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Adaptation of the popular tale of Spain

Once upon a time there was a cute little mouse named Flor who lived in a mill. The place was safe, comfortable, and warm, but best of all, there was always plenty of food available. Every morning the millers would show up with a few kilos of grain to grind, and when they left, she’d rummage through the sacks and dress in wheat and corn.

Despite these undoubted advantages, one day she broke news to her companions:

– Girls, I’m tired of living here! We always eat the same thing: grains of wheat, grains of corn, ground flour, more grains of wheat, more grains of corn… What a fill!

One of her best friends, Anita the mouse, thought for a moment and said:

– Well, I think you shouldn’t complain, dear Flor. It seems to me that we are lucky and we should be very grateful for everything we have. Others would like to live with our possibilities!

Flower shook her head.

– I don’t see it that way… This is boring and I don’t want to spend my life between these four walls!

Her friend began to worry and wanted to warn her.

– But Flor, you can’t leave here! Think things through… You’re still too young to travel the world!

– No, I’m not, so you know what I’m telling you? Well, I’m going on an adventure, to live new experiences! I need to visit exotic places, meet other species of animals and taste foods from different cultures. I haven’t even tried cheese and I’m a rat!

Her friends listened to her open-mouthed and the words of the sensible Anita were of no use. Flor was hell-bent on carrying out her crazy plan! Giving a few jumps he went to the door and from there, he said goodbye:

– Goodbye, girls, I’m going to travel the world and I’ll be back one day!

How happy Flor felt! For the first time in his life he was free and could choose what to do and where to go without explaining himself to anyone.

– Let’s see, let’s see… Yes, I think I’ll go north, on my way to France… Oh là là, Paris, wait for me, I’m coming!

Humming a little song and thinking of all the Roquefort he was going to gobble down when he reached his destination, he headed into the woods. Very happy, she ran around for a couple of hours, orienting herself thanks to her fine sense of smell. He walked so much that suddenly he became very thirsty.

– Come on, there’s a river! I’m going to drink some water.

The little mouse Flor approached the shore and submerged her face. The water was very fresh and delicious, but he couldn’t enjoy it very much because a nasty crab grabbed his snout with its claws.

– Little bug, little bug, you hurt me. Let go of my little snout!

The crab obeyed and Flor rebuked him.

– Do not do it again, do not you see that it hurts a lot?

Poor Flor was left with her little nose red and sore, but she didn’t let that discourage her and continued her exciting journey.

Towards noon he left the forest behind and came to a stone path.

– This road goes north through a meadow. There is no doubt that I am doing well!

Very resolute and sure of herself, she began to walk on the cobblestones. Suddenly, a carriage ran past him at full speed and a horse stepped on his little leg.

– Oh, oh, what pain! What am I going to do now? I have a hard time walking!

The horse continued to trot without looking at her and Flor had to drag herself with great difficulty until she was able to get out of the way and sit on a stone.

– I will wait quietly until the swelling goes down. This is horrible, it hurts a lot!

She was very upset and began to think that her plan was not going as planned. With tears in her eyes, she began to wail.

– It hasn’t been six hours since I left home and I’m already a mess. A crab bites my snout, a horse crushes my leg… This is not what I expected!

Her moans reached the ears of a good fairy who was passing by.

– Hello, pretty rat! What’s your name?

Very sad, he replied:

– Flor, madam, my name is Flor.

– And why are you so sad with how pretty you are, little one?

Flor confessed what she felt in the bottom of her heart.

– I was fed up with my life and this morning I decided to go away from my home in search of adventures but…

– But what, young lady?

– Well, since I left, a crab has bitten me in the snout, a horse has damaged my leg and on top of that I am starving. I want to go back home!

– Wow… You don’t want to live a life full of emotions anymore?

The little mouse was very sincere.

– Yes, I would like to, but for now I want to return to my home, with my family and with my people. How much would I give to eat a few grains of wheat or corn that are in my mill!

The fairy smiled:

– I’m glad of your decision, Flor. The world is full of wonderful places and it is normal that you want to explore them, but for that you have to train, learn and mature. I am convinced that one day, when you are ready, you will have that opportunity. Come on, come on, climb on my shoulder and I’ll take you home. Do not worry that with a bandage you will soon heal.

The good fairy took her back to the place where she was born, to the place that belonged to her and where she had everything to be happy. Of course they received her with open arms and it goes without saying that that day the grain from the mill tasted more delicious than ever.

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