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The world’s first pizza was invented a little over 250 years ago in Europe, specifically in an ancient Italian city called Naples.

Nobody knows the name of the person who prepared it, but it is known that he put a few ingredients on the bread, all very natural: tomato, garlic, oil, and to finish off two spices, oregano and basil, which smelled wonderful.

The result was baptized with the name of ‘Pizza Marinara’. If you want to eat the same one in an Italian restaurant, there is no problem. You can ask for it by that name because it is still called that!

Today there is a wide variety of pizzas. There are for all tastes! If you look closely, you will see that tomato and cheese are present in almost all of them, but the rest of the ingredients change depending on the one you choose. There are with pineapple, with meat, with ham, with prawns, with spinach… They are all delicious, but which one do you prefer?

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