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The legend of the múcaro a short stories for kids

On the huge blue planet we live on, there are many types of owls. One of the most curious and singing is the múcaro, which is how a small bird with round eyes is known that only lives in the forests of the island of Puerto Rico.

The múcaro has a very special peculiarity: during the day it hides and is only seen at night. Do you want to know why?

An old legend of this Caribbean island tells that a long, long time ago, very fun parties were held in the forest in which all the animals got together to sing, dance and have a great time.

Every time there was a celebration, the different species took turns organizing the multiple preparations necessary for everything to be perfect. On one occasion this great honor fell to the birds.

All the birds, from the largest to the smallest, met in an assembly with the aim of distributing the work in an equitable way. Since the most important thing was that the invitations arrived well in advance, they agreed to send the fast and responsible red-tailed eagle as a courier.

Delighted to be chosen, the red-tailed eagle went house to house handing out the cards. At the last minute he reached the tree where the múcaro lived, and to his surprise, he found the poor little animal totally naked.

The red-tailed eagle was very surprised and felt a bit of trouble that he tried to hide.

– Good morning, Múcaro friend! I come to bring you the invitation for the next animal party.

The múcaro reacted with little enthusiasm and did not even bother to read it.

– Ah, I see! … Leave it over there.

The red-tailed eagle saw fit to take an interest in him.

– Forgive the indiscretion, but I see that you are naked. Don’t you have clothes to wear?

The little boy blushed and completely embarrassed, lowered his head.

– No, the truth is that I have nothing, not even a simple sweater … I’m very sorry, but in these conditions I will not be able to go to the festival.

The red-tailed eagle was so shocked that he didn’t even know what to say. He made a gesture of farewell and with a heavy heart took flight. As soon as he returned, he called an emergency meeting to tell the other birds about the unfortunate situation in which the little owl found himself.

– We have to do something immediately! We can’t allow our friend to miss the party just because of not the right clothes!

A green parrot with an ivory beak was the first to demonstrate in favor of the múcaro.

– Of course, we will all help you! Listen, I can think of something: each of us will take off a feather, gather many, and give them to you to make a custom suit. The only condition that we will put on it is that when the party is over it will have to return each pen to its owner. What do you think?

If something characterizes birds is generosity, so the parrot did not have to insist; Without delay, all the birds were tearing a feather from their chest with their beaks. When they had gathered about fifty, the red-tailed eagle put them in a small sack and went quickly and quickly to the múcaro’s house.

– Here, mate, this is for you! Among a few friends we have collected a lot of colored feathers so that you can design a nice outfit to go to the party.

The múcaro was very excited.

– Really? … But they are beautiful!

– Yes they are! You can use them however you want but keep in mind that they have an owner and you will have to return them when the party is over, OK?

– Oh, of course! Thank you very much, it is a precious detail! Right now I start sewing!

The múcaro took a needle and thread and for a week worked tirelessly on the cutting and making of his new suit. He tried hard but it was worth it because, on the night of the party, it was perfectly finished. He put it on carefully and of course, he looked at himself and looked in the mirror.

– Wow, it looks good on me! Are they my imagination or am I incredibly handsome?

No, they were not his imaginations, because as soon as he appeared at the dinner, his appearance caused a real sensation. Many animals approached him to tell him that he looked like a true gallant and females of all species were captivated by his elegance. The múcaro was so proud and handsome that he strutted all over the place, making sure his glamor didn’t go unnoticed by anyone.

He had a truly great night, chatting, dancing and eating delicious canapes. He hadn’t enjoyed this much in years! But nothing is eternal and when the party was coming to an end, he started to get overwhelmed. He knew that the time to return the feathers was coming and it made him very angry. Now that she had such beautiful clothes and they fit her so well, how was she going to get rid of them?

The guests began to go home and he thought that soon there would be no one around. In a fit of selfishness and ingratitude, she decided it was best to sneak out the back door without returning the feathers. He glanced from side to side surreptitiously, headed for the exit without attracting attention, and into the woods.

Shortly after, the orchestra stopped playing and the waiters began to pick up the trays of cakes where only the crumbs remained. The party was over!

The birds that had given up their feathers so generously looked everywhere for the múcaro, but soon realized that the rogue had vanished. They waited a couple of hours for him to return and some even came looking for him, but no one was able to locate him, not even in his home, which was locked up. The múcaro was never heard from again.

Legend has it that although many years have passed, even today the birds of the island of Puerto Rico look for the robber owl to ask him to return the feathers to their rightful owners, but the múcaro hides very well and only at night to that nobody finds him.

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