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Dear grandparents:

Yesterday was the last day of the course, although we also had parties and activities at school on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Tuesday we made up a play about summer and put it on for our classmates from the other 2nd class. They had invented their play and we also saw it. We liked it a lot and we had a great time.

Since that day was Rubén’s birthday, he brought to class a cake with strawberries that he and his father had made and we ate it before recess. It was very good.

On Wednesday all the children from 1st and 2nd grades went to the school assembly hall. It is a very large room with seats and a stage. There we were listening to a storyteller. When I go to see you I will tell you the story that I liked the most: “Alice in Wonderland”

Yesterday, as it was very hot, we had a party with water to say goodbye until September. We all wear the swimsuit to be able to play. There were so many fun activities! But what I liked the most were the large pools that they put to bathe in the back.

I wish every school day was like this!

Next year I will start 3rd grade of Primary.

I can’t wait to go to town with you to tell you everything in person. See you soon!

Many kisses.


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