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The king and the bat short stories in English | Story for Kids

Adaptation of the Caribbean folk tale

Many, many years ago, in a kingdom that may no longer exist, there was a king who considered himself a very intelligent man.

One day he decided that although he was smart and well qualified to govern, it would be good to have someone he trusted by his side to help him carry out the most important tasks in the country.

It occurred to him that perhaps, among the many birds that populated the sky, he would find the most suitable candidate. Wasting no time, he called an urgent meeting in the luxurious and distinguished throne room.

Hundreds of birds of different colors and sizes came to the palace on time. When the monarch sat opposite them, he realized that a bat had crept into the assembly, which like all other bats, was small and black as coal.

The king frowned, rose from his royal seat and pointing at him with his index finger asked:

– Hey you, bat! This is a gathering of birds! Can you tell what the hell are you doing here?

So many birds together made a lot of noise, so the sovereign had to put order.

– Silence, the intruder is going to give us an explanation!

Those present fell silent and stillness invaded the room. The bat, raising its voice as high as it could, replied:

– Sir, no one has invited me to come, but I consider myself a bird and therefore I have the right to attend this assembly.

The king, who did not even trust his shadow, wanted to make sure.

– That you are a bird?! … Very well, show me.

The little bat pulled up and began to fly. The light from the chandeliers hung on the palace walls blinded him a little and he did not find his bearings as well as in the total darkness of night; Despite this, he flew with skill and agility. It rose very high, flapping its wings, and crossed the ceiling of the room at high speed, not once crashing against the windows.

After his convincing display, the king said:

– Wow, I see you were right! I allow you to stay with us and participate in the meeting with the rest of the birds.

The bat, satisfied, returned to its place and the king continued where he had left off. Unfortunately it was not of much use as he did not find a suitable bird to be a royal assistant and the position was vacant. After a few days he had no choice but to organize a new meeting.

He spoke with his wife, the queen, and confessed:

– My dear, I summoned the birds and it was a failure. What do you think if I try the quadrupeds? Perhaps among them is my future advisor!

– It’s a very good idea, my love. Four-legged animals are usually very intelligent and capable of overcoming great obstacles; Besides, in this kingdom you are going to find a lot of crazy candidates to get the position.

Supported by his wife, he held another assembly. He sent for all the quadrupeds that lived in his extensive dominions and grouped them in the throne room.

Dogs, lions, giraffes, gazelles, pigs, leopards and countless other animals came. There were so many and many so large that they had to squeeze against each other to fit in well and be able to hear what the king had to communicate to them.

– Silence, gentlemen! Be quiet! I have gathered you here because I need …

The king suddenly fell silent! In the distance, between a Bengal tiger and a mountain goat, he saw the little bat that was listening very attentively. Amazed, he got up and pointed his long index finger at her again. Everyone present turned their heads towards the little animal as a deep voice rumbled through the air.

– But what have you believed ?! Are you kidding me? You told me you were a bird and I allowed you to be in the bird meeting, but now we are in an assembly of quadrupeds and this time you do not paint anything at all here.

The bat looked at him with scared eyes and his voice sounded shaky.

– Sir, I know that I do not walk on all fours like my companions, but like many of them, I have two fangs. I think that gives me the right to participate!

The king was surprised by the bat’s cunning response and burst out laughing. At that very moment he decided that he was not going to find a single animal smarter than him.

– Hahaha! Oh, what a laugh! Of course you are a wise man and you have an answer for everything. Come on, come by my side!

The bat hurried to reach him and stood at his feet looking at the dozens of quadrupeds that packed the room. The king, very solemn, raised his hands and said:

– I have finished the search for a royal advisor! From now on, this small but savvy being like no other is going to be my most faithful friend and helper.

Then he crouched down to catch up with her and very seriously warned him:

– I will entrust you with my most intimate secrets and the most important missions of the state. I hope you do not fail me!

The bat, a little flushed but very, very proud, replied:

– I won’t, sir. You can be calm.

And amid applause and cheers from the excited audience, he folded a wing over his chest, bowed very pompously, and swore eternal fidelity.

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