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The fox who ate too much a long stories for kids | Long Stories in English

Adaptation of Aesop’s fable

Once upon a time there was a very gluttonous fox who used to get up very early to go looking for food in the fields. Eating was his favorite pastime and he was never disgusted by anything. A handful of insects alive and kicking, half a dozen chestnuts, the occasional blueberry bitten off the bush… Anything would satisfy his ravenous appetite!

As a general rule, it did not take long to find food, but on one occasion it happened that no matter how hard he searched the earth, he did not find even a miserable seed to put in his mouth. After several hours of futile exploration, the sound of his guts began to resemble the snoring of a buffalo.

– My goodness, I’m so hungry… If I don’t eat something soon I’m going to pass out!

He was about to give up when at a certain distance he detected the presence of a young shepherd who was tending the flock. The boy was sitting on the grass, humming a happy tune while the little sheep ran confidently around him. The fox hid so she could keep watch without being discovered.

– Behind this thicket I’ll be fine.

For a few minutes nothing happened at all, but suddenly the boy stopped singing and looked at the sky with special interest.

– He is checking the position of the sun to see if it is already lunch time!

The clever bitch was absolutely right and yes… it was twelve o’clock at noon! Without wasting any more time, the shepherd spread a checkered tablecloth on a rock and took out various viands from a small basket.

– Wow, wow, wow… I think my luck just changed!

From where he stood he could make out a wedge of cheese, a loaf of white bread, and a bunch of grapes, as fat as quail eggs. Everything looked impressive and inevitably he began to salivate.

– Oh, my mouth is watering!… I’ll stay quiet and as soon as he’s gone I’ll go over to investigate. Hopefully I’ll be able to lick up any crumbs that have fallen on the floor!

A bundle of nerves, she waited for the boy to finish what for her was a banquet worthy of a pharaoh.

– Well, it seems that he is finished because he has stood up and is shaking the tablecloth. Will he leave now or will he take a nap first?

The fox was pondering this when something surprising happened before her eyes: the shepherd wrapped the leftover food with the checkered tablecloth and placed it in a hole dug in the trunk of an old tree. He then gave a loud whistle to herd the sheep together and led them all back to the farm together.

– By all the gods, how lucky I am! The pastor brought so much food that he has reserved some for tomorrow. Well, I’m very sorry, but I’m going to swallow all that in three, two, one… Now!

The starving fox bolted for the tree, scrambled up the trunk with the speed of a rat, and ducked into the hole. The space was narrow and small, but he managed to reach the bottom and find the treasure. As soon as he had the package in his possession, he untied the knot and practically in the dark began to devour. As I did, I thought:

– Oh my goodness, everything is delicious… The bread is still warm and this homemade cheese is really exquisite! And the grapes… oh, the grapes, how sweet they are! Before bursting to leave a little.

He ate so much and so fast that his belly swelled until it looked like a huge balloon about to burst. As you can imagine, when he wanted to leave he couldn’t. Realizing that she was trapped and starting to scream like crazy was all one.

– Help!… Help!… Somebody help me, please!

Anguish washed over her and she began to cry.

– Get me out of here! I can’t get out, I can’t get out!

A fox of the same species that was walking nearby heard their cries echoing inside the tree. Out of curiosity, she climbed up to the hole and poked her hairy head out.

– What’s going on?… Who’s there?

The trapped fox greeted the stranger and explained the seriousness of the situation.

– Hi friend! Thank you for taking my call. You see, I’ve seen a herdsman put leftovers from his lunch into this cavity and I went in to eat them.

– I understand… And where is the problem, compañera?

– Well, it turns out that I’ve put on so much weight that I’m stuck.

– Fitted?

– Yeah, I can’t move.

– Oh, I see… Let me think of something!

The free bitch scratched her head as she tried to come up with a solution. He found none, and truthfully released it to the prisoner.

– I’m sorry but there’s nothing I can do. I don’t have any tools and I don’t know of any woodpecker that can break wood with its beak.

– Well, locate a couple of beavers! They say that they are large rodents and that they dig up anything that comes their way.

– Impossible! The families I know live by the lake, more than four hours’ walk away.

– Think of something to free me immediately, please!

– Friend, I am very sorry, but believe me when I tell you that your only option is to wait until the night is over. When that belly gets back to the shape it was, you can go out!

– What do you say?

– Yes, my dear, that’s how things are: if you want to see the light again and recover your life, you will have to cultivate that important virtue that we all must have and value.

– Oh, yes?… And what virtue is that?

– Patience!

The answer could not be clearer and more forceful, so the bitch had to admit that she had no choice but to relax and wait the necessary time.

Moral: This fable teaches us that there are problems that solve themselves. You just have to stay calm and wait for better times to come.

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