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The five senses of the human body reading for kids | Kids Reading

Human beings have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

We have a sense of sight thanks to our eyes, which allow us to see everything around us and distinguish its shapes, colors, sizes, whether they are far or near…

Sounds from the outside reach us through the ear, such as music, the noise of cars or the song of birds.

Smell is in our nose; Smells sneak in through it, sometimes pleasant like the one given off by a freshly baked cake, and other stinky smells that are annoying.

In our mouth is the sense of taste, which allows us to distinguish if a flavor is sweet, acid, bitter, spicy… and also if we like the food or not.

Finally, the sense of touch is used to know what the objects we touch are like and to perceive some of their qualities, such as whether they are smooth, rough, hard or soft.

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