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Sindbad Jahaji Ki Saatvin Yatra – Alif Laila | Hindi Kahani

The seventh voyage of Sindbad ship – Alif Laila

Sindbad said, friends, I had made a firm decision that I will never travel on water again. My condition had also become such that I would sit somewhere comfortably and spend the day. That’s why I started living happily in my house. One day while having dinner with his friends, a servant came and said that a chieftain has come from the court of the Caliph, he wants to talk to you. When I went out after eating, the chieftain told me that the Caliph has called you. I immediately went to the court of the Caliph.

I bowed before the Caliph by kissing the ground. The Caliph said, ‘Sindbad, I wish to send letters in response to the letter from the king of the island of Saran and to send gifts for his gifts. You take all this and deliver it to the king of Saran Island.’

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I had a big problem getting this order. I said with folded hands, ‘O Lord of all Muslims, I do not have the courage to disobey your orders, but I have made many voyages across the seas and have suffered such deadly pains in each one that now I am determined to I will never set foot on a ship.’ Saying this I briefly told the caliph the calamity of my six journeys. The Caliph was surprised to hear all this, but he did not change his decision. He said, ‘Actually you have been in great trouble but travel one more time than I say, because no one can do this work except you. Then you never travel again.’

I saw that the Caliph was not going to deviate from his determination and there would be no benefit from argument, so I agreed to go on the journey. The Caliph asked me to give four thousand dinars for road expenses and said that you go to your home immediately and start preparing for the journey after making arrangements for the house. I went home and started packing up my work and after a few days I went to the Caliph’s court, preparing for the journey.

I was presented before the Caliph. I bowed down to the Caliph by kissing the earth as per custom. The Caliph was pleased to see me and inquired about my well being. I admired the mercy of God and the mercy of the Caliph. The Caliph got me four thousand dinars for traveling expenses.

According to the orders of the Caliph, I came to Basra port taking the gifts given by him and from there took a ship and left for Saran Island. The journey ended smoothly. After giving information, I went in front of the king of Saran Island and introduced myself. He said, Yes Sindbad, I recognized you. You are in good health. I admired the king’s fairness and mild nature and said that I have brought you some presents and a letter from the Caliph.

Among the gifts that the Caliph had sent, among other things, was a very beautiful red carpet worth four thousand dinars. Very beautiful golden work was done on it. There was a cup of ruby ​​whose trove was one finger thick. There was a picture of a man on the cup, who was hunting a lion with arrows and arrows. There was also a royal throne, which was studded with gems from top to bottom and also defeated the throne of Hazrat Suleiman. Apart from this, there were many other valuable and rare items. After seeing the gifts, the emperor read the letter of the Caliph.

The Caliph wrote in his letter, ‘Salute to you Abdullah Harun Rashid, who is the heir of your ancestors by the mercy of God. We have received your letter and the gifts you sent. We are very happy that we are sending some gifts to you in return for your gifts. We sincerely hope that this letter will reach your service and you will know how much love we have for you.’

The king of Saran Island was very happy to read this letter. Now I bid farewell. He did not want to send me away because of his kindness, but when I repeatedly pleaded for it, he sent me away with a khilat (garment of honor) and a lot of reward. I returned to my ship and told the captain that I wanted to reach Baghdad as soon as possible. He steered the ship fast but God had a different wish. It was only three or four days after our ship sailed that pirates came and surrounded us. We were unable to face them. The robbers also robbed all the belongings of the ship and took us all as prisoners. Those of us who tried to resist were killed by the robbers. Then the robbers took off our clothes and dressed us like slaves, which were made of thick thickets, and took us to a remote island and sold us.

I was bought by a rich merchant. He took me to his house, dressed me like his slave and gave me food and drink. He didn’t even know who I am and what I do. One day he asked me whether you got any work or not, then I told that my business was of business and pirates robbed our ship and sold us as slaves. The owner asked whether you know how to shoot arrows or not. I said that I had practiced it as a child and still will not forget it.

Now the master, giving me a bow and arrow, made me sit with him on an elephant and went to a big forest situated on the way from the city for several days. Showing a big tree there, he said that sit on it and hide and kill the elephant which comes out from here, when an elephant becomes prey then come and tell me.

Saying this he kept food with me for several days and himself went back to the city.

I climbed the tree. Waited for the whole night but no elephant was seen. The next morning a herd of elephants came there. I fired several arrows and one elephant fell injured and the other elephants ran away. I came to the city and told my master that an elephant had fallen from my arrow. He was very happy to hear this and fed me a variety of delicious food. The next day we both went to the same forest. At the behest of the owner, I dug a pit and buried the elephant. The owner said, when the elephant is rotten, take out its teeth and bring it because it is a valuable thing.

I kept doing this for two months. I kept climbing and descending on the same tree. Meanwhile, I targeted many elephants. One day I was climbing that tree when a huge group of elephants came. They all stood around the tree and started making very terrible noises. They were so many in number that the whole earth appeared to be black and at the sound of their feet there was an earthquake. They had seen me and they started uprooting the tree. Seeing this, I was stunned with fear. The arrows and arrows fell from my hands. A big elephant finally uprooted the tree by wrapping its trunk. I fell to the ground. He picked me up and put me on my back.

I lay on his back like a dead man. He took me towards one side and the rest of the elephant followed him. The elephants took me to a wide field and took me off and went to one side and disappeared. Then I got up and started looking around. Some distance away, I saw a huge crater in which there were piles of elephant bones. Now I thought how intelligent an elephant is. When the elephants saw that I hunt them for their teeth, they themselves brought me here and showed me this ravine and indicated that you should not kill us, but take as many ivory as you want from here. It used to be that when an elephant is near death, it falls into a ravine and dies.

I stayed there only for a moment and went back to my master’s place. I did not see a single elephant on the way. It seemed that all the elephants had left that forest and went to a distant forest. My master was very pleased to see me and said, ‘Oh unfortunate Sindbad, where were you till now? I was dying in your worry. I went to that forest looking for you and saw that the tree was uprooted and your three-arched arms were lying on the ground. I searched a lot but could not find your address. I sat down in despair with your life. Now you have heard your whole situation. What happened to you and how have you survived till now?’

I narrated the whole story to the merchant. He was very happy to hear about that ravine. With me he reached the ravine and came back to the city, loading as many ivory tusks as he could on his elephant. Then he said to me, ‘Brother, from today you are not my slave. You have done me a great favor, I will have immense wealth because of you. I had hidden one thing from you till now. Many of my slaves have been killed by elephants. Anyone who went hunting for elephants could not live for more than two or three days. God saved you from elephants. It shows that you will live a long time. Earlier, even after losing many slaves, I could get only a small profit, now not only me but all the merchants of this city will be prosperous because of you. I will not only make you free, but I will also give you a lot of wealth and I will also get a lot from other merchants.’

I said, ‘You are my master. God bless you. I am very grateful to you that you freed me from the claws of pirates and I was very fortunate to have sold in this city. Now I want so much mercy from you and other merchants to take me to my country.’ He said, ‘You be patient. Ships come here in a special way and their merchants buy ivory from us. When those ships arrive, we will board you on a ship going to your country.’ I gave him hundreds of blessings.

I waited for several months for the ships to arrive. In the meantime I went to the forest several times and brought ivory tusks and filled his house with them. Told the merchants also about that ravine and they all became extremely prosperous by bringing ivory from there. When the ships arrived, the ships reached there. My master merchant gave me half the ivory of his house and put them on a ship in my name and also gave me many types of food items. Other merchants also gave me a lot. I arrived at a port in Persia, traveling several islands on a ship. From there he came by land to Basra and took many valuable items by selling ivory. Then came Baghdad.

Arriving in Baghdad, I immediately went to the court of the Caliph and asked him to deliver letters and gifts to the emperor of the island of Saran. The Caliph said that my attention was always towards your well being and I used to pray to God to bring you back safely. When I narrated my experience of elephants to him, he was surprised to hear this and ordered one of his writers to write my account in golden letters and keep it in the royal archives. Then he sent me off with a lot of flowers and many prizes.

Sindbad said that friends, after this I did not go on any journey and consume the money given by God. Then he said to Hindbad that now you tell that there is another person somewhere who has suffered more calamities than me. Hindbad respectfully kissed Sindbad’s hand and said, ‘The truth is that no one has the power to overcome the troubles you faced during these seven sea voyages and the number of times you escaped from the danger of life. Till now I was completely unaware that used to cry my poverty and envy your comforts. I eat dry and dry, but it is a million thanks to God that I live happily among my daughters and sons. No such calamity has come upon me like the calamities you have raised. You deserve more than what you are actually enjoying. May God bless you always be like this rich and happy.

Sindbad gave another four hundred dinars to Hindbad and told him that you now stop working hard and become my companion. I will take care of your women and children for the rest of their life. Hindbad did the same and spent the whole life happily.

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