Sheikh Chilli Story

Sheikh Chilli Ki Kheer: The Story of Sheikh Chilli | Sheikh Chilli Story

Sheikhchilli Ki Kheer: Sheikh Chilli Story

Sheikh Chilli was a complete idiot and always used to do stupid things. Sheikh Chilli’s mother used to be very upset by his stupid words. Once Sheikh chilli asked his mother that how do people die? Now mother started thinking how to explain this idiot that how people die, mother said that just close your eyes and people die. Sheikh chilli thought that he should see him die once. He went outside the village dug a pit and lay down in it with his eyes closed.

At night, two thieves passed by that road. A thief told the other that it would have been nice if we had a partner with us, one would live in front of the house, the other would stay behind the house and the third would steal comfortably inside the house. Sheikh Chilli was listening to this, he suddenly said, “Brothers, I am dead, if I was alive, I would have helped you.” The thieves understood that this was a completely stupid man.

A thief said to Sheikh Chilli, “Brother, just help us out of this pit, come after a while and die again. What a hurry to die.” Shekh chilli lying in the pit was feeling very hungry and cold too, he thought that let’s help the thieves. Together they decided that Sheikh chilli would go inside to steal, one thief would take care by standing in front of the house and the other thief would take care behind the house.

Sheikh Chilli was very hungry, so instead of stealing, he started looking for some food and drink in the house. Sheikh chilli found milk, sugar and rice in the kitchen. “Oh wow! Why not make kheer and eat it” – Sheikh chilli thought and started making kheer. In the kitchen itself, an old woman was sleeping shrinking from the cold. As soon as the old woman started getting the heat from the stove, she spread her hands to sleep properly when she felt the heat.

Sheikh chilli thought that this old lady was asking for kheer. Shekh chilli said – “Hey old lady, I am making so many kheer, I will eat all alone a little, keep calm, I will feed you too.” But as the old lady continued to feel the heat, she began to spread more and sleep, she spread her hands even more. Sheikh chilli felt that this old lady was spreading her hand for kheer only, she angrily put hot hot kheer on the hand of the old lady. The old lady’s hand got burnt. Screaming screaming, the old lady got up in a hurry and sheikh chilli was caught. Sheikh Chilli said – “Hey, what will you do by catching me, the real thieves are out there. I was very hungry, I was making kheer for myself. In this way, Sheikh Chilli got the real thieves caught along with him.

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