Short Stories for Kids

The hyena and the hare a short stories for kids

An old African legend tells that in the past, hyenas and hares got along very well, until a hyena and a hare happened, whose friendship was not as sincere as it seemed at first glance. This hyena was selfish and whenever she could, she abused her friendship and deceived the hare.

They often went fishing together and if the hare found a good fish to eat, the hyena would cheat and use tricks to eat their fish. The fact is that through deception, he always got away with it and left the poor hare without a bite to put in his mouth.

One day, the hare caught the biggest and most appetizing fish he had ever seen.

– Dude, this fish looks delicious! – Said the hare to the hyena – Tonight I will have a great feast.

The hyena’s mouth was watering and he came up with an excuse for the hare not to eat him.

– I would not eat that fish – he said pretending indifference – It is too big and since you have a small stomach, it will make you feel bad. Plus, it’s so much that it will rot before you can eat it all.

– Do not worry, my friend! I have it all figured out! – assured the hare – I will smoke everything that is left over so that it is preserved and thus I will not have to go fishing in a good season.

The hyena said goodbye to her friend the hare and walked away dead of jealousy. She had to come up with a good plan to be the one to enjoy that delicious delicacy.

– That fish has to be mine and mine alone! – thought the hyena corroded by envy.

As night fell, he returned in search of the hare. He found her asleep next to some embers where the fish was being roasted. The smell was delicious and she only salivated imagining how delicious it would be! She approached the fire ready to steal the piece and run home.

Stealthily, he picked up a piece of fish, trying not to make a sound. But the hare, actually pretending to be asleep, got up and, taking the grill that was above the fire, hit the hyena with it. The animal began to scream and jump in pain.

– You should be ashamed! – Shouted the angry hare – And you say you are my friend? Friends respect each other and you are always abusing my trust! As if that weren’t enough, you’re trying to rob me behind my back. Get out of here! I do not want to see you anymore!

The hyena was embarrassed. The desire to possess something that was not his had been stronger than friendship and now he was paying dearly for it. She walked away humiliated and with her back marked by the red-hot bars of the grill.

Since then, hyenas have stripes on their fur and hate hares.

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