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Short fables for kids a best stories for kids to read

Do you know any short fables ? If you want to learn about funny reflections on different aspects of human life, short fables are undoubtedly the most fun option for this purpose and especially if they are aimed at kids, who learn them with great attention. At the end of this post you will see some short fables that may interest you.

They are short stories that, based on fantasy and simple elements, describe human situations with the purpose of showing some moral reflection. Some famous fabulists like Aesop, Iriarte or Phaedrus have written wonderful short stories in verse that leave important teachings for our lives. The adaptations of these fables, depending on who is attributed their authorship, tend to be shorter and more precise depending on the case.

The best short fables for kids

The benefits of these fables is that in very few words you can convey a message with a great load of moral meaning. That is to say, due to their short length, this type of fables can be easy to understand and seem simple if you want to learn them. Another benefit that should be noted is that short fables are often written in prose or verse, a characteristic that makes them very fun and very easy for anyone to remember.

Examples of short fables

Children will find in this type of fables a very fun way to assimilate certain teachings of everyday life and examples of lessons on values to take into account. The short fables bring a simple moral that allows them to easily explain some behavior patterns and even those attitudes that we must avoid at all times. In childhood, fables are an excellent teaching resource to convey with entertaining words values ​​that we must take into account.

The dog and the meat

Short Fable Aesop's The Dog and the Flesh

  • Author: Aesop.
  • Summary : A dog got a piece of meat but lost it when, by chance, he looked out into a lake and saw the reflection of a dog that seemed to have a piece of meat larger than his and wanted to take it, without falling into the account that that dog was himself. In this way the dog lost his dinner.
  • Moral: Sometimes greed can be our worst enemy and make us lose something that we value and that can make us fall into repentance.


Short fable La Carambola by Ramón Campoamor

  • Author: Ramón de Campoamor.
  • Summary : A boy was traveling on a donkey and on top, among all things, he also carried a tied cat. The boy mischievously grabbed the cat’s tail and the cat, after the commotion, scratched the donkey. The donkey, with such fright from the wound, brayed and with one leap knocked the boy down.
  • Moral: The wrong done to other people comes back to us in some way. The same goes for good deeds. Everything in this life is returned.

The donkey and the rock

Short fable The donkey and the rock by Agustín Príncipe

  • Author: Miguel Agustín Príncipe.
  • Summary : A rock was quite detached from the ground and about to fall. A donkey saw it and immediately thought that that rock could knock it down with a single push, so he kicked it that finished loosening the rock, but at the same time, the impulse was rolled over to the donkey that ended up under the same rock. .
  • Moral: Not because you believe that something is easy to do, it can be done easily and without preparation. Do not rely on skills and underestimate reality.

The raven and the snake

Short fable Aesop's The Raven and the Serpent

  • Author: Aesop.
  • Summary : A raven that was very hungry saw a snake lying on the ground that seemed to be sleeping. Without hesitation he caught it between his claws and instantly the snake woke up from its sleep and bit the raven. The last words of the raven were then that that hunt that seemed simple finally cost him his life.
  • Moral: Without rushing it is more convenient to evaluate the situations before launching to make a decision. Sometimes a bad decision can tell us more than we think.

The navigators

Short fable The navigators of Samaniego

  • Author: Félix María Samaniego.
  • Summary : The passengers of a boat were afflicted by the bad weather and felt that, in a short time, the ship would sink. However, from one moment to another, the weather changed and the sun came out. The captain of the ship was always calm because he knew that climatic changes did not depend on him.
  • Moral: If you cannot have control over any situation, it is better not to get upset or disturbed because there will always be things that we cannot control due to external situations. Staying calm in these moments is the most indicated, because at the end of the day, everything ends up changing.

The wounded wolf and the sheep

Short Fable Aesop's Wounded Wolf and Sheep

  • Author : Aesop .
  • Summary : A wolf was lying on the ground after being bitten by a dog and could not get up. A sheep passed by and asked him for a little water from the river, since he himself would provide the food, to which the sheep replied that if he gave it to drink, he well knew that she would be the one that would become his food.
  • Moral: People with bad intentions can disguise their appearances to benefit. Knowing the intruders can prevent bad times.

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