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The monkey and the shark stories for kids | Short Stories in English for Kids

Adaptation of the popular tale of Colombia

Once upon a time there was a monkey that lived by the coast. He was lucky that, from his favorite tree, he could admire the beauty of the immense sea. How much he enjoyed contemplating the strong waves in winter and the calm waters in the summer months!

The tree in question was an apple tree. In it he spent most of the day, climbing up the glass to keep in shape and nibbling one after another the rich apples that were within reach.

From the shore, a shark used to watch him with envy because he could not reach the ripe fruit that hung from the branches. One day, he yelled at her with all his might:

– Hey, monkey friend! Could you give me one of those apples? I have never eaten any and they look very tasty!

The monkey, who was generous with fruit to spare, successfully threw a large, bright red one at the shark’s jaws. The huge fish gobbled it up and was pleasantly surprised.

– Oh, this tastes great! It is very good! Thanks a lot!

From then on, he began to go to shore on time to eat the apple that the monkey gave him very kindly. Right away a complicity was created between them that made them become very good friends.

After a while, in one of his daily conversations, the shark made him an interesting proposal.

– Monkey friend, every day I come to meet you because I like your company and chat for a while with you. I already know the beautiful place where you live. I think the time has come for you to get to know my habitat and discover how wonderful the sea is.

The monkey got scared.

– Oops, no, no, my friend! Have you seen me well? I am a monkey! I don’t have fins or a fish tail to be able to swim. If I stepped on the water, I would instantly drown!

Shaking his head, the shark reassured him.

– Do not worry about it! I can carry you on my back. You will love the coral world at the bottom of the sea. I assure you, it is as beautiful as the little piece of forest in which you live!

The monkey muttered, scratching his chin nervously.

– It’s just … I don’t know what to do …

– Cheer up! You will be able to see huge whales, but also small and delicate seahorses.It is a show that you cannot miss!

You already know that curiosity is very typical of monkeys, so he could not resist anymore and accepted the invitation. He sharpened his aim and leapt nimbly onto the shark’s back. Sitting astride as if he were mounted on horseback, he began to sail allowing himself to be caressed by the sea breeze.

Everything was amazing! It seemed to him that he was in another world, a blue world where there were very rare species of algae, multicolored fish playing among the foam … And how it smelled of salt!

Suddenly, from the depths, came a voice.

– Attention everyone! The king of sharks is very sick! It takes someone urgently to bring a monkey liver to make the only medicine that can save him! Help! Help!

The shark stopped short and stared at the monkey. He was her friend, but of course… After all, he was a shark and his predatory instinct surfaced instantly. The macaque, seeing how his colleague’s face became tense and threatening, sniffed the toast and looked for a way to escape danger.

– Friend shark, I am very sorry that your king is so ill. You know I’m looking forward to giving you my liver, but I left it on the apple tree so it wouldn’t get damaged by the water. Take me to the shore and I will gladly give it to you.

The shark swallowed the hoax.

– Okay … Better this way, because otherwise I would be forced to rip it off anyway!

The shark returned to shore so quickly that the frightened monkey had to grip the fin with great force. When he finally put his feet in the sand, he was half dizzy, but he took off like a racing car. When he reached his tree, he climbed and climbed it until he felt completely safe.

From the water, the shark, amazed, scolded him.

– Hey you! Returns! I need you to help me!

The monkey, still with its heart pounding from the hot flush, yelled back at him.

– Are you crazy? Did you really believe me when I told you that I was going to give you my liver? Don’t even dream of that!

The shark was speechless. He realized that he had not been able to avoid behaving like a shark, but also that the monkey was a monkey and had acted according to its nature. Each species is what it is and the animal instinct of each is something that cannot be fought against.

Everyone returned to their natural environment: the monkey continued to live happily in its tree gorging itself on apples, and the shark plunged, as always, into the deep waters of the sea.

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