desired, the same man comes now. But don’t be afraid to see him. My elder brother Shabbar is like this. He is the king of a large kingdom of jinns, but he does not ride on any ride, nor does he keep any weapon with him except a rod of six and a half minds. Saying this he asked the maidservants to bring his magic box and a lit fireplace. He immediately pointed out the golden box or the burning gold fireplace. Paribanu took out the incense from the box and recited the mantra and put it in the fireplace.

A very thick smoke rose from the fireplace in which everything was hidden and Ahmed’s eyes closed. After a moment Paribanu’s voice came, open your eyes. Look, brother Shabbar is coming. Ahmed saw that a man of one yard was walking with great pride. His beard of twenty yards was wrapped around his body and on his shoulder was an iron rod of six and a half minds. His mustache reached his ears and his eyes were sunken in deep pits. A jewel-studded crown was placed on his head. He had large humps on both his back and chest. Despite his promise not to be afraid, Ahmed started sweating at the sight of him. As soon as he came, he said sternly, Banu, why have you called me? And who is this boy who is sitting beside you? Paribanu said, brother, This is my husband Shahzada Ahmed. His father is the emperor of Hindustan. About a year ago we tied the knot. I did not call you at that time because you were engaged in a heavy war. Shabbar now looked at Ahmed with a loving look and said, Prince Ahmed, it is a great pleasure to see you. If I can be of any use to you, I will be very happy.

Paribanu said, his father has expressed his desire to meet you. Shabbar said to Ahmed, come on now, what is the matter in this? This time too Paribanu gave the answer instead of Ahmed. She said, there is no need to go now. You have come from far away. You must be very tired. take a night’s rest. The prince needs some rest now. In the evening I will tell you the whole situation for what reason the emperor has called you. Hearing this, Ahmed lowered his head.

In the evening alone, Paribanu told Shabbar the full story of the conspiracy against Ahmed. On the second morning, Ahmed’s ride again headed towards the capital. Shabbar was walking faster than the horses on foot. On reaching the city, the residents of the city started running here and there after seeing the terrible form of Shabbar. Shabbar entered the court without paying attention to anyone and went to the throne and said sternly, King of Hindustan, you have called me. what do you do with me? Instead of answering, the emperor put his hands on his eyes in fear and started trying to run away from the throne. Shabbar roared even louder and said, what is this insolence? On your call, I have come from such a distance and you are running away without talking.

Saying this, he broke the king’s head into pieces with the blow of the rod.

In the meantime, Ahmed also reached the court. Shabbar said, where is the minister? I will do the same to him. But Ahmed saved the minister’s life from him by saying that the minister kept his best friend to me. Shabbar killed all the courtiers and chieftains except a couple of courtiers and feudatories who had fled the court when they got a chance, because all had said something against Ahmed during this period.

Now Shabbar said to the minister, drag the chief staff of the palace and the sorceress, they had conspired against my brother-in-law. Bring Ahmed’s other enemies also here or else you will not be well. They were dragged and Shabbar killed them all. Shabbar was so angry that he wanted to destroy the whole city, but Ahmed stopped him from this massacre by helping him. Shabbar placed Ahmed on the throne there and made him the king. After doing all this, he made Ahmed to be the emperor and after bringing Paribanu to the palace, he left. While leaving, he told Ahmed to call me whenever needed.

Ahmed treated the brothers well by becoming the emperor. He called Ali and Nurunnihar and gave them gifts and sent Ali as the governor of a province. He also sent a Sardar to Hussain and sent a message that the state of which he wants to become the ruler, should be made. But Hussain blessed him and told him that now I will not be entangled in the world’s fascination.

This story of Shehrzaad was liked by Duniyazad and Shahryar and the next night, Shahryar started a new story.

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