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The legend of the spider a short stories for kids

Princess Uru was the heir to the throne of the Inca Empire. Her father adored her and wished that in the future, when he ceased to be king, she would become a just ruler loved by his people. For this noble cause he had taken pains to educate her in an exquisite way from the day of her birth, always surrounded by the best teachers and advisers in the city.

Unfortunately the girl was not aware of who she was or what was expected of her. She did not care about her studies and she did not care at all to remain ignorant. The only thing that she liked to laze around and dress in elegant dresses that would highlight her beauty.

As if this were not enough, he had a very bad temper and he spent the day bossing everyone around. If she did not get what she wanted, she would lose her nerves and behave like a spoiled and despotic young woman who passed over anyone who disagreed with her. That was the way things were the day his father the king passed away and he had no choice but to take his place on the throne.

In the early days the new queen took some interest in listening to her aides and acted responsibly, but a week later she was beyond bored with running the empire. Tired of meetings and making important decisions, she began to behave as she truly was: a frivolous woman who was only accountable to herself.

One morning, in a very bad way, he stood before his secretaries.

– I don’t care about all this! I don’t want to spend the day running this empire. It’s the most boring job in the world! I was born to travel, wear beautiful dresses and attend parties. Of state affairs let someone else worry because I let him!

There were many who tried to make her see reason, among them the royal advisor.

– Madam, that is not possible … You must behave like a mature and responsible queen! Don’t you realize that your people need you? You cannot abandon your tasks of government!

Queen Uru whirled around clenching her fists and her eyes filled with rage.

– To all of you who are here I tell you that you are insolent! How dare you question my decision ?! I am the queen and I do what I want!

She was so mad that in a fit she grabbed a leather belt and brandished it furiously in the air.

– I want you to lie face down because I am going to whip you one by one! … I said everyone down!

The living room was completely silent. The advisor and the queen’s aides felt a chill of terror, but neither dared to disobey the order. Slowly they knelt down and dropped onto their chests.

The queen gritted her teeth and raised her right arm, but when she was about to proceed, she froze completely paralyzed like a statue.

– But what the hell is happening to me ?! I can’t lower my arm! I can not move!

Everyone present looked at each other without knowing what to do, but their surprise was even greater when, above their heads, a majestic goddess covered with a golden mantle appeared.

The divinity remained suspended in the air for a few seconds and slowly descended until it settled in front of the paralyzed Queen Uru. To the amazement of those there, he spoke. His words were devastating.

– You are an evil and selfish woman! Instead of ruling the kingdom with wisdom and kindness, you prefer to humiliate your subjects and treat them with contempt. From now on you will lose your beauty and all the privileges that you possess.I assure you that you will know what it is to work without rest for all eternity!

The ground shook and a great cloud of gray smoke formed around the queen. When the smoke evaporated, a furry black spider appeared in its place. The goddess had turned Uru into an ugly and disgusting arachnid!

Uru could neither protest nor complain about his new condition. Her only option was to run across the palace tiles to avoid being crushed to death. Fortunately, he managed to hide in a corner and, like all spiders, began to make a web with his own thread.

Legend has it that, although several centuries have passed, Uru still lives somewhere in the imperial palace. There are those who even claim that they have seen her knit non-stop while sadly contemplating how life continues its course in which one day, very far away, was her home.

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