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The Fox and the Thorn a long stories for kids | Long Stories in English

Adaptation of Aesop’s fable

Once upon a time there was a red-haired fox who lived in the forest. The animal was young and in very good health, so it spent hours running through the grass, sniffing among the blackberries, digging inside the molehills, and discovering mysterious hiding places. He never stood still for more than a second!

During the day he played a lot, but at night… at night his activity was even more rampant! And it is that while most of the animals snored placidly inside their burrows, the tireless little fox took the opportunity to climb the trees and jump from branch to branch as if he were a circus tightrope walker. He practiced so much that he was able to climb a pine tree and jump to another several meters away with the precision of a monkey. Incredible true?

For months he had a great time doing these crazy nocturnal pirouettes, but there came a time when he got bored and decided to try a really risky feat: climb a very high mountain on the rockiest part. It was a dangerous challenge for someone of his species, but far from being intimidated, he puffed up his chest and launched into the adventure.

One night, just when the pearly moon was highest in the sky, the brave and athletic animal began to climb the rock-strewn slope. He achieved his goal in just three hours, so he arrived in plenty of time to see the day break. The goats, until then the only beings capable of performing such a feat, were shocked when they noticed that a small orange fox reached the summit in record time and with hardly any ruffles.

– I’ve done it!… I can almost touch the clouds!… Whoohoo!

As is logical, the first thing he did when he got to the top was celebrate by bouncing and shouting with joy. He felt so proud of himself!… Then he made an effort to calm down, and when he managed to lower his heart rate and breathe somewhat normally, he sat down to enjoy the sunrise.

– What pure air is breathed here… and what an impressive sunrise!

With the world at his feet, he felt like the king of the mountain.

– Since going up was easy for me, from now on I will come often. The views are incredible!

After a good dose of beauty and meditation, she decided that the time had come to return home.

– Going down is going to be a piece of cake!… Let’s go there!

He jumped up and that was when something terrible happened: due to an oversight he slipped and began to fall down the mountain bouncing more than a rubber ball in a schoolyard.

– Help, someone help me!

He rolled and rolled for a couple of minutes that seemed endless, shouting:

– Oh, oh, I’m going to crash!… Help!… Help!

When he was about to reach the end and give himself the smack of the century, he passed a small tree covered with white flowers. It was his only chance for salvation! Showing good reflexes, he stretched out his front legs and clung to him desperately. At that very moment, he felt a very intense pain in his fingers.

– Ay, ay, ay, ay! What the hell…?! Oh!

What a bad luck! The bush in question was a hawthorn that, like all hawthorns, had its branches covered with razor-sharp spikes that mercilessly pierced the fox’s legs.

– Oh, no, this is horrible, I think I’m going to pass out!… Damn plant!

Hearing these words, the hawthorn was very offended.

– Excuse me for saying so, friend, but I don’t know what you’re complaining about. You held onto me because you felt like it. As far as I know no one forced you!

With eyes full of tears, the fox lamented:

– How can I not complain?! I asked for your help because I was about to kill myself, and this is how you treat me?… You are truly cruel! Look, you have treacherously injured me and now my paws are covered in blood and… full of holes!

The proud hawthorn, with an angry gesture, replied:

– Of course I pricked you!… Do you know why? Well, because I’m a hawthorn! I hurt everyone who comes near me and, of course, you are no exception.

The battered fox made a face of not understanding the situation very well, so the plant once again made its way of being very clear, its way of living life, its way of feeling.

– I think I’m being very honest with you: I am as you see and I’m not going to change, so the best thing you can do is get away from me forever. Oh, and I’m going to give you a little advice: the next time you need someone to lend you a hand, remember to better choose the friend who can help you.

The fox fell silent and began to reflect on the words he had just heard. Finally, despite the frustration, sorrow and pain he was feeling, he was able to understand what the hawthorn wanted to tell him.

And you… have you understood it too?

Moral: Throughout life we ​​meet countless people. Most of them are usually friendly, honest, sensitive… In short, human beings who strive to make the world a better place. But it is also true that sometimes we come across others who only think about themselves, hurt without thinking about the consequences, and are unable to open their hearts to put themselves in the other’s place.

You have the ability to choose most of your friends, to decide who are the trustworthy people with whom you want to share the most important moments of your existence, so try to surround yourself with kind people who respect you and truly love you. You will learn good values, you will be much happier, and if you ever need advice or have a major problem, they will be by your side to help you and show you their sincere love.

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